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Are you a moviegoer or a movie buff?

posted 6/4/2009 7:51:04 AM |
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There is a difference between a moviegoer and movie-buff.

Everyone that walks into a movie theater, video store, or watches a film on TV – is generally a moviegoer. This person is watching a movie for its entertainment value. If a person likes it enough, they will buy it and own it.

Moviegoers usually watch a film from a favorite genre. Chick flicks (i.e. romance), sci-fi, action/adventure, comedies, drama, and horror are the most favorites of a huge selection of genres. They are unlikely to see a film outside their favorite genre. I’ve seen it with guys – guys like the action packed hero/villain type films, but god forbid they can’t sit through a lovey-dovey film without being bored (which makes no sense since a lovey-dovey film is no different than an action packed film – minus the action!). Many of the favorite genres also deal with age groups as well. When one matures into an adult who prefers R Rated movies, they are generally not into kid films. And it’s hard to imagine, with the exception of people on AMD and a few like-minded folks - lol, senior citizens watching an “F-this, F-that” R rated flick. Porn is a whole different issue and won't be discussed here (I now it would be more interesting).

Movie-buffs, on the other hand, can for the most part, sit through anything and find something good or bad about it. Let it be their favorite genres or their non-favorites, movie-buffs love anything movies so they, of course, can and will appreciate everything for what it is. It's true what they say, everyone has a bias toward or against something one way or another. There is no exception to that concept when it comes to movie-buffs. Movie-buffs seek and desire storytelling on the screen no matter what it is, they will sit through anything at least once. What one can tolerate is another issue, but saying you saw it once is a big step and proves you have a love for films as a whole.

Moviegoers rarely recognize the art form of movies. They become caught up with the special effects or may be moved by a performance, yet they don’t notice the other layers beneath the film itself.

Moviegoers like to see their favorite genres, and above all else – favorite stars. They know the A-list of movie stars from Tom Cruise to Julia Roberts. They may know a few A-list of directors, but that’s it. They watch the movie as is (which is a good thing and a bad thing.) Movie-buffs know actors from the A-list to the supporting roles. They know most directors. They know most producers. And some even know about the music composers. Hell – some even know editors, writers, and even gofers too.

The final difference is obvious. I recall watching The Grapes of Wrath in film class, people complained that it was shot in black and white. We watched To Kill a Mockingbird in the same class, people complained because it was in black and white. We also watched Citizen Kane and once again, people complained because it was in black and white. I asked a student next to me after viewing Citizen Kane if she likes movies. She said she loves movies! Then I asked why she was complaining about Citizen Kane - it is an all time classic. She said she hates black and white movies cause it’s not in color and it’s boring.

Moviegoers don’t realize that black and white movies are the true art form of films and it is what movies stands for and why they were created in the first place. When you watch something in color, it tends to knock off reality. But when you see things in black and white, it’s surreal and out of the realms of reality. But that’s boring to some. If you can’t appreciate black and white films, you aren’t a movie-buff.

It’s hard to say which is better, being a moviegoer or a movie-buff. Movie-buffs can appreciate all films but the problem lies in that they analyze too much, without really giving thought that the movie is just a movie. The moviegoer can sit through their favorites and be entertained without giving much thought, yet can’t appreciate the art form of a movie. They, however, don’t analyze – they enjoy.

So - are you moviegoer or a movie buff?

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Jun 4 @ 7:58AM  
I'm a Buff...!!!
I like most any genre... my least Fav. but if I was with someone that liked that.. I would watch them...NP!!!

Jun 4 @ 8:00AM  

Jun 4 @ 8:11AM  
OHT & sunshine: I intended to add a comment before anyone read this post, but you guys beat me to it! I'll refrain from adding anything else... which will have more than a few rofl because it's difficult for me to keep my mouth shut and avoid posts which are too long!

So far the buffs have it!

Jun 4 @ 8:28AM  
I actually just bought "Up" & "Coraline" for my daughter.

Neither are out in stores yet........

"Up" was just released So, when my daughter saw that, she was SO excited. Said I was "the BEST mom ever!"

Go Me!

Jun 4 @ 8:33AM  
I am very much out of the mainstream as I am neither. I go to a movie theater or rent a movie about once or twice a decade. I will watch three or four a week on TV, usually on TCM or AMC.

Motion picture production was my emphasis within my major in college. I can pick up almost every artistic and technical aspect whether it be very good or otherwise. I like black and white films. The Grapes of Wrath, To Kill a Mockingbird and Citizen Kane are cinematic masterpieces. I saw all three once. I don't expect to see them again. It is not a matter of not appreciating them, it is a matter of not being interested.

Movies in any form of various genres are big part of many people's lives, not mine.

Jun 4 @ 8:44AM  
I guess I'm a movie-goer then because I definitely cannot sit through any movie and watch it. If it bores me in about the first half hour, I stop watching it. Boring movies for me are generally chick flicks (snore ), historical-type movies, and sci-fi movies.

I like drama and comedy mostly. Some horror, as long as there is a good story line.

Jun 4 @ 8:47AM  
I have to say I'm a movie goer. I love to watch mvies but cannot sit through anything if I'm not interested or it bores me.

Jun 4 @ 9:58AM  
I'm neither. I haven't been to a movie theater in years. Since I'm not much of a t.v. watcher either I seldom watch them there either...too short of an attention span I guess.

Although I seem to have become a movie collector buying VCR movies from the thrift shop yet I have watched only half a dozen outta the 125 plus that I have. I guess I just like having them, knowing I can watch them if I want to.

If I had to choose though, I'd be a movie goer...I have certain genres I like and have no interest in those I don't.

By the way...I loved To Kill a Mockingbird. I know own it and was thrilled to find it.

Jun 4 @ 10:03AM  
I remember going to see Titanic with a date. I don't even remember what her name was. We dated for about two weeks. All she wanted to do go to the movies or rent a video, go out to eat, and have sex. Unfortunately, she was quite forgettable in bed. She was very attractive, but a very boring woman. Going to bed with her was like driving a corvette with a four cylinder engine. I digress.

She didn't interrupt the movie by talking in the theater, but she made up for it after it was over. From the time we left the theater until the time we got to her place, all she did was talk about how wonderful this movies was and that it was her all time favorite. She would ask me what I thought, but before I could answer, her lips took off jabbering away like a real life Chatting Cathy doll on meth.

When we finally got to her place, she stopped talking. I suspect her vocal chords had muscle cramps or something. Finally she asked what I thought and there was a moment of silence for about five seconds as I wanted to be sure I had a chance to speak. "It was a one night stand and the ship sank."

Feel free to jump my ass because everybody is entitled to speak their mind. But it has been my experience that the more time people spend watching TV, movies, and videos, the more boring these people tend to be.

Jun 4 @ 10:07AM  
Actually, I prefer both: I like watching movies IN the buff, with a partner! Butt... that's just me!


Jun 4 @ 10:15AM  
It has just been announced that David Carradine was found dead in Thailand.

Jun 4 @ 10:17AM  
Will check out David Carradine asap. Thanks for the bulletin.

Jun 4 @ 10:23AM  
I'm normally a movie buff but here lately I've been both due to the fact of the relentless amount of piss poor movies being released.

Jun 4 @ 10:52AM  
I watch movies all the time. And they include, westerns, horror, sci-fi, action, adventure, chick flickx, doesn't matter to me. Don't like foreign films....or anything i have to read subtitles too............

I haven't been to a movie theater since Miss Congeniality 2 came out and before that probably 15 years. I don't like to sit in the dark with a lot of people I don't know and at home when I have to go to the bathroom I can pause the movie

Jun 4 @ 11:05AM  
It has just been announced that David Carradine was found dead in Thailand.

So many Thai lady-boy jokes,but its not exactly a tasteful thing to say right now.


Jun 4 @ 11:15AM  
movie goer

I generally stick to the sci-fi, action, and historical type of movies. I just go to be entertained and leave it to the experts to pick it apart.

Did someone say VCR??????? How long has it been since I saw a VHS tape?

Jun 4 @ 12:11PM  
Thanks for a good turn out commenting. I'm a buff.

By my count there are:
Buffs = 4.5 (factored in .5 for one used to be buff)
Goers = 5.5 (factored in .5 for one buff now a goer)
None = 2
Both = 1 (somnium skews it, but I do like his take on it!)

If you live in north central Texas and have the opportunity to play outside today, please do. It's a gorgeous day. My kayak is loaded and I'm headed out to the lake.

Have a good one!

Jun 4 @ 12:27PM  
Pee Wee Herman he twitters at the movie cimena .....

Jun 4 @ 12:34PM  
I'm a moviegoer.. If it doesn't hold my attention after the first 20 minutes to a half hour...then I'm looking for something else to watch.

Jun 4 @ 12:43PM  
Pee Wee Herman he twitters at the movie cimena .....

Orzie said something besides, "Out of a Job Yet? Buy American!"

Jun 4 @ 1:25PM  
I worked at a theater for 11.5 years, not only am I a buff but I can usually pick out which ones will make the most money. I love movies.. they take me away from my real life for 2 + hours at a time. I have catalogues, notes.. lol ok maybe I'm a movie addict.

Jun 4 @ 2:00PM  
Oooh Sunshine.. Coraline is written about the town I live in for real.

Jun 8 @ 12:08AM  
I gotta be honest. I really don't enjoy a lot of movies in black and white. I do like color in them. I have always thought of myself as a movie buff with a few of my favorite movies to where I know almost every line in those movies. One of my favorites is "The Breakfast Club". Some say (like Bruce) that it's a chick flick, but I don't see it.

But if I had to pick which I'm more of, I would say I'm a moviegoer for the most part.

Jun 8 @ 4:55AM  
i think movies are best a dark room with sticky floors....the curtain drawn.........1 quarter at a time

Jun 8 @ 4:43PM  
I'm late to my own party!

I've encountered problems logging-on to AMD, so I missed responding to many of your comments.

The trail is cold now. Thanks to everyone. Time to put this puppy to bed.

Have a great week!

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Are you a moviegoer or a movie buff?