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Looking hot and sexy - NOT

posted 5/31/2009 10:42:53 AM |
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This sort of a companion piece to Dione's excellent post earlier this morning. It involves people of both genders trying, and falsely believing, that they look hot and sexy in some of the things that they wear. It is often very much the like the Aesop's fable, The Emperor's New Clothes.

Jeff Foxworthy does a hilarious and poignant bit on this in the third Blue Collar Comedy Tour, One for the Road. The videos have been pulled from the Net, but the audio versions are available to listen to. Just click on the arrows next to selections 16, 17, and 18. Give it a listen and share your thoughts with us.

I'll let Foxworthy explain it, but I recall a comment made by a gay coworker when I was employed by the state regarding female colleagues, who were women of size, showing so much cleavage that it looked like a baby's butt was protruding from their top. "Did you ever notice that you can see more titty at the Texas Workforce than you can at a singles meat market...and that the women showing it are not the ones that you wish did?"

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May 31 @ 11:04AM  
My not so favorite is these women who come in the store in tops cut so low that if they bend over a little to get out their credit card I get a view that I did not want to see. The other one is 500 pound women in double knit pants that are two sizes too small. As for men if you weigh either 99 pounds or 500 pounds or have more hair on your body than a gorilla please leave off the muscle shirts or the wifebeaters and cover up. You are not sexy. And men I do not want to see your boxers over the top of your jeans or your butt hanging out of your pants. That is just plain gross.

May 31 @ 11:09AM  
I'm a believer that most guys simply cannot look or dress sexy on demand. We aren't capable of creating it. We either are or we aren't. Women see right through us. Exposing chest hair, gold chains, too tight t-shirts, can't make a non-sexy guy sexy. Personally, I don't think I'm capable of it. The best I can do is be clean, neat and practice good hygene (There is nothing worse than two inch long nose hair or ear hair to kill a romantic moment).

I remember that Foxworthy bit. he nails it.

Don't you think this phenomenon is most likely to afflict young men (who don't know any better) and old men trying to regain their youth? Like those gold chains and muscle shirts are a modern day fountain of youth?

I'll avoid commenting on the women...safer that way.

May 31 @ 11:36AM  
Don't you think this phenomenon is most likely to afflict young men (who don't know any better) and old men trying to regain their youth?

If there is any indicator to those types of people (either gender) to me, it is those living in the past that have reentered the single life following the end of an LTR.

May 31 @ 11:58AM  
have more hair on your body than a gorilla

<-------------------- Ohhh... crap, I think I need to cover up!


May 31 @ 12:43PM  
Ok I was gonna skip over this one and not comment, but the longer I thought about it.. the less I could leave it alone. (no I'm not upset)

I am not a teeny adorable model type. I'm kinda big.. not enormous but not skinny either. My partners.. both male and female get upset when I wear a bra. I dunno why.. they like em hanging better than up where they belong I guess. Though they both love my belly dance costume with the push up front. I dunno y'all. I guess it all hinges on personal taste. Some men like a big woman who has curves and even like the lines made by what they deem sexy garments. Some don't. Some women like men who look like bears, some don't. Personally I appreciate no body hair on both. But what diff does it make? if I don't like it.. someone else will.

May 31 @ 1:49PM  
Well men can be sexy without being a try-hard. They can wear color coordinated polos and slacks. Evening wear can be a nice tailored monochromatic suit to fit his body-type...too bad there isn't a market for wardrobe consultant.

Point is- dress for your body-type,age and skin undertones so you won't look like a bleeding idiot. The end.

May 31 @ 2:05PM  
Looking hot-n-sexy is similar to beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Fortunately, there are men and women who actually prefer big and beautiful just as there are those who get their spurs spun by slim or athletically toned folks.

Then there's people like me who are in the middle. I'm not huge, but I'm not slim. In my family the women are all 5'-2" or shorter with weight ranging from skinny to plump. I'm the Amazon at 5'-71/2", almost 5"-8." I was skinny until 18 and then filled out fast. I think of myself as average, but others see me as well-proportioned to fat (yes, I use the dreaded three letter word... I'm not afraid of it!).

I wear what I please in private. Depending upon what I'm doing in public, I wear what's comfortable and/or what I like depending upon the occasion. Beyond that I'm not concerned about other people... I just don't want to gross myself out - lol!

May 31 @ 7:33PM  
A friend of mine just sent this to me...

A new spin on tank tops

A young woman was seen in front of Wal-Mart in Gardendale, Alabama. She was wearing an interesting looking tank top made from men's briefs. She had cut the crotch out leaving the side seams in tact. All she had to do was stick her head into the hole where the crotch was and stick her arms through the leg holes.

It makes you stop and say hmmmm... if you are slim enough you can get away with this, save major bucks (you can get a three pack for 6 - 10 bucks) and keep cool too.

There was a photo attached to prove the point. Do I consider it hot-n-sexy, NO, but some probably would.

May 31 @ 8:33PM  
In my opinion, which probably isn't worth much, if a woman dresses and feels sexy in whatever she has on, than that is a good thing. If a man does not find that appealing his option is to look the other way. i have yet to see any man or woman that was in perfection.......and if i do, well then he/she can tell me how to dress.


May 31 @ 8:54PM  
Here is a link to the WALMART tank top "briefs" the Dione mentions.

It is not as bad as the visual I had conjured up, but it still is pretty horrid.

I wonder how many your girls try to wear this to school?

Thanks Dione..yeah.. thanks,, I needed this...

May 31 @ 9:04PM  
YNOT posted this last winter, though it is by no means a rerun having spanned over six months. I just wish there was a pic from the front also. Thanks for sharing.

May 31 @ 9:08PM  
YNOT posted this last winter,
I bet it was funnier when he posted it................ Just teasing ya a bit Bruce.....

May 31 @ 9:26PM  
I checked the pick out. Even though it is a vision of redneck ridiculous, I find it somewhat creative. It only takes one idea to make a million. I remembe when Madonna wore her bra outside her clothes. Son after that alot of people were doing it. Ya just never know.

May 31 @ 9:41PM  
I respectfully submit that many things I post, and even others say like Jeff Foxworthy, are stated in general and not to be taken as being personally targeted.
Hell, we all see these people of either gender at the mall or Wally World. I say this as a guy who admits to appearing nine months pregnant for nine years. What many people fail to realize is that when I post these things, they are not aimed at any one person, and they also apply to me as well.

The simple truth is that there are some things that we used to show in public, that we do not need to show in public any longer. Speaking for myself, any remote resemblance to Adonis has long since past and is gone.

If men or women built like me think we are hot, can wear these things we once wore and still be enticing, then that person has a individual image that is very much out of alignment with reality and a personal problem that they need to deal with.

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