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When does Foreplay...Start for you?

posted 5/31/2009 10:04:10 AM |
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I know Everyone is Different...So that should make this fun and Interesting!!!
When does Foreplay really start for you? When Dating.... Or in Relationships?

I can remember dating someone Very Special....a few years ago...We Made out every day for 2 Full weeks before ever having Sex!!!! So the Foreplay had started 2 weeks before..we ever Did!! Talking about..Being Ready!!!!!!!!!!
It Was all good!!! Damn I miss that!!!

When does Foreplay really start for you?
Is it time together...talking, touching...Kissing...Flirting, Dancing????
Music? Love letters, Notes, Phone calls?
Rap it to me Plz!!!

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May 31 @ 10:18AM  
When we are in public talking sexy, kissing, light quick touches. During leisure time, if we ever get any, sitting together holding each other carressing each other. A lot of our foreplay is kissing. When we are alone. Well she would prefer i not tell. Married, in a relationship, dating or just playing around. Depends on the persom you are with and how far both of you want to go. Alot of our foreplay doesnt even lead to sex. Its just fun to do.

May 31 @ 10:31AM  
I ask her if she wants to screw & if the answer is yes the foreplay is over then we continue to play Seriously you are right , it's different for everyone. It really depends on how you feel about a person & how they feel about you .

May 31 @ 10:42AM  
To a relationship, the foreplay starts in the morning. A kiss on the neck, while I'm doing dishes or fixing breakfast, as you walk by me and pat my ass, you look at me with that "look", saying I love you, this, more than anything, puts me in the mood. My daddy always said, if you want to make love to your wife toniht, start making love to her in the morning!! You can read that as S/O, as times have changed!! Give me a callduring the day, just to say thatI was thinking about you. To me, it's more the little gestures than flowers and dinner!!

online now!
May 31 @ 10:55AM  
Not only is everyone different, every opportunity is different. Both in dating and in relationships. I've had great foreplay that for one reason or another never ened in sex. I've had great sex where the foreplay amounted to, "hi", then bam. I've had foreplay that has lasted minutes and I've had foreplay that has lasted for hours. The best news???? It was all good.

May 31 @ 10:59AM  
Of course I like kissing and touching and so forth but for me the real foreplay is grounded in the anticipation. It's the building up to THAT MOMENT.

Foreplay is most often in words for me...not of a sexual nature...well not always. It's the unexpected. Dan and I'll be talking and all of a sudden he'll say..."You're my precious girl" or even something as simple as "You're so funny, you know that? No really, you are!"

He's focused on me and he's letting me know he's enjoying my company. That means a lot to me.

As we talk and laugh suddenly I'll see "that look" in his eyes. Out of nowhere our eyes will meet and sparks fly across space and we know what's coming. We just suddenly connect and electricity shots through me with a jolt. THAT'S foreplay for me.

Public displays of affection is foreplay. He's WITH me and he's proud for people to KNOW that. That's an awesome feeling for a woman..or at least this woman.

By the time we get home we're nekkid before we ever reach the bedroom...and sometimes the living room floor works just as well....

May 31 @ 11:48AM  
For me, when you lean in to say something & can smell the body odor that musky slightly sexy smell everyone has. Looking into your eyes & you just know what they are thinking. That to me is foreplay.

May 31 @ 11:57AM  
To me foreplay can start with maybe someone helping me do something without me having to ask them or just hanging out having a good time together. I find that one thing usually leads to another.

May 31 @ 12:05PM  
When does Foreplay...Start for you?

As soon as possible.

May 31 @ 12:09PM  
When does Foreplay really start for you?
Is it time together...talking, touching...Kissing...Flirting, Dancing????
Music? Love letters, Notes, Phone calls?

The answer is 'D'- All of the above- plus the little things that a couple do throughout the day/week or whatever time you're together! It's all mostly subconscious foreplay- in my mind, when you're together and apart, by using letters, emails, IMs and/or phone calls- all leading up to a sexual encounter!


May 31 @ 12:30PM  
In the real world or online? In the real world it's the moment our eyes meet.. that's when it begins. Online? the instant he or she makes me laugh out loud.

May 31 @ 12:37PM  
Skwirl pretty much took the words out of my mouth.

May 31 @ 8:45PM  
When does Foreplay...Start for you?
It starts with a look, a kiss, a whisper, it starts with a wild flower held up for me to take, it starts with a hug hello and a kiss goodbye, it comes from eyes meeting across the room, or a gentle squeezing of the hand. It starts with "Honey, can i get you........." to "thank you darling for that....." it starts with the first melody of your song, a note on the fridge saying Have a good day, an I love you scribbled on the message board, and to be handed a cup of flavored coffee when you come home from work. It starts holding hands watching a thunderstorm raging outside, or dancing in the warm soft rain of summer. Real foreplay for me comes from love.

sorry didn't mean to go on and on...........

May 31 @ 11:34PM  
It starts the moment I want to reach out and touch him in any way, just to be near him. And it goes on from there.... Or the moment I know he wants to touch me just to feel me next to him... and it goes on from there..

A hug, a kiss, a look, a friendly swat on the rear, or an I love you see you after work... or a text that says I miss you and can't wait to be home with you... many things for many reasons...... foreplay can be sooo many things and start weeks before actual sex. It doesn't even have to end with sex.

Jun 1 @ 8:13AM  
"You had me at Hello...."

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When does Foreplay...Start for you?