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Loose Bra Straps, Pantie-lines, Garter Belts, Welts and Nylons

posted 5/31/2009 7:55:43 AM |
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tagged: women, men, underwear

Why do women wear push-up bras, garter belts and nylons?
I didn't have a push-up bra until college. When I was twelve I had to beg my mom for a training bra. Not because I was developing decolletage, but just the opposite because I had nothing except "skeeter bites." It was my first year in gym class and gang showers. OMG... I was appalled! There were girls with 32 - 34Bs and there I was with zero. I just wanted to cover up what little there was for as long as possible. I avoided gang showers until I was sixteen and even then I was embarrassed... yep still pretty flat!

On the other hand, at thirteen I was presented with a choice of a girdle or garter belt with nylons. What the heck was that all about? My mom informed me, "young ladies do not run around with bare legs... it was unseemly!" I nixed the girdle without even trying it. I'd heard enough complaints from my grandmothers, aunts and sisters to avoid it. At first sight of a garter belt I looked upon it as an alien device and possibly something out of the Marquis de Sade's torture chamber. Putting it on was one thing, making it fit was another... it would have made a great comedy routine! Then came the nylons which were pretty easy to attach in the front, but how in the heck were you supposed to get the thingies (later learned the proper term was welt) on the back side to work. It was another comedy routine in the making, but at the time I was frustrated with the exercise. I had to add an additional ten minutes to my morning preparation for school which was not to my liking. Then there was contending with runners in the nylons and drooping.

It was years later before I learned about the opposite sex and their fascination with these trappings. All of a sudden what had been a burden took on a new appreciation!

Do we wear these for men, other women, ourselves or a combination of these?
Even though I finally discovered men supposedly found feminine undergarments fascinating, I wondered whether that was really true or not. It seemed to me, men were more interested in removing them than anything else - lol! A few young women I knew enjoyed shopping for these trappings as well as wearing them. I was still struggling with the concept even though I was wearing the blasted things.

Now young women do not have to wear any of these things. However, many of them have embraced the old fashioned ideas with new interpretations which are blatantly displayed as outer wear. Does this evolution change the male perspective or appreciation of it?

Do loose bra straps and pantie lines turn men on or off?
A great deal of time and money was spent developing bras with straps which did not fall down, therefore, unseen. It seems logical that a piece of clothing designed for support would keep itself in check. However, we've come full circle where bra straps are not only seen, but have become part of a women's fashion statement. Of course, wonder bras, strapless wonders, etc. abound which have been embraced by many women, while others reject them and walk around as though they are living in the 1960s.

Then there's this pantie line thing... For years I thought it was a turn on for men to see pantie lines beneath straight skirts, slacks and jeans, but then again maybe I was wrong. With the advent of pantyhose and spandex, pantie lines disappeared. Did the lack of pantie lines become fascinating to men as well? All I know is that I had a love-hate relationship with pantyhose as I did with all the other female underpinnings.

In my twisted mind, I think there were a couple of gay guys in New York City who came up with the idea of pantyhose initially as a hoax, but ended up making billions while almost single-handedly removing the fascination/appreciation of a major portion of feminine underthings. (Oh please, DO NOT get your knickers in a wad for me saying this!)

So, do men find seeing a bra strap exposed on the upper arm or a pantie line sexy? I don't know with any certainty.

Do men prefer nylons (hose) more than pantyhose? My answer is the same as above... I don't know.

So which is it fellas? An inquiring mind wants to know.

And ladies, how do you feel about these things? Do you feel powerful when you wear special underwear? Do you feel better about yourself with or without these trapping? Or do you even care about such things?

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May 31 @ 8:48AM  
Women's undergarments are a wonderful thing...Just knowing that they are there is a big turn-on, and when a lady dresses especially for me, knowing what I like, it is a wonderful feeling.
Bra straps?
Push up bras?
Panty lines?
Pantyhose ?
Nylons (supported by garter)?
I know, more information than you asked for, but I love the topic

May 31 @ 9:02AM  
So which is it fellas? An inquiring mind wants to know.
It really don't matter to me!!! Any of it!
Most of the Attraction thingy..(with me!) is with a Woman who is Happy with the way she Looks....and carries herself! My 2 cents!!!

May 31 @ 9:07AM  
The all natural woman wearing nothing works best for me. Otherwise I really dont care about lines or hose or even the push up bra.

May 31 @ 9:13AM  
manwithoutahorse: It's really not too much information at all. This is what I was hoping to receive... real preferences, appreciation, what works and what doesn't.

May 31 @ 9:17AM  
rdsingle: Many women who will appreciate your "natural" approach. There's something about keeping to the basics that's appealing.

May 31 @ 9:18AM  
OHT: You tickle me... in a good way. Essentially a happy camper who enjoys the essence of simplicity.

May 31 @ 9:48AM  
Women can be sexy and exhilirating while still having a little class. And if she has taken time to paint her nails, toes and fingers, and dress nice just for me, outside AND underneath, I know it and appreciate it. If a man is observant he can tell if she has on a garter and nylons rather than pantyhose (my preference) or a thong rather than panties. Why ruin the beautiful picture she's taken time to paint by leaving edges and showing straps and lines that do nothing to enhance? I love sitting through dinner or a show thinking about the time she spent, just for me. Exhilirating. And therefore I want to please her too.

May 31 @ 9:52AM  
I agree with manwithoutahorse except that I couldn't care less about nylons and panty house. The bra strap showing or seeing a bra through clothing is a turn off to me. I looks tacky. Just me perhaps. Good post.

This a bit of history on panty hose from Wikipedia:

In the 1920s the fashionable hemline for women's skirts and dresses began to rise enough to show a woman's legs and sheer hosiery that covered the legs was only available as stockings. They were first made of silk or rayon (then known as "artificial silk"), and after 1940 with nylon.
In the 1940s and '50s film and theater productions were having stockings sewn to the briefs of actresses and dancers. This has been stated by actress-dancer Ann Miller and seen in popular films such as Daddy Long Legs.
In 1953 Allen Gant Sr. of Glen Raven Knitting Mills developed a commercial equivalent dubbed "Panti-Legs", but didn't bring it to market until 1959. In 1956 Ernest G. Rice filed a patent for "Combination Stockings and Panty", demonstrating a superior method, adopted by others thereafter. The patent was disputed for many years in U.S. courts, and eventually upheld, after Rice's own death.
Up till this point there was little reason for women to wear "panty hose". However during the 1960s improved manufacturing made them cheaper, spandex (or elastane) made them more comfortable, and the miniskirt made them a fashion necessity. In 1970 U.S. sales of pantyhose exceeded stockings for the first time, and remained this way ever since.

May 31 @ 9:52AM  
Personally I think they are all torture devices which start coming off as soon as I get in from work. They are really uncomfortable in this hot humid weather we have here in the summertime. I grew up in the south where ladies wore girdles and all that crap but since I was a hipppie chick in the 60s I just wore the loose flowing dresses and skipped all of that, much to my mother's horror. The nylons were never long enough to go to where they were supposed to and the panty hose never fit anyone properly. I still don't wear them as I always wear pants to work anyway. As for bras they are a necessary evil in public these days as I am over 50 now and the girls aren't where they used to be. Personally I never thoght about if men liked them or not. The way I see it, if I am not comfortable wearing something it is not going to be sexy.

May 31 @ 10:06AM  
Well... one of my passions is cuddling so, I'm going to say that in my case, the more there is to peel off of a partner, the more exciting foreplay becomes and the longer it lasts- those are two pluses right there!

Having said that, if a woman is happy with the way she dresses, then that's what counts in my opinion! Unless she wears nylons with jagged holes in them, with one breast hanging lower than the other and 'super-sized' burger stains on her blouse, 'T-shirt' or whatever, what a woman wears, is really her preferences in what she's comfortable in. Same would apply to me and the way I dress! I'm attracted to the whole package, as I would hope she would be attracted to my 'package'.

Just my 2ยข worth!


May 31 @ 10:27AM  
Oh Boy, I may be about to step in it again. What you may find odd Dione is girls like myself who did develop early and seemed to never stop had our own problems with this issue, which is a whole other topic so I will try and stay focused. I was one who went from no bra to a training bra to a "real womans" bra over a summer vacation! I was embarrassed, tried to hide them at first and then learned slowly to accept them. Just wishing and praying each night they would stop growing. At least for awhile, like until I got out of high school. I was still in 6th or 7th grade, I think. Yeah those gang showers in gym class were brutal. So for me there was no choices, it was bras for me.

As I grew older and went to high school the pressure was off quite a bit. Lot's of girls wore girdles, but I was so darned skinny and little it was a silly and needless expense, but I did get my first garter belt in my high school years. Your description of what to do with it and getting into it had me laughing out loud. BTW I still call the welts "thingies." Oh and try getting in and out quickly during a outfit change during a modeling session! Work in black bra, panties, garter belt and hose, then suddenly they want white! Or red, Or purple. Drove me nuts changing. Thankfully some photogs had "dressers" that helped with changes. You guys have it so easy!

Living in South Texas we were able to avoid hose most of the time. Anytime we dressed up though on went the hose. I sort of had a love hate relationship with them, maybe with all our undergarments.

Doing the modeling for so long lingerie has become something I have and wear for entertaining, dressing up, sexy or business. I have the thongs and other variations, the lacy push ups, some really sexy garter belts that almost appear to be panties as well at first glance, thigh high hose and hose for the garter belt. I keep one new pair of pantyhose for certain dress skirts, that's it! But sorry guys, for me it is a pair of cotton panties and a tee shirt around the house. If I go out I put on a comfortable bra, that is not really sexy a Tee or a tank top, shorts and sandles, with no bra straps showing outside the tank top! Looks sloppy to me. If I wear some of the hip hugger jeans, you won't see a thong showing in the back. I don't care if it is the fashion statement of the day.

As far as why we do all this. I think it is for men and sometime other women. Not to play one-up on each other, but not to be outdone by others. Does that make sense? I don't go out without my face on just like I don't go out naked to the grocery store or drug store. I get up, put on some lipstick (lightly) and maybe some eyeliner.

You asked about feeling power in some outfits.Yes! Black lacy, skimpy things for me, do the trick. For everyday living I really don't give them much thought, For certain occasions the are the focus for me.

May 31 @ 10:28AM  
I have never been intrigued with undergarments. You and I come from the same era of girdles, garter belts, ect. I just thank God I didn't come from the corset era

I preferred the girdle...I thought garter belts were weird things. I hated saggy hose and those damn seams that had to be straight as an arrow...silliness to my way of thinking.

Luckily by the time I was in jr. high, jeans or slacks were allowed in school so the only time I had to deal with all this other stuff was either church or a dress up affair...which was rare.

I was in hog heaven when pantyhose were introduced. I loved them...still do. Although the first ones and/or cheap ones had a penchant for bagging at the knees. Ya sit down, they stretched and when ya stood up ya had these "bubbles" where your knees were..yuk! And they got runs incessantly. Remember Turtle pantyhose? Turtles never ran was their motto...and they didn't. I think that's why they went out of business...ya rarely had to replace them...

Bras? My first bra came outta the rag bag...a castoff from one of my sisters. Did it fit? Probably not and that's how I got Mom's attention that I needed one.

I'm not sure I even know what a push-up bra is so therefore I suppose I've never worn one. For years and years I wore those sensible bras with a padded strip on the shoulder straps...double D's made for misery on my shoulders. And besides, I liked to hike those babies up high and that put a lot of pressure across my shoulders.

I still like those bras and have a couple of black ones for special occasions... As tacky as it may sound, I buy most of my bras at the thrift shop and they look like new...most of them anyway. Now I go for pretty and lacey and screw the hiked up boobs..they're as tired as I am...

My preference in panties is ones. I bought a pair of white ones awhile back and they seem weird as hell to me...but they were like brand new and cheap...thrift shop cheap!

I could care less what a man likes in undergarments...HE doesn't have to deal with them.

Excellent blog...have a cookie on me!

May 31 @ 10:38AM  
Everyone: You never know when you toss something up for folks to read what will happen. This is one of those times I grin from ear to ear. It's terrific reading different opinions and experiences.

Thanks! I've learned a few things today which is a bonus.

May 31 @ 10:42AM  
WofW: "The bra strap showing or seeing a bra through clothing is a turn off to me. It looks tacky."

I agree about the bra strap showing, but sometimes it's difficult to avoid seeing a bra through clothing.

May 31 @ 10:47AM  
manwithoutahorse: "Women can be sexy and exhilarating while still having a little class."

The "class" bit does it for me. It doesn't cost any more to dress with taste than it does to dress tacky. Then again it depends on who's doing and what result they are going for.


May 31 @ 10:55AM  
soft_touch: "I could care less what a man likes in undergarments...HE doesn't have to deal with them." You have a great attitude!

visualone: Your experience as a model provides insight we normally wouldn't have. As teenage girls I think we all had major adjustments to make whether we were well endowed or not... each condition created it's own issues. I was shaped like a stick until eighteen... then it all seemed to pop out overnight - lol!

shewolf: You hit on an important point... comfort, especially in hot-n-humid weather. T-shirts and shorts makes for a happier experience.

somnium: Your 2cents worth can get you into trouble... in the best way!

May 31 @ 11:44AM  
My mum only made us wear the pull up nylons the kind that covered your bum. So i never learned how to wear garters & all that fun stuff. As far as wearing nylons, you had to wear them when going to church under a slip & no i never minded wearing them they were quite comfy.

Bras on the other hand are my nemesis. I have double cups, i am so uncomfortable up there i have to wear a regular bra a t shirt with a built in bra & a sports bra just to go to the store. Not even looking forward to start running again. Will have to figure out another contraption to put over them so I don't poke an eye out with these things.

Ah yes the trappings of woman hood. I never wore a girdle, so not sure how that would feel. I was informed not to long ago by my lovely children "hey mom if you get that then no one will see your stomach!" chuckle....wish i was making that part up.

May 31 @ 12:34PM  
My experience with girdles was in the form of sexy corsets again during the modeling years of my life. Some were more comfortable than others, but I am certainly not saying any of them were comfortable. Some felt like they were squishing my inside and my boobs were popping out the top just under my chin! Not comfortable at all but the guys in the crew somehow thought it was hot.

Today, the priority is comfort! Comfortable all cotton panties and comfortable smooth cupped bra. Cootie go and get a custom fitting from a rep from a good manufacturer. The fittings are free. Spend the money for the bra they can have made for you. So many of us really are not wearing the right bras for us. We think we are, but I promise you will be stunned after a fitting and getting either the custom made bra or the off the rack (poor choice of words) that they recommend. I learned about this long ago as a model being fitted for different outfits. Some bra companies say around 70% of women are wearing the wrong bra for them. Sorry guys. We're talking tits here and its important.

May 31 @ 12:55PM  
Confession time.. I wear Corsets often.. not because of how I or anyone else perceives that they look, but because I have Scoliosis.. it helps.

May 31 @ 1:45PM  
You never know when you toss something up for folks to read what will happen. This is one of those times I grin from ear to ear. It's terrific reading different opinions and experiences.

I agree completely and am sliding a green thingie. The blog combined with wonderfully written comments makes for the best read for me in I don't know how long. I definitely was entertained and learned a lot. Thank you ladies.

So many of us really are not wearing the right bras for us. We think we are, but I promise you will be stunned after a fitting

A married friend of mine went to a party like Mary Kay or Tupperware where bras were a focal point. She and the others were stunned to discover that they were wearing the wrong size in many cases. They were delighted at how much better the new bras fit as well as how comfortable they were. The new bras that they purchased did not necessarily come from the company the representative was sponsoring.

May 31 @ 2:03PM  
yes a bra fitting is most important! I had a bra fitting at the request of a np that work sent me to for of all things shoulder problems. While the new bra didn't solve the shoulder problems, which any normal person would of known, it did help with how my back felt and my clothes fit. One other thing I learned at the fitting is that if you want to make sure someone knows what color bra you have on wear a white one! If you don't then wear beige or a pale pink.

May 31 @ 6:22PM  
cootiesprayer: Kids can say the darnedest things!

visualone: I always thought the corsets were cool looking, but never purchased one. My fascination with them began when I saw "Gone with the Wind."

I wish every woman had the advantage of being fitted for a custom bra. It makes all the difference in how your clothes fit, but especially for full-figured women. I have friends with back problems because they are so well endowed. They spend tons of money on doctors bills and/or massages. The only other solution is to have reduction surgery... the cost of a custom bra and no pain speaks positively to me.

theSkwirl: If corsets work for you that's all that counts. As you know, scoliosis can be very painful and cause all kinds of health complications.

May 31 @ 6:27PM  
wordsofwit: Thank you for the greenie!

zaralyon: Great advice concerning bra colors!

May 31 @ 8:58PM  
I have never been what is considered a girly girl, I have never had my nails done in a salon and I think having your toes does is not only dumb but a waste of money. However I do love to wear frilly underclothes and I would rather wear nylons and garter than a pair of pantyhose. I don't do it all the time, but I like the way I feel in them. If it happens to turn the man I am with on...........well that's a bonus.

May 31 @ 11:25PM  
I'm waaaay late on this, but I'll throw in my 2 cents worth..... on panty lines, or lack thereof. If I see someone wearing some form fitting slacks, and there is NO panty lines, it catches my attention because I just have to wonder...... is she wearing panty hose under the slacks......
Or is she going commando???

Straps hanging out are just tacky.

Underpants sticking out of the top of jeans, like the youngsters do a LOT, is just being lazy. They don't know how to be sexy anymore, so they just let their undies hang out to attract attention.
That's the way I see it, anyway.

Jun 1 @ 1:51PM  
Bra straps showing can go many ways.

If they're matched with a top that has straps that align with them then it can be sexy.

If they're matched with a top that aren't aligned, say the strap is in the 'normal' place and the straps for the shirt are lower or higher...unltimate TACKY. Stripes and plaids are sexier.

Bra straps with a tube top type shirt...just as TACKY!

I've never come across girdles since I was a kid in the late 50' wore them. Not sexy...then or now...

But...a girdle or g-belt in a sexy, frilly matchup would be very NICE!

Speaking of panty lines...why do women's undies give them panty lines but briefs/tighty whities on guys don't leave lines?

Jun 1 @ 3:41PM  
I do love to wear frilly underclothes and I would rather wear nylons and garter than a pair of pantyhose. I don't do it all the time, but I like the way I feel in them. If it happens to turn the man I am with on...........well that's a bonus.

I do the same thing and couldn't agree with you more about the bonus.

If I see someone wearing some form fitting slacks, and there is NO panty lines, it catches my attention because I just have to wonder...... is she wearing panty hose under the slacks......
Or is she going commando???

Good observation... you'll never know. Some women even wear panties with pantyhose which confuses the picture even more - lol! Don't stop looking or wondering!

Speaking of panty lines...why do womens undies give them pantie lines but briefs/tighty whities on guys don't leave lines?

Great question... it may have something to do with marketing and manufacturing. Generally, mens shirts and slacks cost less to purchase and dry clean than it does for women. When it comes to pantie lines... it may be that it's another way to sell another product by convincing women they need to get rid of the unsightly line.

I was prompted to ask the question about loose straps, pantie lines and garter belts due to a conversation I had with a man some time ago about these things. He preferred to see these things because it provoked his imagination to consider what was underneath. He also stated that NOT seeing these items was a part of modernization that he did not and would not ever appreciate. I wondered if other men thought this way... so I decided to ask as there isn't any other way to know.

Thanks to everyone for commenting... this one has been interesting and fun!

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Loose Bra Straps, Pantie-lines, Garter Belts, Welts and Nylons