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Speaking Of Voice Verifying....

posted 5/21/2009 8:57:37 PM |
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tagged: fuck, fun, friends, sunshine, phone

Bruce, hope you don't mind. But, this came to mind when I read your blog title.
How many people have chatted online with the opposite gender, then got comfortable enough to move to the phone & when the other answered, they didn't sound like what you had expected??

I talked with one member here online & then moved to the phone. When I called & he answered, I heard a very southern, thick accent. That wasn't what I expected because he didn't live in the south. (Ok, so I made an ASSumption!) It was such a thick accent, I had to keep asking him to repeat himself because I couldn't understand him.

Anyone had this happen to them??

Oh, anybody wanna fuck??

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May 21 @ 9:09PM  
What's a phonecall?

May 21 @ 9:12PM  
I talked to a man online for a while and when we finally got on the phone.. his voice was higher pitched than mine...... .. Not much of a turn on!! ha!

But I will tell you one thing...............Bruce has got one of the sexiest voices I have ever heard in my life!!!!!!! And he is a nice guy to talk to on the phone.... He's not the blog police there!

That overly southern redneck sound really isn't very appealing is it Sunshine!?!?

May 21 @ 9:18PM  
I did talk to one guy from here, I didn't know what to expect after email and im, but i can tell ya he talked a lot more than he did in email or im, and I was not prepared for that. It was worse than sounding different than expected.

May 21 @ 9:27PM  
I had to keep asking him to repeat himself because I couldn't understand him.

I dunno... maybe it's someone who lived in Southern India, you try to understand when you call a company for help! They all have thick accents!


May 21 @ 9:32PM  
LoL i talk to a lady for 2 mo in emails then went to cam for another 2 mo we talk back an forth 4 like 5mo everything look like we were doing good to the big day we made a date for lunch low an behold she gained another 50 lbs an was on somekind of drug for her bipolar cond that i didnt know about so much for telling the truth she was a zonbie an she never said a word the whole time so dont let a voice fool you or a cam i guess old forest gump had it right

May 21 @ 9:36PM  
What's a phonecall?

phonetic for phone call!


May 21 @ 9:45PM  
Oh shit, I hope you're not talking about me, because I don't think I have a southern accent.

I have talked with you, Janet, Geena, Kim, Stormy, Chocolatemilf, Kelley (RavenSilverfire) over the phone. I can't think of any other female I have talked with by phone from here.

On the vanilla site I have talked with another Kim, but she was from northern Ohio, my lesbian friend mayra from cali, Erin from Minnesota, Jenny from Cali, Pam from P.A., Lisa from New York, Cate from Kansas, Shannon from Texas, Brandi from Texas, Jennifer from West Virginia, Amanda from Illinois, Kelly from Iowa, Jamie from Virginia, Tiffany from P.A., Stacy from Indiana, Michal from Arizona, Renee from Ohio, another lesbian from Wisconsin (I forget her name), Kat from Utah, Michelle from Texas, Rachelle from New York. There are at least 30 others that I have talked with once or twice and can't remember their names. All these are by phone as well.

If I have talked with anyone else from AMD that I forgot to name please feel free to speak up.

May 21 @ 9:49PM  
If I have talked with anyone else from AMD that I forgot to name please feel free to speak up.

You haven't talked to me but then.... apparently I'm not a female either!


May 21 @ 10:02PM  
I talk to a guy from Conn. We have been writing since March 06. We started talking on the phone about a month after writing non stop. We have planned to meet for 2 years now. I am over it, but when we do talk I have to get him to repeat everything. His accent is so strong my ears don't hear that way. It is kinda like a NY accent with a mubble to it. Makes me nutty. I fell in love with him, but I just can't go there anymore. He has alot of issues that will never coincide with my life. But...HA! Ya didn't ask that did you?!!!!

May 21 @ 10:06PM  
Oh shit, I forgot to mention Belle1010. Talked with her a few times over the phone too. And talked with Zena a few times as well by phone.

May 21 @ 10:09PM  
..Bruce has got one of the sexiest voices I have ever heard in my life!!!!!!! And he is a nice guy to talk to on the phone....
...huh? Who would a thought?!!! Well that gives me a nice thought to take to work with me! Thanks Pink...never would have consider the man to have a sexy voice...who knew...I guess you did...bout time you gave that up! I have a thing for sexy voices...mine...southern, smooth, soft and makes you want to do things you would normally not do...oh yeah, it has a trusting quality to it too. People tell me things they wouldn't normally tell anyone about. It is true...I am one to trust. didn't ask all that either did you?!!!

May 21 @ 10:10PM  
Damn it! I have also talked with both Nomi and Tammy on here by phone too.

Did I miss anyone else?

May 21 @ 10:21PM  
*slips back in*

I also forgot to mention Jezz on here as well...

*slips back on out*

May 21 @ 10:32PM  
talked with one member here online & then moved to the phone. When I called & he answered, I heard a very southern, thick accent. That wasn't what I expected because he didn't live in the south.
Megan just emailed me and told me that it wasn't me! lol

To answer the other question you asked in this blog, most of the women pretty much sounded what I expected over the phone. May have been a few that didn't however.

May 21 @ 11:31PM  
YES!!!! It has happened a couple of times, and the voices were SO bad it completely turned me off to talking to them ever again! .....oh....they were very high and nasally

May 22 @ 12:14AM  
Not to brag, but...

I have been told for years by a goodly amount of people that I could make a very tidy earning as a phone sex operator...

I did talk to one girl online for a couple months, then called...
She sounded like...
Fran Dresher....

May 22 @ 12:14AM  
We talked a couple of years ago, Shawn...when everyone was mailing you pictures of their feet.

I'm not a big fan of the southern accent either...not sure why.

And, yes, I have talked to some whose voice was totally unexpected. And a few that are a sexy as hell...but that isn't just their voices...the voices just go with the personalities so well.

Right now I don't have a voice so no one would really be able to understand me. It's a craoking thing that comes and goes. I hate being sick.

May 22 @ 12:22AM  
We talked a couple of years ago, Shawn...when everyone was mailing you pictures of their feet
Damn, can't believe I missed you when listing all the women I have talked with on here. Now that I recall the last time we talked over the phone you called to rub it in about your Indy winning the Super Bowl over Chicago, the team I picked to win over your team. I had that one coming.

May 22 @ 1:37AM  
Ok Sunshine....I just might know who has the southern accent....and if it's who I think it is...I think he has a very sexy voice. I am a sucker for a southern accent. I've been melted into my socks more than once by a southern drawl...sigh...

Yes Bruce has a sexy voice and he's funny as hell on the phone. We've talked so long sometimes I have to plug my phone in to keep it going....

Mr. Southern drawl and Bruce are the only 2 I've talked to from AMD...remember, I have a hang up about talking on the phone...well not so much talking...I'll talk if you call me but getting me to call you is next to impossible...

May 22 @ 3:28AM  
I am very flattered. The people I have spoken with all have nice voices and wonderful personalities.

May 22 @ 5:51AM  
I have talked to a few ladies here...and from other dating sites. (way to many to mention.. )
All have been awesome to talk too...and Most of the Ladies were from the North..and Have a Northern accent (go figure..) .....which is cool....but My "Tinnitus" (ringing in the ears) hinders some of the conversations.....and I have to ask them to repeat!! It can be very Embarrassing
I have a Southern they say...
But..I have had Local women think that I was from...CA. WTF?

May 22 @ 9:09AM  
I'm jealous I've never spoken to Bruce on the phone

May 22 @ 9:20AM  
Well, i have talked with Bruce, Shaun, Nomi,theskwirl,Surv6969, & of course my dear ( i miss her!) friend themama. Everyone's voices sounded like i thought they would. But i do have to agree with PinkToeNails, Bruce has a very nice voice on the phone. :)

May 22 @ 9:41AM  
Gee, all of this makes me feel like a million bucks. I can call toll free anywhere in the US. If anybody wants to speak with me, feel free to send me your phone number. Others can vouch for my saying that I really don't call people very often once I have a phone number (I'm not a pest).

May 22 @ 10:08AM  
The only woman I've spoken to from here has a very pleasant phone voice. I have had the opposite experience though. I met someone on a party line a few years ago, she had a lousy cell phone so it was very hard to understand her and her voice may have been part of that, she spoke like a bad cell phone

Unfortunately after we began emailing I discovered her writing to be even worse. She wasn't able to write using proper sentences or grammar or spelling. Instead she seemed to communicate with basic concepts or root words, no connecting words like the and and or even a, to, it ,as etc.
Somehow I could decypher her writing but it was no fun.

May 22 @ 6:53PM  
I have talked to a guy from Texas quite a few times, and I have to say Texans have the sexiest voices!! OHHH also with a guy from Toronto, although with him it was not over the phone it was on cam and I was extremely lucky to meet him in person, and he literally makes me melt and still does to this day when I talk with him. I did do a blog about him along time ago,,,,,,and after three years of contact with one another he still has the same affect on me!! * MMMMM*

May 22 @ 7:42PM  
phonetic for phone call!
Oh you! ^_^

Never have spoken to anyone from here,not a big phone person- but I assumed that Bruce would sound more gruff over the phone. Didn't know he'd Not to say you wouldn't Bruce,just pleasantly surprised is all.

Hm- I have a German friend that calls me because I don't really call anyone to be honest. Good thing we had a correspondence via video before we began talking on the phone because I assumed he had a ridiculously thick accent.

He doesn't,he sounds more British. Only qualm is that his voice,although pleasant and sexy is slow. But I guess this is due to him calling me 3am in his time zone and him being half-asleep. :-p

May 22 @ 7:56PM  
Actualy I forgot about one guy that I spoke with from Ireland, his accent was so strong I could barely make him out over the phone, I was always saying what, and he spoke really fast. I meet him he came to visit for two weeks (awesome guy), I could understand him much more in person. Their accent aswell is sexy.

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Speaking Of Voice Verifying....