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Bisexual thoughts and experiences.

posted 5/20/2009 2:39:49 PM |
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As most of you know, I am bisexual. I always had a "feeling" that I was attracted to the same sex, but didn't actually realize it until I was about 18 or 19. My first experience was when I was 26.

So..I'm curious...

How many women here have either thought about having a bisexual experience or have actually had one?

If you have thought about it but never experienced it why haven't you, what has stopped you?

If you have had an experience why did you do it and what did it feel like afterwards, would you do it again?

Please talk about your thoughts/experiences even if you are straight. Let's all please be mature adults about this too. Thanks.

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May 20 @ 2:58PM  
Pose that question to the guys. I for one get the heebie jeebies just thinking about it. How mature do I have to be?

May 20 @ 3:05PM  
Guys can answer it too, if they want to, but I'm sure there aren't many guys willing to admit it. Probably some women too that won't admit it on this blog either. That's okay...I understand.

As far as being mature, I'm not looking for comments about "eww gross" or anything like that. We all have different things that we like sexually...doesn't mean one is bad or wrong just because we aren't into it.....except for the obvious gross stuff (animals or kids).

I wonder if anybody is going to comment

Don't worry ladies...I'm not trying to "pick any of you up"

May 20 @ 3:07PM  
I consider myself bi-sexual also, more like a "semi bi" actually. Although I never thought I was particularly attracted to the same sex growing up. Sure I thought girls and women were pretty, but I was most definitely into guys.

In college I helped pay my way by dancing topless and eventually nude in a club, as I have mentioned before. It was here that I kissed another woman on stage as part of a tow person dance/skit as I handed the stag off to the next dancer (way, way before Madonna/Britney's deal). It was nice, but I never thought anything about it. I had kissed girls I was friends with before, so no big deal.

In Los Angeles, I attended a party that moved waaaay beyond your average cocktail party. It was during this party that I became intimate with another woman or I should say she became intimate with me. I was laying down, nude with a man kissing when I felt the most exquisite feeling of oral sex being performed on me. I looked down and there was this lovely lady I had seen earlier! Why I did not stop it, I don't know, but instead I just enjoyed it. Later, she thanked me and asked if I was "experienced" I said I wasn't. The following week, I started getting experience. I have continued to this day. It is not a major focus for me, but I enjoy being with a woman, both giving and receiving while my main focus and desires are for men. For me it is an enjoyable variety both one on one and in threesomes and moresomes if the occasion arises.

I am not one for making judgments on sexuality among consenting adults. I harm no one. It is a pleasurable experience for me and others, but not an "end game."

May 20 @ 3:15PM  
Visualone's comment reminded me...

The first woman I ever kissed was a stripper. When I first started having those "feelings", I went to a strip club and got a lap dance. She was all over me. She told me she preferred to dance for women rather than men because men did too much grab assin. I have had other strippers tell me that as well. She started kissing me and letting me touch her...everywhere It...was...awesome....

May 20 @ 3:29PM  
I would have to agree with your lap dance pal, men tend to be really grabby.
When I was dancing we were not supposed to give lap dances, but we did for certain customers in a side room we had to be let into. I later did it at parties for men and a few women at times, in Los Angeles.

May 20 @ 3:32PM  
Don't worry ladies...I'm not trying to "pick any of you up"
Is it cause you don't like us?
Okay, I'm kidding and I know you said be mature...

Seriously, I can think of a few reasons for someone not to put an open reply on here, but that one I guess just never crossed my mind.
I feel it's a good blog, but I imagine you'll get more private emails than comments on this one..

May 20 @ 3:39PM  
hehe...of course I like you guys You never know the ideas some people might get though

May 20 @ 3:42PM  
If anybody doesn't wanna comment here, feel free to send me a private email. I promise I won't bite....too hard

May 20 @ 3:48PM  
Just for the record I'm not bisexual I dropped in to say great blog & give a you a kudo because I've been friends with bisexual women for a long time & any information I can get can be used as a learning curve

May 20 @ 3:53PM  
Pose that question to the guys. I for one get the heebie jeebies just thinking about it. How mature do I have to be?

Okay, I fucked up my first comment. Please feel free to delete my first comment.

May 20 @ 3:56PM  
Good blog dmb, I agree with PP on this one, just the thought of being with another woman gives me the hebbie jebbies. I honestly can't imagine. Now to me the thought of two men together is a real turn on,,,,,,,why?? I have not a freaking clue. Maybe because I love cock,,,,,could be the reason, LOL...

May 20 @ 4:48PM  
I have "leanings" but the catchword for it would be "bi-romantic". As explained here.

Since there is no "biromantic" tab here, I would have to say I was "bisexual" and that would make me the target of men who: would want me to fulfill their selfish desires with them and some strange woman. Women who: who I have came across as being more aggressive than men sometimes.* And couples who: want me as a third wheel when I'm at heart a monogamous person who really doesn't want anything to do with that. Or they want someone to "bring them closer together",more or less a marital aide of sorts.*

So,its a pretty complex thing with me and my quirky and different view of dating. I'm not sexually attracted to women per se. I just wouldn't see anything wrong with courting a girl like a guy does.

*1Not exactly saying that lesbian or bi women are all like this- just some I've managed to encounter on places like this. Even when I go as "straight" they still harassed me. Likely,they were men or just idiots.

*2Not slamming open or poly relationships or whatever, but I've managed to come across those who are new to that lifestyle and aren't exactly smart or pragmatic to it.

May 20 @ 5:40PM  
I have only just discovered this side of myself. So testing the waters to try & find the right one to meet up with. It is quite fun looking though, woman are so much more expressive with their feelings. :)

May 20 @ 8:36PM  
Interesting blog. I had a relationship that kinda stalled on the intimate side.So we thought about sexual alternatives. We got some books and movies. the by male scenes does nothing for me and didnt really interest her. The woman scenes were great by me but left her a little hesitant. We thought about swapping and she thought about a bi woman on their own. To test the waters first and to avoid a bad scene if things didnt work out. Unfortuanatly nothing worked out and we are no longer together. As for people being bi, as long as its not forced on me to each their own.

May 20 @ 9:03PM  
Did someone say lapdance?

May 20 @ 9:04PM  
Damn, that was really immature. Lap dance.

May 20 @ 9:30PM  
no a man do it better for me

May 20 @ 10:03PM  
I am sexual. I have both a girlfriend and a boyfriend and yes I have sex with both of them, separately and in a pile.

Why did I do it? I was curious at first, about both.. boys and girls.. my first sexual experience by choice was with a girl. I liked it. Then I tried boys.. I liked that too. Now I have both.. bonus!

I am also polysexual which means I will have group sex if the group is conducive to such. Depends on the group.

So... not sure what the question was.. but there's my answer.

May 20 @ 10:11PM  
I think it started when I was about 12. I realized girls were pretty too.
I used to have a girl friend & we used to touch eachother all the time,
we'd spend hours just fingering eachother. We didn't know what we
were doing, we just knew it felt good.

What has stopped me now? I guess you could say I'm super picky. And nervous!


May 21 @ 8:33AM  
Thanks everyone for your comments and to those that messaged me

And's okay....I lubs ya

May 21 @ 4:11PM  
I'm just the opposite of her, it creeps me out to see men w/ men. But I love to see beautiful women "loving" each other. Wish I had the courage to exerience it. Maybe when I'm in better physical shape?

Jun 8 @ 5:05AM  
i like to think i am buy sexual.............i like both sheep and goats

Aug 16 @ 7:12PM  
Yes I was bi-curious once! I tried it and I liked it. Once and only once so far!!! Haven't found another to take it that far!!!

Jan 30 @ 1:36PM  
I first realized that something was "different" about me when I was 9. ya way young. But when all my friends were talking about this "waaay cute boy" I was thinking about that really cute girl he was with. I did not let anyone know but the feelings grew. By 11 I thought I was a lesbian ( though I did not know much about it really at that age) I started doing stuff with boys at first to cover up what I really desired. But I liked it so then I started doing stuff with both. So I guess I have been declared bi since I told my family when I was 16. But it is hard to find a woman that is willing to join my husband and I but still respect out marriage.

Jan 25 @ 3:08AM  
The first time I was with a women it was a threesome with her husband. I was nervous but after I took the first lick of her pussy, I just went crazy, she told me she has never been eaten that good and could not believe it was my first time with a girl. I always wanted to get her alone to have fun with her. But never could, now eating pussy is all this women wants.

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Bisexual thoughts and experiences.