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Who Am I?....

posted 5/19/2009 9:38:02 PM |
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tagged: game

I am going to post some general knowledge items about an individual in amd & yes it will be someone you know on here. You have to try to guess who that person is based on my clues.

As always, who ever guesses it has to come up with a new person, it can't be the same person or yourself. Lets see if we really know each other k? chuckle.

Okay for the 1st person I have decided to pick here goes.

1. Loves to swing/swap.

2. Likes scary movies.

3. Loyal to friends.

4. Has teenagers.

5. Has tons of cats & dogs for pets.

no i will not give any hints. I will post the answer to this tomorrow.

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Wish i was making this up! rofl...


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May 19 @ 9:43PM  
Everyone knows that you're referring to "TheMama" on here.

May 19 @ 9:50PM  
Well, fine. Now it's your turn. That's the rules.

May 19 @ 10:02PM  
1. Loves to be a grouch from time to time

2. Loves the San Francisco 49'er's

3. Has a daughter

4. Will always looks for free food and/or a bargain when given a chance

5. Lives where it's hot and humid

6. Just whacked off his/her hair for someone very special

May 19 @ 10:16PM  
is it sunshine? stadd

May 19 @ 10:21PM  
is it sunshine? stadd
Nope, sure isn't

May 19 @ 10:30PM  
Is it WOW?

May 19 @ 10:34PM  
Is it WOW?

Yep, it sure is. Okay, Zara, it's your turn!

May 20 @ 7:29AM  
Okay, since Zara looks like she's passing on coming up with the next set of clues for the next person, I'll come up with another round to keep the game moving.

1. This person loves their Dallas Cowboys

2. She loves to tease people

3. This person has more blogs than the king of blogs (me)!

4. She will straddle a stuffed animal, but not any guy's face

5. She's known for having played with peanut M&M's with her toes

6. She's also known somewhat of a "Female Straddle"

7. She's pretty weird like me

8. She's popular on here

May 20 @ 8:01AM  
Well let's see, that description fits sooo many people on here, let me think.
Okay, I flipped a coin and my guess is Megan......Sunshine!
Am I close? lol

May 20 @ 8:05AM  
BINGO! You're turn, Treas!

May 20 @ 8:13AM  
Okay, this person is:

1. A female that swears she was a red head til it changed... lol

2. She isn't online nearly as much anymore as she used to be, but she still pops on here and into the forums on occasion. The forums are her addiction.

3. Her name no longer matches her age.

4. She likes the idea of a FWB, but what she truly wants is someone to love her the rest fo her life...and great sex!!

5. She's a sweetheart that I have had the pleasure of meeting and get to call friend. And if the guys would look beyond her boobs, they would know that about her.

May 20 @ 8:38AM  
CL are you talking about Lisa46?

May 20 @ 9:48AM  
I think it is zena. so come on casual. we are waiting chuckle.

May 20 @ 10:24AM  
I'm so sorry ladies. I got busy and forgot to come back..

Yeap, it's Lisa, DBM. Your turn...
Ironically I thought about doing Zena... lol

May 20 @ 11:01AM goes:

1. Brains are more important to this person than looks.

2. Lives fairly close to me (within a 200-mile range).

3. Doesn’t get on here as often as he/she used to, but still pops in from time to time and graces everyone with his/her wonderful presence and wittiness.

4. This person is currently going to college.

5. This person is a parent and grandparent.

6. This person is a fan of Flight of the Concords and likes Coldplay’s music.

7. He/she has been looking for a long time.

....... ....... ....... .......


May 20 @ 1:39PM  
is it straddlemynose?

May 20 @ 1:59PM  

May 20 @ 2:10PM  
Yep CL you are right

May 20 @ 2:31PM  
1. This person has found what they were looking for

2. Has been on this site for quite a while, but not nearly as active as they used to be. Has commented on blogs recently.

3. Avid pet lover, especially dogs. A few of their own...

4. I cook and bake quite often with this person

5. They know what snow is in the winter where they are located

6. Not 007, but close.

May 20 @ 2:46PM  
Is it Skwirl?

May 20 @ 2:56PM  

May 20 @ 4:16PM  
God I'm scared to answer and get it right, lol. I wouldn't know who to pick. But you guys are too funny...but I'll take a guess anyway and say LBS. And I ain't checking back so there Great blog cootie!! kudos

May 20 @ 4:39PM  
C'mon, guys. This one is real easy. I just emailed Treas my answer. The reason I didn't give the answer on here is because I'm about to head on off with some errands to take care of this afternoon and I didn't want to get stuck waiting for someone to guess my clues.

May 20 @ 4:41PM  
And her clues don't refer to a female.

May 20 @ 5:25PM  
Nope, not LBS. Sorry Zena.
And Shawn, your answer was wrong. It's not LilGriz. Not even close. Sorry.

I'll add more....

7. Their pics are 'mostly' going to the dogs.

8. This person lives within 200 miles of me and isn't on my friends list.
although I'm not sure why..........

0. YOU cook and bake with this person too...

May 20 @ 5:38PM  
Is it Sundance?

May 20 @ 6:43PM  
Damn, I can't believe I was wrong.

Yes, even I can be wrong from time to time...


May 20 @ 7:00PM  
OK.... I'm with ya till the .007 deal... but is it Griz?

May 20 @ 7:14PM  
No Alex, it's not Griz.

Sorry guys, I thought this would be easy for you...
I will say it's a female.

Actually since this one has taken so long, I'll just give it...

It's Sugarnspice005.
She lives in Michigan, has I think 5 dogs and at least one cat. She is in a relationship and not looking. She has been on here quite a while and has been doing quite a bit of commenting recently. She's not on my friends list. And the 007 on her screen name is close to 007. Most of her pics are of her dogs.
I thought the baking with would give it away.... Almost anything takes sugar and spices.

May 20 @ 10:28PM  
1. This person loves their Dallas Cowboys

2. She loves to tease people

3. This person has more blogs than the king of blogs (me)!

4. She will straddle a stuffed animal, but not any guy's face

5. She's known for having played with peanut M&M's with her toes

6. She's also known somewhat of a "Female Straddle"

7. She's pretty weird like me

8. She's popular on here

What an awesome description, thanks Shawn!

May 21 @ 8:43AM  
It's Sugarnspice005.

Dammit...I was thinking her too, but I didn't say it....crap...oh well

May 22 @ 8:34AM  
chuckle, looks like it's still casual's turn. Man you are the queen of this blog hun. :)

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