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A Community Service Announcement... :)

posted 5/19/2009 9:44:38 AM |
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I have a hornet problem around my house! I do not like using the current insecticide spray chemicals on the market! But I have found a cleaning agent that I have been using, that works quite well! Every hornet I've sprayed with it, immediately drops to the floor from a window or window ledge or just stays wherever they land.

First, it wets their wings so they can't go anywhere and then, after one or two more sprits and about 10/15 seconds later, they die! I'm sure they suffocate, as most chemical sprays do just that, since most bugs get their oxygen through pores in their bodies! I believe in alternative household solutions and energy!

It's worked well every time I've used it! It's called: Fantastik (probably, just about any spray cleaning agent would work)! An added bonus: you can clean your window after dealing with the bugs! I wouldn't try this outside because of the air blowing around! I am working on a project to kill off bugs but that's another story!

If you try this though, make sure your spray hits the bug dead on the first time and don't get mad at me, if you screw up some how. This works!

And now... back to your regularly scheduled AMD antics!!

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May 19 @ 9:48AM  
wow, i will have to try that! thanks som. :)

May 19 @ 10:14AM  
I'll have to try that. I HATE wasps.

My spray of choice had been...... a lit candle and a can of hairspray. Shoots a flame out about 18 - 24 inches! Burns the wings off immediately.
'course....... you have to be careful not to burn your house down........

May 19 @ 10:24AM  
That reminds me of an old Elmer Fudd cartoon, using a shotgun to try and kill a fly! He blew his house apart and I think the fly still got away! I think the term: over-kill would apply here!

Yeah, wasps "bug" me too!


May 19 @ 10:24AM  
I have "Bell' hornets...but they don't come out till later in the summer!!!
I'll give that a try!!!
If that don't work..I'm gonna shoot the bastids!!! (with rat shot!!!)

May 19 @ 11:46AM  
Actually, any soapy water mixture works quite well...on hornets, bees, wasps and even some spiders....although, around my house spiders are "Mafia Protected" (Keepa You Handsa Off!) , since they eat bugs and mosquitoes.

May 19 @ 11:57AM  
Actually, any soapy water mixture works quite well...

That works too and cheaper! I just grabbed the first thing handy and found it works well, is cheaper and safer than bug sprays!


May 19 @ 12:16PM  
I've used hairspray before! I use Fantastik to clean with...that stuff is Fan..tas..tic

May 19 @ 12:51PM  
Now days almost every bee in the state of Arizona is an Africanized bee (aka killer bees). It has become a very serious problem here and one thing that is recommend is using a very soapy water solution if it is absolutely necessary. They showed a water hose with one of those grass feeder bottles that the water goes through first before spraying out. The mentioned a Mr Clean car washing apparatus for a bigger solution of soap. Of course the best thing is get away from them and leave them alone. We have a number of deaths from these bees each year. so far I think there have been 5 or 6 this spring. Scary!


May 19 @ 1:39PM  
Any type of cleaner with an ammonia base (windex, etc ) works.

May 19 @ 2:37PM  
my brother sprays bleach on them they die

May 19 @ 3:05PM  
my brother sprays bleach on them they die

That'll work- 'cept bleach can be harmful to some surfaces and maybe end up with "tie dyed" jeans! LOL


May 19 @ 3:25PM  
Well, I don't have this problem...

May 19 @ 3:56PM  
My dad used to fire up a cane pole with rags on the end of it soaked with kerosine to burn the whole nest down ... He felt it was a waste of money to buy bug spray until he almost caught the house on fire After that he still didn't buy any, he just used ether which that combined with the heat from the sun dropped them fast ... I just shoot the nest down with a bb gun

May 19 @ 7:40PM  
Some good ideas to try. I'm allergic to wasps, and I hate using the wasp sprays that are so bad for the environment and stinks to high heaven......

May 19 @ 8:14PM  
I have found that the cheap wal-mart brand engine degreaser kills in flight wasps, shoots 5-6 feet like traditional sprays and foams up immediately. added bonus if you spray the nest, bees that weren't around during your attack won't land on the nest or try to rebuild it. don't leave spray on painted surfaces though it will fade that spot on your house. price per can $1.89. it'll take awhile to get through one. happy hunting!

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A Community Service Announcement... :)