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okay Master Allen...

posted 5/18/2009 6:57:01 AM |
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We have yet again another flaming blog about a man wanting a mom/daughter team & of course he has the comments blocked. What is this month, lets see just how pissed off we can get women on amd? ok that's the official title. Men who have nothing better to do than post garbage like that on this site.

sorry guys, not in a very good mood this morning & sick of these "men" on here thinking it's okay to post about incest ( which is fucking sick!!!)...

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okay Master Allen...
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May 18 @ 7:28AM  
i know i was wonderin what he wants her to have a daughter for! hmmm

May 18 @ 8:24AM  
Seeing as how I'm not in the best of moods today either, I'll just shut up

May 18 @ 8:36AM  
Well, I am in a great mood this morning and I think this clown should go f... ...uh uh play with himself and leave human beings alone.

May 18 @ 8:44AM  
I made a post on that. Looks like he didn't like it, it never got approved.


May 18 @ 8:45AM  
I saw the blog! As much as I like to joke around with my blogs or comments, there is no humor that could be applied to his blog! This guy has several serious issues that need to be delt with, like behind bars!

I know it's easier said than done ladies- but hopefully you'll just consider the source and move on!


May 18 @ 9:13AM  
I didn't even bother to read it. Figured it was worthless trash just from the subject line.

I'm here to laugh & look at bewbies

(and not necessarily in that order)

May 18 @ 9:43AM  
So here's a good question. What have you ladies done about this incestual child molester? you are not reading into the "young" part enough! back to my blog "BLEEDING HEARTS", did anyone report him, or is type of shit allowed? for those of you who feel the way I do. Bomb the fuck out of his inbox!

May 18 @ 10:03AM  
I didn't even bother reading it either. I'm not going to anymore. Why waste precious minutes of my life reading that garbage...I'll never get those minutes back

May 18 @ 10:49AM  
Someone needs to get the Mods in on this, seriously. As a whole, there has been more scammers, trolls and people trying to hock their website on here as of late. Look especially in the video section of someone posting an advert for their website, this is getting stupider.

I've posted 3 instances and usually when I come back and check on things, its been dealt with. I haven't seen that. Where have all the Mods gone?

May 18 @ 11:14AM  
On here they are looking for women with underage girls and on the other more G rated site you have middle age men looking for rich women to live off of for the rest of their lives. These men are living in some kind of la la land if they think they are going to find what they are looking for here. But someone needs to report the one over here not to the mods but to the police as he is a predator. Where are the mods on this site? They should be reporting this crap. Maybe a computer is running the whole site now and there are no mods?

May 18 @ 11:23AM  
I saw that and like many "shock" posts, I write it all off as someone, maybe even teens, pulling chains and pranking to watch people get pissed off. It is not unlike intentionally kicking or stepping on an ant hill to watch them scurry around all riled up. For my two cents, reacting to such posts is about as productive as a puppy chasing its tail.

May 18 @ 11:34AM  
I thought of that but he could also be a sexual predator on here, although not a very bright one. And if it is a teenager having the police showing up at his door might be a good lesson on posting crap lilke this online. Because asking for a very young daughter is illegal in all 50 states. I asked the mods to call the police because if it is real or not he broke the law when he posted this online.

May 18 @ 12:16PM  
Cootie are you crying for a master All bull shit aside this individual can be under the definition of a pervert.

May 18 @ 12:33PM  
On the pragmatic, proactive side, if numerous people report this crap in the blogs, the mods will axe the blog and possibly the poster regardless of who it is and their intentions. The high profile murder case involving CraigsList has activated government and law enforcement to more vigorously intercede.

Consequently, you can expect swifter and more assertive actions by affected Web site operators in cleaning up such things. They have been reminded to take action knowing that if they do not clean up their own house, governing bodies will.

May 18 @ 1:26PM  
Consequently, you can expect swifter and more assertive actions by affected Web site operators in cleaning up such things. They have been reminded to take action knowing that if they do not clean up their own house, governing bodies will.

Thats what I am afraid of- government intervention and strict monitoring of websites like these. The FCC already have a stranglehold on tv and radio, I figure the Internet would be next. I guess one bad asshole spoils the whole bunch.

May 18 @ 4:12PM  
i know i was wonderin what he wants her to have a daughter for!

Any women with daughters really need to be careful who they hook up with. Too many sick ass people out there on the prowl looking for this kind of sick shit.

May 18 @ 6:16PM  
Yeah I left him a comment too that was left unapproved... I told him good luck with that!!!!

And someone gave him a kudo...........another sick fuck loser!!! Kudo to you though cootie!

May 18 @ 6:18PM  
Any woman who would get involved with him after stating he's looking for a mother with a young daughter, would be out of her fucking mind to have anything to do with him! That just throws the red flags up!

May 18 @ 7:21PM  
In my mind someone who writes a post like that is someone who wouldn't know what to do if he had just the Mother sittin in his lap. People write stupid things in hopes to get a rise out of people.

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okay Master Allen...