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Would A Whole Lot Of Zeros Be Worth It?

posted 5/18/2009 5:29:48 AM |
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A few years ago I teasingly told my best friend that next time I got involved in a relationship it was going to be for money. She said "Yeah, right" and rolled her eyes.
A couple months later, at a dinner party, I met a guy through another friend that just happened to have money.........Lots of it!
He owned his own plane, a boat, a couple houses and cars... and wasn't bad on the eyes.

Unfortunately he needed to use some of that money and buy himself another personality, cause the one he had completely sucked!

Before I left early that night, with a headache... he had asked me if we could have dinner sometime soon and maybe get to know each other. I politely declined explaining my head was just hurting too bad to even think about it. A few days later I spoke with the friends who had the party. He had asked them about me after I left and she told him that IF I asked she would give me his number, but was pretty sure I was dating someone....knowing he was my headache that night.

Turns out he does quite a bit a business with the husband and it was sort of an obligation to invite him.

Over the years I have completely forgotten about that part of the night, until I was laying across the bed a little while ago watching CMT and Trace Adkins video came on for his song Marry For Money and I thought of something my best friend said to me a few weeks ago about marrying for anything but love when I told her about a funky dream I had..

In the song he says:
I don't care if she loves me
She can even be ugly,
I'm gonna marry for money.

And of course my mind started wandering......

If you had a chance at marrying someone just for the money, would you?
But, suppose you could ONLY have sex with the person you married. No sneaking around.. And you Have to have sex with them on a regular basis.
A 5 year prenupt not allowing you to keep any gifts or anything bought during the marriage until then, and no money or assets if they died by anything that seemed like unnatural causes within that time frame either..
Because til death do us part might be too tempting to some...

Would it matter what they looked like, their age or how much money they had?

Would you marry for money under any circumstances?

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May 18 @ 6:44AM  
It would require calculating the odds. How much does one personally need the money, how likely is it that you would meet Mr. or Ms. Right. Of course beyond the personality being bad, is the person mean or abusive and how much would you have to interact with them.

May 18 @ 7:07AM  
no, even with my current financial situation. I have to be interested & attracted in order to be with a person. so nope, couldn't do it. Has to be for love & nothing less. :) really good blog casually!

May 18 @ 7:09AM  
I have had that chance...and Couldn't go there!!!
But I'm wondering.... where is she Now!!!?

Naaaw I couldn't do it!!!!

May 18 @ 8:20AM  
Nope. Had the chance to be in a relationship like that. Didnt like the restrictions.

May 18 @ 8:22AM  
I'd rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable!!

May 18 @ 8:23AM  
Where is this woman with the money you speak of?? That's what I wanna know!!

Believe it or not, I do have some self respect! Actually, I wouldn't do it! After all, I would have to wake up with her each morning! On the other hand....... the sex thing, sounds really good right about now!

HEY... gimmie a break, it's early in the morning yet!!


May 18 @ 8:29AM  
There is a saying that says something like, "If you marry for money, you will pay dearly for it the rest of your life." I paraphrase, but you get the point.

May 18 @ 9:11AM  
I'd rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable!!

Think about it..If you are poor but happy,
you're richer by far than mere money can buy..

May 18 @ 11:40AM  
I'd rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable!!

I agree That's pretty shallow of someone to just marry someone for their money.

May 18 @ 11:57AM  
Years ago I was engaged to someone who had a lot of money. The deal breaker was his mother. His mother ran that family with an iron fist and let me know pretty fast I was not welcome in that family because I was not bringing more money into the relationship I kept wondering how much more money did she think they could use? The guy was fine as long as he was no where near his family, but when he got around his mother he was like a little kid taking orders. I got out of there fast because all those zeros were not going to be worth a lifetime of misery. I heard what happened to the kids from friends. They were both in miserable relationships married to the rich people their mother chose.

May 18 @ 12:49PM  
No way.....I've found out from experience that I was happier when I didn't have a dime in my pocket.

More money = More headaches (IMHO)

You live more creatively when you don't have cash to throw around & you learn to be more appreciative & not take things for granted.

May 18 @ 1:12PM  
Love over money ANYTIME! but if they just happen to have's just icing on the cake!

May 18 @ 2:40PM  
Love can getcha through times with no money better than money can getcha through times with no love.. another country song.. and far more appropriate to my life.

May 18 @ 4:16PM  
If you had a chance at marrying someone just for the money, would you?
Hell no!

I believe in true love and happiness when it's time for me to get married!

May 18 @ 7:08PM  
No...not a chance, not even if it were five years ago and I had all the money in the world cause he was then all of a sudden dead. nodda, nope, never!

May 19 @ 3:03AM  
Good Question....., But it is totally "Age Relevant" 21, I would say, Hell no...I will only marry for LOVE!!!!!......Now, at 62, I say Hell Yes....Why not?

May 19 @ 6:51AM  
Money?? Is that the folding green stuff????

Money can't buy happiness - been there, done that, even lost the t-shirt afterwards....

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Would A Whole Lot Of Zeros Be Worth It?