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Trivial Blog -Drying Clothes

posted 5/17/2009 8:49:04 PM |
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This is attempt to lighten things up with some real life levity. Scroll down and I will eventually get to it after I meander a bit.

The atmosphere seems a wee bit thick here today. A lot of negativity happening in the blog posts on one hand, a lack of posts and comments on the other. Are they intertwined? Well, I'll keep my thoughts to myself, but there was dialog banter via blog posts about all of this over the past few days. I commented on it then and have nothing further to say.

Two weeks ago my dryer died. My finances are currently, like many others, tighter than Straddle's asshole would be if he was sent to prison. Consequently, purchasing a new dryer was not under consideration.

I have had great results in buying and selling things on CraigsList. About a year and a half ago, I sold two dryers on CraigsList...obviously I sold one too many.

The dearly departed dryer that had passed away I had gotten it on CraigsList over four years ago as a matching washer dryer set for $75.00 for both (the best items for the least prices are found in affluent areas). I returned to the site in search of a another one. On these types of items on CraigsList, there are good deals, but the items at a good price sell fast. I found nothing of interest still available.

I had taken on a temporary job for two months and then had to head out to Missouri once it was completed to attend to family maters. When my dryer died, there were certain items of clothing in it that were not dry. I could tell that something needed to be done before I left to go out of state as mildew was setting in.

Now I could have gone to a laundromat but the last time I did, someone stole my laundry. Consequently, that option was not under consideration. I wandered into my garage and spied some 3/8 inch plastic rope. The light went on. Yes, rig up a clothes line! I was going to employ the old school solution to this problem.

I went out into the backyard and created my clothesline. One end was tied of to my five foot fence, the other around a scaffolding limb of the ash tree. I shopped around and it took awhile, but I located and purchased some clothes pins. I rewashed the clothes then hung them out on my newly fashioned clothes line, the first clothes line I had ever had.

In the evening, they weren't quite dry, so as the wind was blowing and no rain in the forecast (for a change), I decided to leave them out overnight. The next morning I went out and while they were dry, between a third to half of the laundry under the tree was covered with bird shit. Such language, it was shocking!!! Hell, even a squirrel took a dump on a comforter.

I rewashed the stuff that had gotten crapped on and hung it up beyond the tree. Well, anyway I got a nice dryer from a guy off of Craigslist today who had a pickup and was able to deliver it. So I can now do laundry like normal people.

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May 17 @ 8:59PM  
Two weeks ago my dryer died. My finances are currently, like many others, tighter than Straddle's asshole would be if he was sent to prison.

You got me laughing so hard with this line about me.

May 17 @ 9:03PM  
Poor you Bruce!

It's a bitch living without a dryer! And I don't want to ever do that again! Hell, I live out of the dryer sometimes!! Could not imagine not having one! I love my sheets straight out of the dryer! And towels too! Hanging them out on the clothesline has its appeal but I am a dryer kinda girl!!!

Cute blog! Kudo for ya!

May 17 @ 9:05PM  
Oh! Straddle! High 5 dude! You got some recognition in this blog! And it wasn't entirely negative!!!


May 17 @ 9:09PM  
And it wasn't entirely negative!!!
Yeah, that's pretty refreshing for a change...

May 17 @ 9:24PM  
I kinda got a kick outta the mental picture of you hanging clothes...did you have a little apron with pockets for your clothespins? JK hun... Glad it worked out for you. Just be glad cows can't fly.....

May 17 @ 9:26PM  
Hmmmm... gives me an idea! Maybe if I run a long clothesline in my back yard with several mens thong underwear hanging on the line blowing in the wind, the ladies in the neighborhood might spot them? Good advertisement! Pretty kewl eh??


May 18 @ 1:15AM  
Damn birds!!!
I guess I never thought of hanging clothes on the line as such a crappy task... lol

Griz and I were just talking about me selling my washer and dryer before moving up there, to save on moving space and since they won't be needed there.
I had no idea what to price them at... guess I could check out Craig's List for my area...
Thanks for the idea, Bruce and good luck with your new dryer..

May 18 @ 1:25AM  
Mine died six months ago. So far nothing has crapped on the clothes on the line. The sheets smell great when they come in from outside though. I am buying the parts to fix the problem one at a time so hopefully it will be working by cold weather. I grew up without a dryer so it is not such a big deal to me to hang out the clothes. Funny thing though is the looks you get from the neighbors when you hang certain items out to dry. Geea you would think they had never seen underwear before.

May 18 @ 2:11AM  
Just be glad cows can't fly....
Yeah...EVERYTHING'S bigger in Texas...!!!

May 18 @ 4:01AM  
LOL .. So you say Straddle couldn't get a greased B.B. up his ass with a sledge hammer ... I used to push back or take off the shower curtain & hang as many articles of clothing on the rod & shower head as I could. I placed a good fan aimed towards the clothes on high at a proper distance so I wouldn't blow the clothes on the floor or in the bathtub, & then closed the bathroom door over night, just my experience w/o a dryer. Birds & critters do shit with no respect for mankind or his belongings ..

May 18 @ 9:45AM  
I put up an Umbrella clothes line a month or so ago...
When I was searching for the" Perfect Spot"... Bird shit came into play... (away from any trees and the house)
Its all about "location"!!!
I hope your Dryer last ya a Long long time!!!!

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Trivial Blog -Drying Clothes