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A good loooooong run

posted 5/17/2009 4:19:12 AM |
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Yep, that's what it's been. My time here that is. A good long run. Not sure that I remember the exact month, but I remember the year was 2000 when I first landed here in Pervia. Long before there was in fact, a Pervia, long before the blogs, the chat, the forums, the videos......yes boys and girls it was just pretty damn boring around here, with just a limited number of emails available per day and not much other interaction whatsoever. Why did I stick around if it was so boring you may be wondering. Well, I'm not really sure myself. But I did. Now in these past long nine years, I have at times been a somewhat active member, a VERY active member, a pretty much nonexistent member, I've even "gone gold". Through it all, both free and paid memberships, I can't really say that I ever found what I was looking for when I joined. Well, not here anyway (doesn't mean I haven't found it, just not behind this screen ) But what I did find was some fantastic people that I am very proud to call my friends. We've laughed together, cried together, fought and SCREAMED at each other as well as at the various trolls that have come and gone through the years. We've shared each others joys and cried together when we've lost those that have passed on. I've read some great blogs by some very talented writers and like to think that I've affected some with my own from time to time, if only in some small minor way. They've seen me through family crisis, my own health crises, my son growing up and enlisting in the army and several minor heartbreaks through many late night chats and many more long distance phone calls.

I've seen people come and go. Couples hook up, declaring their love for all time, only to split within days or months at the most. Then there were the few couples that "stuck" so to speak. Billy and Sunny (congrats btw!) Treas and Rick! Ya'll always gave me hope. I thought that if "they" could find love, perhaps it existed out there for me as well. But while I would always express wishes of great joy at their happiness, a part of me was always secretly sad, jealous if you will, that it hadn't happened for me. Not yet, anyway. My hopes had died away and I quit "looking" for something I was sure didn't exist, when it or rather "He" found me instead.

I had always heard the saying that love is better with a good friend, and I'm here to tell you it is for a fact. He is truly unlike anyone I have ever dated before and I don't really think I knew that he was exactly what I was looking for, until he found me! He is kind, handsome, intelligent, never married, has no children, is good to his mother (without being a "mama's boy") has a great career and no criminal history. He has even helped me quit smoking and lose 40 pounds! Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, I have met the Perfect Man! Or at least perfect for me that is! The best part of it all is that we were good friends for over two years before we started dating early last fall. It wasn't a case of instant lust or overnight infatuation. It's grown slowly, surely and very deeply. We met at work in 2006 when he transferred to a local office. He got to where he was coming by my office to talk nearly every day. Then last Summer he came to tell me that he had transferred his job to another office and was moving back home to Kansas City. While I was somewhat "bummed" that my good friend was moving away, that was all I felt at the time. Bummed that a friend had moved out of the area. After he had been gone about two weeks I received an email from him at work "catching up" and saying hi. This of course progressed to phone calls, long sweet phone calls that started lasting well into the wee hours of the night. Then every other weekend or so, I would head to KC or he would head here. By Sunday nights I would have to force myself to make the three hour drive back home! It's been 10 months now and we've since progressed to every weekend and I've even began burning up some of the massive vacation hours I have accrued by heading up a day or so early for really loooong weekends! And it's gotten even harder to make myself come home on Sunday nights!

It all came to a head a few weeks ago when over our Sunday morning paper and bagels at Panera he surprised me when he suddenly looked up from the real estate ads he'd been pouring through and asked me to move there with him. Yes, just that calmly and matter of factly as if he were asking me to pass him the sports section or if I wanted some more coffee. While I managed not to spray the coffee all over said Sunday morning paper, I could only stammer out that it was very tempting and I would think about it. However considering we spent the rest of the day driving around and looking at houses I think he has already figured out that I'll be saying yes! As I said that was several weeks ago and we've spent the last several weekends looking for that perfect house. Not too big, not too small, fenced yard, a pool or room enough to put one in, basement, garage or off street parking at the very least and preferably close to his office. We've found several already that we really liked, the loan is preapproved and it's down to finalizing the details and picking which one we like best!

Now some of you may be wondering why I'm posting all this (that would be those of you that don't know me!) because those that do, well you'll understand that this is just my way of saying my own little last goodbye to AMD, to Pervia if you will. I know I've been gone alot these past few months and while I've talked to a few of you, told you what was going on, there are a few that I really owe this explanation to. I've popped in and out a few times lately and realized that while I do have some really great friends here, we can keep in contact either through phone calls or through emails, so there really isn't alot of reason for me to hang around here much anymore! I rarely have time to come on and read any of the blogs anymore and don't recognize that many of the posters lately as so many of the "clique" has moved on and found lives of their own in the real world too.

This is also my way of spreading my own message of "Hope" to those that still seek that elusive bit of happiness known as love. I know there are skeptics that will try to convince you it's a myth and doesn't exist. There are even those that will tell you that you won't find it here. And who knows, they might be right, it may not be here hidden amongst profiles of the newbies, trolls and proud Pervians, but it does truly exist! The easiest way to find it? Quit looking.

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May 17 @ 5:19AM  
Awwwwwww lady...I have a lump in my throat as I type this...I'm so happy for you! I wanna say I'm one of those nay-sayers but secretly I'm not. I believe in love and finding that someone special and I'll always hope for it...but don't tell anyone I said that....I'll just deny it.....

I've enjoyed your blogs and your've covered my back more than once. I will miss you.

But knowing how happy you are then it will be a case of missing you for a good reason. I wish you and your honey the best of everything. Live life to its fullest, take care of each other and may God's blessing be with both of you.


May 17 @ 5:34AM  
Thanks B, I've always enjoyed your stories and treasured your friendship as well! Much love and luck to you in the future as well........Huggz!

May 17 @ 5:38AM  
I know we had a falling out with each other a few months back, Stormy, but I do offer you best wishes. Shawn

May 17 @ 5:39AM  
Thank you Shawn and may you find what you seek as well.

May 17 @ 6:52AM  
Congrats...and Good Luck!

May 17 @ 7:41AM  
Oh Stormy girl....... This was such a wonderful blog to wake up to. Although now my eyes will most likely be swollen for hours. But that's okay, they are tears of joy for a friend that deserves this happiness. The happiness I hear in her voice when we talk. Even when we are laughing about colored Christmas trees....

Sweetie, you know my feelings on this and how happy I am for you. And for him... he is one hell of a lucky man.

Treas and Rick! Ya'll always gave me hope
I'm so glad hope turned into reality. Well, for both of us to be honest... there's still a few here I'm holding my breath for waiting for that reality to happen to them.

He is truly unlike anyone I have ever dated before and I don't really think I knew that he was exactly what I was looking for, until he found me!
Wow, I could have written those exact words........

Hugs to you...hugs, hugs and more hugs..
Congratualtions and the very best of wishes.....for always!

May 17 @ 9:11AM  
Congrats! Thanks for sharing your story...we all need a glimmer of hope now and then. Your experience is a starburst!

May 17 @ 11:21AM  
Thanks! and thanks for your friendship!

I'm still finding tinsel from that pink Christmas tree! Little bits of it keeps showing up in the oddest of places! We just laugh all over again! But next year it's green or nothin!! LOL Thanks hun, and know that I am so happy for you and Rick too! I keep holding out hope for a few others here too!

Thanks to you as well. I finally figured out that sometimes when you stop looking so hard for something, you see that it's been right in front of your face all along!


May 17 @ 11:58AM  
LBS....what a beautiful blog, he definitely sounds like a keeper...JUST BEAUTIFUL!! And thank you for sharing your happiness, and hopefully one day we shall all find what you and others on this site have found, whether it be with someone here, or someone out in the real world! Best of luck to you and I hope you both have many many years of happiness . A very inspiring story and kudos to you Stormy!


May 17 @ 12:21PM  
Good Luck on your new journey & also have a safe & joyous future

May 17 @ 1:00PM  
You go girl! But really,go on and enjoy that happiness- love does come when were not really looking and don't care. I have to convince myself of that. Anyway,I wish you the best of luck and hope it lasts for a good,long while.

May 17 @ 8:06PM  
aw shucks Stormy I am so happy for you I wish you so much happiness and love my friend. Yep we don't talk a lot but I always knew where you were located. Good luck and be happy!

May 17 @ 11:01PM  
Best of Everything to you and your man.

Funny thing about giving up looking for that perfect guy, as soon as you do, one comes into your life and sweeps you off your feet. It happened to me, and now it's happened to you.

I have your Yahoo address. We'll keep in touch.


May 17 @ 11:20PM  
Zena- Thanks! and yes he is most definitely a keeper! I wish you the best of luck in your search, both here and out there in RL as well!

Flavorbuster-Thanks, we never got that well acquainted as you showed up about the time I ducked out the door.........but good luck in your search as well!

Luna- Baby girl, you and I've been up, down and around and round on here. We've seen each other through some down and depressing times and shared some really good laughs! I want you to remember that not only is there someone out there for you, but when you find him he will have to be a very special man to be worthy of your love and he will truly appreciate you for the beautiful loving woman you are! Don't settle for one you can live with, hold out for the one you can't live without!

Lisa- Thanks! You've been a good friend through the past several years and I wish you all the happiness you deserve as well g/f!

Edera- Yes it does seem funny! You know I apologized to DK earlier for not mentioning ya'll as well in my inspiration list on this blog, please keep in mind I had drank waaaay too much coffee and it was really late when I posted this, but the two of you also inspired me to hope there was someone out there! It wasn't meant as an intentional slight! And you be careful girl! I'm pretty sure he's not ready to give you up to the pavement, when you've both just really found each other! May you heal fast and soon have the wind in your face again! Keep in touch!


May 18 @ 3:20AM  
Well I suppose you won't be needing those Organic Vibrating Panties with the christmas lights..

Well I kinds new this was gonna happen...a beautiful, intelligent, creative, spiritual lady such as yourself would find a man to appreciate those qualities in you.

I'm sorry I won't see you on here anymore...we had so much fun making each other laugh our ass's off but I'm happy you found a special person to share your life with and wish both of you great happiness.

Your Friend ..Professor Pan.T.Borty.

May 18 @ 12:08PM  
He is kind, handsome, intelligent, never married, has no children, is good to his mother (without being a "mama's boy") has a great career and no criminal history
I am glad you found the man of your dreams, so many women only seem to find the men of their nightmares! From the description of him it could almost be me, except I am not handsome and I am married. I wish you and you man every happiness and despite not visiting here often I will miss you as will a great many others.
Once again I wish you all the very best

May 18 @ 12:10PM  
That should have read "you and your man". My apologies for the typo

May 18 @ 1:04PM  
Well, Stormy, you will be missed. You have been missed. AMD is a better place when you are involved. But I can think of no better reason than love for an AMD bud to depart. On behalf of myself and others, I appreciate your explaining your recent joy as it not only provides a smile as we think of you and now know why faded away, but provides hope for the rest of us in Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

But breaking back, there is one thing that I simply fail to understand...canceling. I fail to see why. Why not explain things as well as you do and then become inactive?

I am not going to go too far into it, but hypothetically, provide a potential reason for not doing so. Suppose there was another "old hand" that had disappeared that returned and wanted to check in with their AMD pals months, even years later. Perhaps, they didn't have a phone number or real email addy. Or, it had been a while and the person had moved or changed Internet providers so the contact info. was obsolete.

Unless I really seriously get pissed off, I won't cancel. When and if I decide to make an exit, I will follow the credo reflected in the famous quote by General Douglas MacArthur, "Old soldiers never die, they just simply fade away."

If and when the time comes, I will update my essays in case anybody on my friends list cares to check on me and get the rest of the story, then post a blog that is hopefully as well written as yours. I will then slip in to read my email as there may be something significant there.

Stating the obvious, I am a weird, odd, strange, unique and unconventional person. Unless I don't like you and banish you from my life, I never say "goodbye" even over the phone. Too much finality. When parting for an exit to where I anticipate never seeing somebody again, I say other things.

May 18 @ 1:08PM  
Oh, the Prez wants her taxes, well I am giving you the greenie instead. If she wants to prosecute me for tax evasion, she can take it to the World Court at the Hague.

Before anyone reads sarcasm into this, theskwirl and I are pals and this is just attempted flippant humor.

May 18 @ 2:30PM  
Yup the Bruce and Skwirl are buds.. he can get away wit it .. fer now.

Stormy my love.. I'm sooooo bloomin joyful for you. I know, I was one of the lucky few that got to know in advance.. and it's been PAINFUL not tellin ya all what was goin on.. I just wanted to bubble over and over how wonderful it was.

But I was a good skwirl ... and now everyone knows..

May 18 @ 11:30PM  
Awwwwwwww Bort! You know you'll always be my first love and if it wasn't sooooo damn cold in the frozen north you'd have to beat me off with a stick! Seriously Gary, thanks so much for your friendship through the years. You've been a shoulder when I needed it and provided me with much laughter and many good memories! For that I'll always be grateful! Huggz to you my friend!

Gerald- You know you and Crissy gave me great hope that love could conquer all obstacles! When I compared my situation to yours, six hours on the road each weekend seemed like a ride around the block! I look forward to the day that I hear you two are together full time!

Bruce- I do appreciate your kind words and feel flattered that you would admit you'd miss me! But as for keeping in touch, you are just one of many that have my private email and phone number, remember??? Besides if anything that earth shattering came up enough of ya'll here know how to get ahold of me that someone could reach me in a hurry!

and as for you My lil squirrely girl.......thanks for keeping my secret a little longer! I just didn't want to be one more of those we've seen far too many of through the years that shouts their love from the rooftops one week and are trolling for fresh meat the next week!! Sam, I really don't know the words to tell you what you've come to mean to me! I am so grateful for all you've given me through the years. We've laughed together, cried together, kicked troll ass together and leaned on each other in troubled times. You've been a shining light in some of my darkest days, for that and the love and care you've shown me, I shall be eternally grateful.

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