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Verizon sells their landline phones in 14 states

posted 5/17/2009 3:11:55 AM |
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I heard this earlier in the week, so I finally had some time to blog about this.

Verizon is selling their landline phones to a company called Frontier Communications that's headquartered out of Stamford, Conn. I believe this includes 14 states where this will happen across the country. Here in my state most landline customers are with AT&T, with the second most landline customers being Verizon, including my area. A few years back Verizon sold their landline phone customers in Kentucky (right across the river from me) to Alltel. I remember that once Alltel took over down there so many customers had so many problems with the phone lines and everything else that it took a period of time to resolve the problems. Not sure what all went down with every problem, but I remember thinking how lucky we were on this side of the river (Ohio) that Verizon didn't sell us out. Well now the time has come that they do. I know that Frontier is giving Verizon around 8.4 billion for these landline customers. It's going to take about a year to complete this transaction. I know a lot of people are getting rid of their landlines and going with cell phones anymore, especially the younger generation. Not me, I plan on sticking with landline service, even though I have a cell phone. My cell phone signal really sucks here in my area, so I need a landline phone to talk to my friends and family for the most part when I am home. I heard that Frontiers packages are anywhere from $20-40 more a month that Verizon's packages. Been hearing some pros and cons about both companies, and a few suggest that it's a smart move for Verizon considering most people today are going wireless.

How many of you have a Verizon landline phone? If not Verizon, who do you have a landline and/or cell phone with, and are you happy with the service from these companies? If you do have Verizon, what are your plans when it comes time? I will most likely go with Time Warner phone service in another year.

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May 17 @ 3:23AM  
I have Verizon landline at all. I'm pretty happy with them. This latest round I had with them was a headache getting a new phone but I raised so much hell with them that I came out pretty good. I ended up with all extra charges being cancelled and because I had so much trouble and ended up with TWO extended batteries worth $45 each...they let me keep them both and didn't charge me for either one.

Nearly 100% of my family and friends have Verizon and since Verizon to Verizon is free calling, it works great for me!

May 17 @ 3:33AM  
My wireless is with AT&T. Their also pretty good, but in all honesty, I hardly ever use my cell phone. The only time it does come in hand for me is when I take it with me when I'm out and about. I have like 4,200 rollover minutes on it now. lol

I'm really considering just dropping my cell service of $53.55 a month. Waste of money when it's hardly ever used.

May 17 @ 5:55AM  
I'm using Time Warner for land line, through cable. About $24 a month. Have had no problems. Verizon is the cell king in my area. Way too much $$ for cell, but I need it. (I think)

May 17 @ 7:11AM  
Here is a a link to the press release.
A few details from the press release: The operations Frontier will acquire include all of Verizon's local wireline operating territories in Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin. In addition, the transaction will include a small number of Verizon's exchanges in California, including those bordering Arizona, Nevada and Oregon.

As of year-end 2008, these operations served approximately 4.8 million local access lines; 2.2 million long-distance customers; 1.0 million high-speed data customers, including approximately 110,000 FiOS Internet customers; and 69,000 FiOS TV customers.

Approximately 11,000 Verizon company employees - those who primarily support the local phone business that is being acquired - will continue employment with Frontier after the merger.

Frontier and Verizon will provide a smooth transition for these employees. Frontier will honor the union labor agreements in the 14 states and expects to work constructively with union leaders.

A Verizon transition team will work with Frontier in the coming months to ensure customer accounts, billing information and other assets from the operations will be successfully transferred to Frontier and that the transition is seamless for customers and employees.

The companies seek to complete the transaction in approximately 12 months. It requires approval from Frontier shareholders, certain regulatory approvals and satisfaction of other customary closing conditions, including the obtaining of financing.

The transaction includes Verizon's switched and special access lines in the affected areas, as well as its Internet service and long-distance voice accounts. Also included are fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) assets deployed by Verizon in 41 local franchises and the state of Indiana, which pass approximately 600,000 homes and small businesses. Frontier will continue to provide video services in these areas after the completion of the merger.

May 17 @ 8:04AM  
Ironic in a way considering Verizon bought out Alltell wireless. Well most of them. They can't have a monopoly on a cell phone service so some of them will be sold to other companies and the changes will take place about Nov of this year.

Yes, I have Verizon for a land line. I guess it's a good thing I'm moving before rates go up... lol
My cell for now, is Alltel. Has been for almost 13 years. I'm holding my breath to see what happens with all of that........ I've got a great plan that I'm grandfathered in on and I know I'm going to end up losing it.


May 17 @ 9:23AM  
I don't use my cell phone that often either but I wouldn't cancel my cell phone service due to various emergencies .. I walked seven miles to the nearest pay phone just to find out no one could help when my alternator went out in my old van the one day I left my house without my cell phone. That surely was a whole day wasted & an eye opener to keep a cell phone handy. It would have taken just a matter of minutes to get road side assistance help after finding out the cheaper route of family or friends were not available with the use of a cell phone. In closing I have computer & land line service with Comcast & with my cell phone I use Verizon ..

May 17 @ 10:44AM  
Here in Maine FairPoint Communications took over the Verizon Land Lines. Verizon is most interested in Wireless since this is where they can really make $$$.

As for me I still use a landline and I could not imagine having wireless to run my business.

As for cell phones I use Trac Fone. It suits my needs quite well and I don't have the monthly charges. Good for me I don't live in Text Messaging Land. I only use a cell phone for emergencies any way.

May 17 @ 12:17PM  
The only time it does come in hand for me is when I take it with me when I'm out and about.

Break down or run out of gas out in the boonies one day- and that right there, will show the valuable service(s) cell phones provide! I have Verizon and I'm quite satisfied with it! 'course, I use it more for business than personal but that's going to flip-flop in about a year! I wouldn't be without my cell phone- no way!


May 17 @ 12:44PM  
As xien said here in maine verizon sold us to fairpoint, I pay less with fairpoint than i did with verizon. I know many people had trouble with the internet part of that sale, yeah they sold that too, and I'm glad i don't have them for internet. I don't know if people have had any problems, Including myself as I rarely talk on the phone. I have a tracfone, and am thinking about adding some minutes as i don't have any and haven't had any for a long time, yeah i'm not a phone person by any means. I have been thinking of either adding the minutes or getting something else for cellphone type use.

May 18 @ 6:27AM  
don't know or care ( sorry shawn) I don't own a cell. But here is your kudo.

May 18 @ 9:10AM  
I have Verizon for landline and they keep adding more charges and raising their rates. The main reason I keep it is for the dialup internet, they won't let me have DSL,(not available in my area) they suck! I have a tracfone and don't use it much. I won't get Verizon cell service and pay those rates.

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Verizon sells their landline phones in 14 states