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posted 5/17/2009 1:38:53 AM |
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Its been a long time since i asked about this, but it seems to be a popular notion...seriously...and i just want to know other's thoughts...

men, would you want to watch your wife fucking another man?

women, would you get involved with someone looking for this lifestyle?

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May 17 @ 1:43AM  
Hell no!!!!!! But that is just my woman's point of view

May 17 @ 2:17AM  
men, would you want to watch your wife fucking another man?
Never going to happen!

May 17 @ 2:23AM  
sounds like all action

May 17 @ 2:29AM  
oh no...this is real...and i have been asked if interested,,....outwardly, its a typical loving relationship, but behind closed doors, the husband is forced to watch her with others and he actually, gets alot of satisfaction...

May 17 @ 3:56AM  
Could never happen. The relationship would end quickly if it did. Men are too possessive. Only women can do this and that doesn't even work half of the time.

May 17 @ 5:58AM  
I don't really like watching guys do anything............especially not the wife.

May 17 @ 7:00AM  
Not really anything I would get into.

May 17 @ 7:50AM  

May 17 @ 8:56AM  
I doubt anyone that enjoys it would post here.

There are many forms of swinging which require an absence of jealousy. If fact compersion, the opposite of jealousy would be a good thing. Compersion is the delighting in seeing your partner being happy with another sexually.

I don;t get the cuckolding thing either, especially if it involves the man tied up and helpless to watch his wife being screwed, and then maybe even licking the cum out of her pussy. Humiliation is something I don;t really get. But I do appreciate the fact that many ppl do subscribe to humiliation and/or cuckolding.

I have never met anyone that does... at least not yet. I do know three guys that have been the stud to fuck the wife, while cuckolded hubby looks on.

May 17 @ 9:34AM  
Is that what this means All this time I thought it had something to do with holding a chicken

May 17 @ 10:50AM  
For me.. No Thanks

May 17 @ 10:57AM  
First off, as far as not getting to play....hell no!

but as far as sharing her, yeah. Most men especially my age don't have the confidence in themselves or their wifes to want this.

Here is my reasoning behind not having a problem with an mmf.
we (as with most couples) were far from virgins when we met. we as a couple have gone through shit way worse than this. and we both know were our heart is. we are very loyal, and never want the other to feel inadequate. on that note, I personally think it's hot that she wants to feel something new, and stepping back for a few minutes and letting her enjoy the gift I gave her is no problem. Plus she has opened up about all sexual fantasies since I suggested the mmf. that's another reason why I am ok with it, it was my idea. plus picking the right 3rd person that understands he is merly a sex toy is key.

May 17 @ 10:58AM  
To each their own, but for way.

May 17 @ 11:07AM  
I would never ever want to watch my girl fuck another or woman....but I have a few friends that get off on watching their girl fucking someone else. I personally don't get it but I've been happy to help them out

May 17 @ 11:12AM  
I knew people back in the 70s who got into this kind of lifestyle and all of them were divorced in a couple of years. This lifestyle did not work back then when pretty much everything went and it does not work now. No matter how much people think the other person is just going to be a sex toy, it usually does not work out that way because all are humans with emotions that tend to get involved somewhere along the line. Someone gets jealous or someone gets insecure or whatever. Add to that the danger of STD that can be fatal now days and I really say hell no because when you scerw that person you are screwing every person they have slept with in the last 10 years or so. You can ask them if they are clean but they may not even know the answer to that one. People can do what they want but as for me I am not into playing Russian roulette with my life or any relationship I might ever be in.

May 17 @ 11:49AM  
Well... when I say I'm mildly kinky in my Essays, it doesn't mean I'm willing to let my g/f or if married, my wife- fuck another person... male or female! If some people like that style- then, that's their prerogative! I'm not going to denigrate anyone, if that's what their interest is! It just happens to not be mine, that's all!

I don't deny my interests in 3somes or moresomes but I do put the brakes on, if I'm committed to a relationship in one form or another, for that kind of life style!


May 17 @ 12:11PM  
UMMMM.....just let me say 'HELL NO'. This would most definitely NOT work for me. Whether it be MMF or MFF, it ain't happening. I don't share, nor will I ever share. I can't imagine being with someone who would want to share ME with someone else, and I am way to darn jealous to share my man with someone, so again I say 'HELL NO' !!

For the people that do I have always wondered what would happen if the third party that was brought in, actually ended up being the main party with you on the outside looking in. Why would someone invite that into their 'suppposedly' happy relationship?? I can't help thinking that people that bring in a third party are obviously feeling like there is something missing from their relationship the way it is. JMHO

May 17 @ 11:54PM  
It's a fetish that some guys get off on.

That being said, if you put a hundred cuckold couples in a room,

2 would be healthy, happy kinksters in which the guy really got off on his wife getting banged by another guy, and being forbidden to do the same, usually in some sort of Dom/sub arrangment.

98 would be a weak-willed guy who's afraid of losing his wife, and a manipulative, selfish bitch.

Though that could be said for just about any type of open or semi-open relationship. Lots of people in the lifestyle need a trip to the therapist a lot more badly than a trip to the swingers' club.

May 18 @ 9:43AM  
i wouldnt enjoy it..

May 18 @ 9:49AM  
No thanks. If it floats your boat, more power to you.

May 18 @ 9:50AM  
I couldn't Share......!!
But... I could be the Toy/Boy...

May 26 @ 9:59PM  
31 years and counting of very happy marriage. Not Cuckold, but swinging and sharing. There are two other couples in our group celebrating 28 years and 34 years of marriage in this lifestyle. It takes a special understanding and absolute trust. I know it is not for everybody and I do not promote it, but I am a very happy camper and so is my husband.
He who is without sin cast the first stone.

May 27 @ 12:50AM  
It's not something I think I want to even explore...for me. What others do is their own business.

May 27 @ 7:31PM  
no not for me she's all for me i would never let that go down .

Aug 5 @ 2:27PM  
I know you will all disagree, but watching your girlfriend fuck another guy is so dirty it's hot.

One evening a friend visited me and my girlfriend. We were all good friends. After we got drunk we dared her to do a strip tease. We put on some Led Zeppelin and she danced around. She teased us by raising her sun dress almost to her panties but not all the way. Then she stopped to go to the bathroom.

When she returned, the record was over and she sat down next to him. I said, "Why don't you give him a kiss?" So they made out for a few minutes.

He then started feeling up her breasts. When she didn't resist we all realized she'd let him go all the way.

As they got hornier, he pulled down the top of her sun dress, exposing her breasts and licked them. This drove her wild.

Moments later he pulled up her dress and slid his hand into her panties, fingering her for several minutes.

Watching his hand in her panties, knowing his fingers were inside her pussy, got me so horny that I went over and pulled off her panties. This got her really horny. She spread her legs and said, "One of you guys fuck me already!"

I asked her if her diaphragm was in. She said yes.

When he first thrust his cock deep inside her it was just so erotic.

After he left we fucked like crazy all night. She told me that when she was in the bathroom putting in the diaphragm her pussy was so wet the diaphragm just slid right in.

The whole experience was incredible.

I know what you're thinking. How could you let this happen? But the fact is that sometimes if you have just the right relationship there's no jealousy or defensiveness but rather a sharing of each others kinks.

I guess you have to experience it to understand.

Nov 22 @ 6:28PM  
you prolly dont check this anymore but i get into cuckold i love watching my wife an another guy fool around an do shit together its one of my biggest turn on's we still have a loving trusting relationship because we set up rules but we still have fun with it personly nothing is hotter then sitting there watching ur wife with another guy or even hotter guys to see 10 guys fuck my wife an i just watch would be amazing

Jun 25 @ 11:51AM  
Well its usualy because one person has a " Small " one like myself!....I havnt been cucked but iv been cheated on and made fun seems size realy does matter. But what woman wouldnt want a servant and do what she wants, have the pleasure of making fun of her man?

Jun 25 @ 2:38PM  
Just another lifestyle that shits on love and stretches relationships thin, and here I am keeping it real and faithful. *sigh*

Jun 25 @ 5:48PM  
i do like the sounds of being submissive n i dont mind my gf being fucked by others infront of me, but from wat i've heard cuckolds have small cocks n i dont so i'd either have 2 b in charge or just tied up n forced 2 eat cum from my gfs pussy n ass, lol turning me on just thinking about it

Jun 12 @ 8:13PM  
absolutely 100 percent yes because I have done it and found I loved it and it was mind blowing. Thank you for this Blog. Really shocked that there are not much more yesses in this type of forum but its all good.

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