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Emergency State of the Mess Address #1

posted 5/17/2009 12:31:36 AM |
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It has come to my attention that there are a bunch of pity bag bitchy whiny bastards around here who wanna complain about every little thing that someone else posts. Get the fuck over yourselves.

Even the ones who post whiny butt I can't get laid with a fist full of benjamins blogs have their own merit..they teach us who to stay away from. If someone has something to say.. let em say it. If you don't like it... shut the fuck up and don't read it. It's no skin off your damned nose is it? Is it? If it is then that would be YOUR personal problem. Not the blogger's.

You are free to write whatever the hell you want. We are free to skip over it, or read it. However, we should remember that each person has feelings and is a person. I don't care who it is.. and or what they want to whine/bitch/brag about.

Now then, for those who get their feelers hurt and stop writing because someone else hollered at em about something they said. Well guess what? That's again your problem. It's shit..but it is what it is. You are going to have dissenting opinions. Not everyone lives in the same world that you do. That's how it is.

Write whatever you want.. no matter how long it is.. how much blog space you take up... no matter who likes it or don't like it..that's what blogging is about .. am I wrong?

Nope.. didn't think so..

You get a nasty email.. well if you read the rules up there in red when you are typing your blog out.. you aren't supposed to post the email.. you aren't supposed to broadcast what you are looking for.. blah blah blah.. so whatever else you wanna write is fine.. fine fine fine...

sigh.. sorry I am just over the top ripped off here .. I know I ain't here much anymore and .. well frankly I don't even wanna be here much anymore. There is life outside of the interwebs babies.. the sun is shining and life is passing you by.. get on out there and step away from the bitch button.

shutting the fuck up now.. me Keep your taxes.. I don't want em today.

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May 17 @ 12:45AM  
gesshh, skwirly. im going to send all my pervert email to you

May 17 @ 12:57AM  
With all due respect Madam Prez, I've been around here too long so, " Yeah, lady, whatever."

May 17 @ 1:31AM  
who did what, when??????

May 17 @ 1:35AM  
I agree with ya. Everyone can control a delete button on their blogs and emails. There's also a block button. Life is too short to get all worked up over silly shit on here. People who do are probably on here a little too much and need to get some fresh air outside. I have had my fair share of these experiences, and now I try not to let little things like these get to me anymore.

May 17 @ 4:30AM  
Passing out the last of these shiny green thingys I have lying around collecting dust! Get em before they're all gone!!!!

May 17 @ 11:05AM  
I agree ( as always ) people should blog about whatever they want to, and definitely others don't have to read it. However, when people blog about the exact same subject (trolls, creeps, spammers, scammers, etc ) on 20 different blogs in the same week just so they can have a blog of their own bitching about the same exact thing, well... I do find that a little redundant...

May 17 @ 11:52AM  
DKW ....

May 17 @ 1:43PM  
I agree with ya Skwirl- unless of course, I'm included in your blog somehow! Which, I don't think I can remember writing a "bitch" blog per say!


May 17 @ 1:46PM  
gesshh, skwirly. im going to send all my pervert email to you

Failing that featherone, you can send all your "pervert" emails to me, if you'd like!


May 17 @ 1:50PM  
Ummmmm- I meant any of your pervert email that you might write!


May 18 @ 6:25AM  
Thank you oh madam, I agree if you don't like what's in a blog don't read it. :) Oh & I am giving you a kudo anyways!

May 18 @ 9:06AM  
Did something happen Saturday or Sunday when I wasn't around? Other than that, doesn't seem like any of that is new (people complaining about other people's blogs, etc, etc.) I'm obviously guilty of posting emails I've gotten, but I won't anymore. Doesn't do any good anyways to get my panties in a bunch over things that won't ever change. I agree with everything you said though

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Emergency State of the Mess Address #1