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Re: Why are people so rude?

posted 12/8/2006 6:18:02 PM |
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I go out of my way to send an fact I've probably sent hundreds? Is it so difficult to just send a reply to say "not interested" or something similar? Yes, you may get a lot of responses, but people have spent their time viewing your profile, writing you an email, at least be decent and give them a reply.

I wonder the same thing but from the opposite side of the fence.
I wish guys would realize how much mail the ladies get. Sure, you acknowledge this, but do you realize that it can sometimes be as much as a hundred a day? And that's just this site. What if a girl has spread herself around the net a little and has a profile on several sites. It'd be a full time job just to say, "Hey, you're not my cup of tea." to every guy who emails.

Beyond that, let's not forget that at least 80% (and I'm being generous to the guys with such a figure) of the mail is either, "hey baby lets fuck" or just a plain and simple hello.
I do not respond to either of these. Both of these types of email show a guy who is either uninterested in getting to know me or just completely uninteresting himself. If you can't be bothered to at least tell me a little about you, about what you might like to know about me and what you are looking for in general, then I can't be bothered to waste my time replying.

But if a guy puts in at least some effort and has something interesting to say (that isn't an obvious cut and paste job) then I will do my best to respond. However, sometimes it takes a day or two. Hell, if things are keeping me busy as they have lately, it may take me a week or two. So patience is a virtue. Understand that not everyone lives and breathes to read their email every day.

This is not an attack of any kind, and certainly not a personal attack on the original poster. This is a general statement of fact as this girl sees it.

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Dec 8 @ 6:49PM  
Completely agree and nothing to add here. It's always with the "gimme, gimme, gimme" attitude. We also had an interesting related discussion on Ponme's blog sometime back about whether to even use form replies for WF-type mails. In my humble opinion, no.

Dec 8 @ 6:56PM  
Hmmm....I hope you're not one of those on here with multiple profiles. I think what, people are only allowed one?

Dec 8 @ 7:11PM  
I couldn't agree with you more. Allow me to add that sometimes a man will write and act like you owe them something, has an attitude right off the top. That IS rude. When I did have my pics posted on here, I couldn't believe at the emails that I recieved. Alot of them were complimenting and erotic and was a turn on, but there were alot that were very degrading and sexually disgusting. . Offers to pay me and all sorts of unbelievable things that I received in email. One man wrote me several times wanting to fly me to where he was and pay me to live with him and train me to become his sex slave!!! I eventually took my pics off in part because of those types of emails. I like to get attention and noticed as being a very sexy woman, but not what some of those men would give.

Dec 8 @ 8:03PM  
Hmmm....I hope you're not one of those on here with multiple profiles. I think what, people are only allowed one?

I meant on different sites. I edited it to make it more clear.

Dec 8 @ 11:18PM  
Good Blog......I think it seems Males seem to think that internet is a way to say rude things to woman......I dont get it, NONE of those males would act like that in person, dont they realize that woman(the real ones) still want to be treated like a Lady...they would have so many more responces and fun....

Dec 9 @ 12:50AM  
I respect that you put yourself out there and stepped up to the plate I view alot of profiles myself and alot of times I start off with hi or hello its not to be lame but to be respectfull to you ladies I do not want to come across as a jerk or an ass so that is why I start with that for an opening put I also state why I am e-mail someone cause something in there profile I liked or even just wanting to get to know someone I think it is fair respectfully scott

Dec 9 @ 8:59PM  
One thing that i think you missed - If you dont have your profile fully filled out with essays and pictures, you wont get alot of replies to any emails you do send - regardless of how interesting you may try to be in the email. I know from my own side, if a woman winks or sends me a note and doesnt have a full profile i will ignore it 90% of the time.

From my opinion there are 3 definate things that need to be addressed in a profile.

1) Where do you live. I used to spend alot of Time on Hot or Not and found that although there are alot of ppl there - no one tells you where they live so you find this interesting person and they live 500+ miles from you)

2) Are you looking for what i am/looking for? If i am looking for a quick rhomp and you want marriage - what is the point?

3) Are you physically attractive? If i dont see a pic then i have no way of knowing. The women with body pics are nice, but i like to see a face as well just so i have some idea who i am talking to .


Dec 9 @ 11:33PM  
yeah I can appreciate what your saying, but look at from the other side of it.

We guys many times take the time & try to put together a nice honest letter & then the receipiant doesn't even bother to open it or replies with a one word response...........something like " ty" meaning i appreciate the comment but not enough to even take the time to spell out the words " thank you " .

maybe if all girls were like you.....nice & smart enough to be nice to the guys who did take the time to write a nice note & not waste time with crude ones who repond with comments like "let's fuck" or post a pic of their sausage as their primary photo shot ............guys on this site would get the message & change their approch. But, of course that's not going to happen here.

My point is, is goes both ways.

Dec 10 @ 6:12AM  
The unfortunate reality is, that the men folk in need of reading this are in fact to busy trying to find a new way to type wanna fuck e-mails.

Great blog, worded perfectly girl.

Dec 13 @ 2:09AM  
i try to respond to those people who e mail me but more often than not i get spam and nothing of a personal nature . , to those people who read this i dont bite (yet ) but im actually a big teddy bear and would love to get e mails so i can write back

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Re: Why are people so rude?