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Wish i was making this up! rofl...

posted 5/15/2009 5:24:34 PM |
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I woke up to a loud noise. In case i never mentioned it i have a cat very similar to Garfield in size & attitude. So i stumble out of bed 1/2 awake, my cat has jumped up on the window sill ( a momentous feet for him) & this absolutely enormous squirrel out in the yard is in the tree just bellowing at him. My cat is so enraged that he got his head stuck in the screen trying to get this damn squirrel. Oh yeah i should probably mention that my cat has never been outside a day in his life & was fixed when I bought him.

Once he was extracted & calmed down, I closed the door to that particular window so he wouldn't keep trying chuckle. Now I need to go do some laundry, whites & i have a ton of it my kids seem to think that if you use a towel one time then it needs to be rewashed. So I put everything in including the bleach & soap I am letting it fill up & add the towels. I walk away not even thinking about it, about 15 min. later i hear this funny noise. So i walk into the other room where the lid to my washer is still in the upright position. Water & bleach & I do mean hot water is spraying down my walls all over my floor onto my brand new "black" outfit for going away & is completely drenched in bleach water. I now have white spots on my newly painted gray floor my outfit is completely ruined & i have to rewash again.

I am so pissed right now but i can't stop laughing. Just thought i would share with all of you. :)

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Wish i was making this up! rofl...
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May 15 @ 5:41PM  
You must have an old washer , normally won't run through a cycle until you close the lid I'm teasing but wanting to keep things washed is a good practice although raising the utility bills ... It's a good sign they will keep a clean bill of health Perhaps the cat is getting even with you for not letting it catch the squirrel

May 15 @ 5:47PM  
wow...that sounds like a really interesting night. Poor kitty kitty.

Only one time? My mom made us (my bro and me) use the towels for a week before we put them in the washer. My mom was cheap on EVERYTHING except jewerly and makeup. Go figure lol

May 15 @ 5:59PM  
That's funny girl....well....uh...maybe not...oh hell yes it is.... I never had a washing machine problem like that but I have left the water running filling up the sink to do dishes, walked of for ONLY A MINUTE....forgot it an ran it over...did that more than once...

Yeah I have a big fat garfield cat too...and her sister. They sit in the windows and watch the birds and squirrels and they're just brave as hell. But let a big ole fat grasshopper get in the house and they scatter like buckshot....

May 15 @ 6:36PM  
I was thinkin' the cat was in

May 15 @ 6:59PM  
I have never had any washer over the course of over 30 plus years that would run through a cycle with the door open either. Never heard of it happening until now as they have a switch that prevents that very thing when the door is open. If the dress was mine, I would not be amused.

May 15 @ 7:05PM  
WordsOf Wit if that dress were yours this would be a whole different conversation.

May 15 @ 7:08PM  
I can't see Bruce wearing a dress

May 15 @ 7:47PM  
That sounds just like some shit that would happen to me! Oh wait! It has! But the hose on the back of my washer blew out... freaking water was everywhere!

Sorry to hear about your dress cootie!! tell me more about yours tho!!!!!

@ shewolf!!

May 15 @ 8:01PM  
I was thinking maybe your puddy tat was in there too.

I was loading my dryer once and my cat crawled in there while my back was turned, I shut the door, turned on the dryer, and kept hearing a loud thump. So I stood there for maybe 10 or 15 seconds because it was rugs and they making a lot of noise...then it dawned on me that the cat might've gotten in there. I opened up the door and she shot out of it like a bat out of hell...poor baby. I felt bad, but she was okay. That happened about 15 years ago and to this day, I always look in the dryer now before I close it

May 15 @ 8:09PM  
I killed a cat of mine in the dryer once.... I didn't know she was in there and just turned it on... I was absolutely devastated! I still am 6 years later....that cat was my baby!!!!!!!! The guilt has been incredibly overwhelming!
Check your dryers!!!!

I was thinking cootie was going to say her cat was in the washer too!

May 15 @ 8:14PM  
Somehow, large cats and two people get'n it on, just can't mix! I'd be afraid if it was in the bedroom accidentally, well... cats can have a nasty disposition sometimes and one jumping on nekkid bodies with claws spread wide, would definitely ruin the moment!

Switches can malfunction or get jammed open or closed sometimes!

Can ya dye your outfit black, Coots??


May 15 @ 8:21PM  
poor baby. I felt bad, but she was okay.

Soooo... did you rename her Fluffy or Downy??


May 15 @ 8:24PM  
lol som...she was puffy when she came out, especially being long-haired

May 15 @ 8:58PM  
did you rename her Fluffy

That is cold, but hilarious.

May 17 @ 2:03AM  
That was funny! Thanks for the laugh. Kudo!

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Wish i was making this up! rofl...