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'males' and 'females'

posted 12/8/2006 4:35:39 PM |
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I know I explained these I use a blog awhile back. I'd like to expand on that, just so you folks understand these terms as I do when I use them.
First of all...I've been told that you really have to hear me say it. When I use the term "stupid fuckin female/male" it's with the utmost contempt. Some of you have heard me say you know.

I'm not referring to a gender. When talking about friends, or even aquaintances...I use terms like "Ladies", "Gentleman", "Women", "Men" or just "Guys" and "Girls". Sometimes even "Boiz" and "Gurlz".

I picked up the terms "males" and "females"...the way I use them...when I was in boot-camp. If any of you have ever been in the know that boot camp is a mind-game. A sort of brain-washing culture shock. We go in as young civilians and hopefully come out as members of the finest fighting force in the world. This takes a certain amount of humiliation in the beginning...taking away of your former identity and gradually giving it back to you as you learn and grow.

The first week I was in boot-camp, I and my fellow trainees were referred to as "females". The guys were referred to "males". As time went on...we graduated to "girls"...and finally during the last week we became "ladies". we looked forward to hearing that from our T.I.! I sounds silly now, you had to be there.
Most people in the service know, because of this, that those terms are used
for people who just don't merit any other description. I really don't use those words may seem that way because we've had so many stupid fucking males/females show up here the last few weeks. But I've not used it when referring to any of the regulars on this site.
Just so you know...the next three days are going to be rough and I may feel the need to start stomping on some of the stupid fuckin males that have suddenly popped up.
My comments are open...say what you want, and let the world know just what a lame-ass dumbfuck you are. And when you're done...remember at the end of the day...most of us here have already gotten what we want out of this site. Can you say the same thing?

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Dec 8 @ 4:41PM  
Lucky you...
We just got to go from maggots to Marines.....*Wink*

And I do times I hate my own least those self styled "males" who will never be "Men"....stuck in the gene pool classification of
"two fingered three knuckled neanderthal."

Dec 8 @ 4:42PM  
NICE!!! cause your all making us look bad as Men........

Dec 8 @ 4:43PM  
You know my number, sweetie...use it if you need to, okay?

Dec 8 @ 4:45PM  
Heh I can hardly wait for the real rant to begin!!!

Dec 8 @ 4:46PM  

This is gonna be a really tough crowd!

Dec 8 @ 4:52PM  
cause your all making us look bad as Men........

Rockstar...that's just not true. Women...Ladies, know the difference between a boy and a well as the difference between a Man and a male. No male could ever make any Man look bad. Men...real Men are just way too far above that.

Dec 8 @ 6:03PM  
I believe I understand where this is and I think that it might be a touchy subject for those who don't understand the difference between any of it.

Dec 8 @ 6:58PM  
He he ... Sunny I'm glad you posted this because for the longest time I had the same uneasy feeling about using the term "female" as well. It just felt wrong but I didn't know why. Perhaps I've heard it used in too many unflattering contexts (outside of the military) about ladies. At any rate I kept quiet about this because I felt it was likely just me being an incorrigible language bigot. Now at least I know it's a sensible feeling that I had. Whew! Saved by a gut feel.

Dec 8 @ 7:25PM  
Oh, and Pudge:
We're really not such a tough crowd. Just to the dumbfuckmales/females who insist on showing up with their own bleacher seat cheering section trying to start shit with us. Be nice...and you'll do just fine!

Dec 8 @ 7:25PM  
good explaination doll!!! and stole the thoughts and words right outta my head
And I do times I hate my own least those self styled "males" who will never be "Men"....stuck in the gene pool classification of
"two fingered three knuckled neanderthal."

Dec 8 @ 11:57PM  
Nope! Haven't found what I'm lookin for here yet. But, I'm workin at it diligently.
I went into the army at 19 to learn discipline and respect for the system or "Man" or whatever they prefer to call it. And, what I learned? I learned they were all fulla shit. I was just a tool to serve their purpose.
Use your terminology as you wish. Man, Sir, Dick, Asshole......Miss, Maam, cunt or bitch. Use your freedom of speech and expression. It's what defines you.
Well written blog, as always.

Dec 10 @ 5:22AM  
I use those terms to denote gender mostly. I hope everybody understands I'm not being derrogatory. Oh I also use them to talk about profiles, you never know the true gender of the person who checked "M" or "F" until you know them a bit lol....

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'males' and 'females'