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Can We Tawk?.. take 2

posted 5/13/2009 12:59:36 PM |
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Good Morning Pervia...

Today's subject is sexual assault. (We don't wanna talk or even think about that stuff Madame Prez.) Too F'ing bad. If you don't wanna hear about it.. don't read this blog.

According to Wikipedia, Sexual Assault is defined as:
an assault of a sexual nature on another person. Although sexual assaults most frequently are by a man on a woman, it may be by a man on a man, woman on a man or woman on a woman.[1] Approximately one in six American women will be a victim of a sexual assault in her lifetime.[2] Largely because of child rape and an epidemic of prison rape approximately ten percent of all rapes are suffered by males.[3]

While sexual assaults are associated with the crime of rape, it may cover assaults which would not be considered rape.[4] What constitutes a sexual assault is determined by the laws of the jurisdiction where the assault takes place, which vary considerably, and are influenced by local social and cultural attitudes.

It has been said that sexual assault includes rape, forced vaginal, anal or oral penetration, forced sexual intercourse, inappropriate touching, forced kissing, child molestation, sexting and the torture of the victim in a sexual manner.[5]

How does this relate to internet dating and sex sites, you may ask? Well, let's contemplate for a moment your first encounters with some people.

If you are one to send a nude photo and sleazy request right off the bat you may, indeed, be committing a sexual assault. If the person to whom you are sending same does not appreciate or desire such contact, it's assault.

In the same way as wearing mini skirts and revealing clothing does not mean that a woman is asking for it.. simply having a profile on a sex site does not mean that they are asking for it. This goes for men as well, but I couldn't think of a reasonable analogy there. Get to know someone before you ask for nude photos or decide to pop on chat nude. Perhaps there are children in the room and they don't want your nekkid bits showing on their screen? Perhaps they are in a public place and the same applies. Maybe they are just uncomfortable with your approach. It all amounts to the same sort of thing. Be respectful of the people that you contact.

Sure, the laws are lax online. In some ways that is a good thing, in others.. not so good because it means that you are free to continue your behavior. Please do understand though, that as you are free to continue your behavior, we are also free to say, "I won't stand for it."

Blessings Pervasites.. I wish you all the good sex you can handle.. with none of the assault.

Taxes people.. taxes.

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May 13 @ 1:04PM  
Thank you Sam....have I told you I love you? I'd give you all my kudos if I could

May 13 @ 1:08PM  
If you are one to send a nude photo and sleazy request right off the bat you may, indeed, be committing a sexual assault. If the person to whom you are sending same does not appreciate or desire such contact, it's assault.

This is a very broad statement. If that's the case, then just a compliment can be taken as an assault. We might as well stop flirting with eachother now, cuz this happens on a daily basis.

May 13 @ 1:09PM  
Not that I disagree with you......was just sayin'.......

May 13 @ 1:12PM  
I think when we are having fun in the blogs and saying "wanna fuck?" that is completely different and I would hope we all know it's all in good fun.

May 13 @ 1:13PM  
I do love me some good, flirty fun!

May 13 @ 1:18PM  
Megan, you are correct. It is too broad. Unfortunately, that's how it is. Such things as unwanted physical contact laws have made it so. I would hope that as adults we know the difference between a compliment such as 'Damn you're HAWT." and an assault such as, "I'm gonna fuck you so hard your grandchildren will remember it."

It's all about degrees and nuances. Self-policing would be nice, but in this day and age of nanny state, it's not something that people learn. If they did, this discussion would not have happened.

Respect for your fellow human beings.. that's the bottom line.

May 13 @ 1:36PM  
Good one Prez!!!

I would hope we all know it's all in good fun.
You may have something here..420....
The reg bloggers know the "wanna fucks" are in good fun...but the ppl on the outside Looking in... may think we wanna fuck!!! ??
Maybe thats why we get some of the Stupid emails? Just saying...

May 13 @ 1:41PM  
I consider
send a nude photo and sleazy request right off the bat

A little more than a random compliment....

Too bad so many have no clue what "unwanted" truly means...same species of neanderthals who think members on a sex site want to fuck anyone, anything, anytime...simply by being members.

Just fucking STOOPID.


May 13 @ 1:45PM  
Maybe thats why we get some of the Stupid emails? Just saying...

I think OHT has a point, I get tons of unwanted responses because of some of my blogs.

I got a terrible response when i had the pic of me and my dog up. I had a guy write and ask me if I'd le him pour warm hamburger juice on my pussy and let my dog lick it off. He got blocked. That was unwanted and really disgusting.

Respect for your fellow human beings.. that's the bottom line.

Amen to that!

And as I said in a personal email to dmbchick:

I think it really does suck that a majority of men think we are here to be their personal whores. Just because we're on a sexual site doesn't mean you drop your respect for women at the door when you log on here. I'd be more interested in a man that treated me respectfully & with sweetness than from some douche talkin' about ramming his cock up my ass.

May 13 @ 1:51PM  
Respect for your fellow human beings.. that's the bottom line.
Seems that to some that is asking for more than they are capable of giving.
When it is such an easy request that might actually get them postive attention and maybe even more.

Now, if any of them would take the time to read this blog it might be a good start..... but we know the chances of that happening.

May 13 @ 1:52PM  
uh oh i am in trouble then. thanks madam prez. i shall clean up my act.

May 13 @ 2:05PM  
Now...if those who NEED to read this WOULD!!!

Yanno, most places where people congregate to mix 'n mingle with "possibilities" on their minds you're gonna run into this kind of's old as time itself.

I can't count the times I've ripped a guys head off for shit he's sent me. Then one day it dawned on me...doing that probably pleased him and I'll be damned if I'm gonna be a part of that. I just delete/block and go my merry way anymore.

At the risks of stirring up the imbeciles again, I rarely get e-mail assaults anymore. Haven't a clue why but far be it for me to question a good thing.

I've wondered if perhaps many of them are multiple ID's here and since I just delete and block them and they don't get their expected response they finally figured it out...I just ain't no fuckin' fun....

Nutz to ya honey....good blog!

May 13 @ 2:16PM  
damn busted again

leaves nut and goes to room

May 13 @ 2:27PM  
Kudos I think this needed said thank you very much

Perhaps there are children in the room and they don't want your nekkid bits showing on their screen?
I am never on this site when my kids are around simply because of the adds.

May 13 @ 3:11PM  
Words of wisdom

May 13 @ 5:11PM  
I'm sorry, but I just can't classify unsolicited cock shots in your inbox in the same league as jumping out of the bushes with a knife and dragging you into a dark alley.

Here's an analogy. I get lots of unsolicited messages trying to get my information so people can steal money from me. These people want to rob me. But they haven't robbed me, because I ignore the message, and therefore my money is intact.

These obnoxious guys sending cock shots want to sexually assault you. But they haven't, because you can ignore the message, not meet up with them, and therefore your safety is intact.

I think that a more accurate way to describe this behavior is sexual harassment, not assault.

May 13 @ 5:21PM  
I figure the "men?" who do this crap, are ones that are so total losers, that they can't and never will get any! Their attitudes are so blatantly fucked up in their non-functional twisted brains , that women can pick them off almost immediately and avoid them like the plaque! Which tells me, that they don't like women and try to punish women, for the loser's own inadequacies!

Just a thought!


May 13 @ 5:27PM  
I have seen a bunch of stupid comments to women & I sympathize I'm sure men get them from women also but how would I know , it's not in my nature to be gawking at men I think it's rather stupid to get aroused by a photo but if a man is prick teased , gets a woody & shit goes sour can it be claimed that she sexually harassed him by giving him a hard on... No pun intended but I feel if a bear can shit in the woods I can to Good blog Skwirl Here is a sick at the stomach pumpkin.. Aka a kudo doo hickie

May 13 @ 6:11PM  
Evil, you are technically correct, it's harassment not assault to just send an unsolicited cockshot/beavershot/booby pic. However, and I've had this numerous times, people find you on a site such as this.. somehow manage to get your email address.. whether it be your doing or a friend who was not thinking at the moment... then this person pops online showing his/her bidness and they don't even know your situation. That is where it crosses the line into assault.

It also crosses into assault when they threaten or continue to harass you.

Somni.. yeah. Pretty much exactly it.

flavor.. ummmm.. treading a fine line there if you had previously asked for that shot but if it were unsolicited, then indeed you might have a case. I'm against posting nude shots online for the simple reason that if someone wants to see me naked badly enough they will make the effort to do so.. and sure we have the right to self-advertise.. but where do we draw the line between something that is simply distasteful and something that is emotionally damaging to another person?

May 13 @ 7:30PM  
Taxes paid and great thoughts and comments from everyone.

May 13 @ 7:44PM  
Lots of interesting comments. Whatever you call it, assault or harassment, it's still a crime. My niece didn't ask for what happened to her, and thankfully that creep is locked up, and when he finishes his sentence here in Michigan, he has to serve his 30 year sentence in Texas...for the same crime, just a different young girl. And, the Fed's have his laptop for evidence because apparently it's full of child porn. In all honesty....I hope he NEVER sees the light of freedom ever again.

Oh yeah's your taxes. I'd double if I could this is an excellent blog.

May 13 @ 10:23PM  
but where do we draw the line...

To me, THAT is the issue. Educated asshats in pin stripe suits try to define everything to the nth degree and create "zero tolerance" so that the bad guys don't get away. It also ensures that there is no judicial leeway for someone who did an innocent, yet stupid act. Like "sexting" Kids sending nekkid pics of themselves to each other on their cell phones. If caught, they can be charged with possessing child pornography and be labeled a sex offender the rest of their lives. Something wrong here.

Also...... like sunshine said........ simple flirting can be labeled harassment if the recipient wants to push the matter.
Common sense seems to get closer to extinction every day.

May 14 @ 1:43AM  
Well I know what harassment is on here & if it was sexual harassment then you tell me... I don't know exactly when I signed up but like 3 or 4 months before the 9/11 incident in New York this lady in her late 40's that I had been shooting the shit with for a while with out my asking started sending me nude photos of herself ... I told her that I was not looking for any kind of commitment & it would be nice if she would quit sending me the nudes & in the midst of all this in my drunken stupor I sent her a fully clothed picture of myself & at this point conversations were cool until she started going off on other women for just saying hi to me Then she started a threat to post my pic every where in a number of bad ways .... No telling what she was thinking of doing with my photo but I krawfished myself & cancelled my account .... Back then I didn't know about blocking , moderators , or reporting .. Yes I was naive Knowing all this & the good people here in blog land now who would probably keep me safe guarded I'm still reluctant to post a photo ... The evil witch may still be a lurking

May 14 @ 11:52AM  
Sounds like you found a real winner there flavor. I'm sorry. And yeah, she should have been put down by the mods. I think that all of us can tell a bit of a war story like that.. and it's sad.

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