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Follow Up To "In The News" Blog

posted 5/13/2009 7:13:29 AM |
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Yesterday Cootiesprayer wrote a blog about the boy who got suspened from an Ohio school for taking his gf to her prom at her school.
He and his parents signed a contract that dancing was forbiden at his school and he would obey that rule... as well as many others.

I think this is interesting and am curious as to what all will happen from this so I went back and read the comments again this morning and I wanted to add something that has been overlooked even in much of the media reports.. But it got too long for a comment, and I think it is an important bit of info, so I hope she doesn't mind.

A comment on her blog says:

OK, I'm late to the debate. Let me take a reductionist view of the situation.

Here's the situation in a nutshell:

Adult: If you violate the rules, here are the consequences.
Kid: I don't think what I'm doing is wrong. I'm going to do it anyway.

Kid does it.

Adult: You broke the rules, here's your punishment.
Kid: Waaah, Waaah, Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Whether you disagree or not with the belief structure of his school, the kid broke the rules. And yet, society is rewarding this kid with his 15 minutes of fame.

No, actually the kid didn't break the rules. Not this time, not in this case. And it doesn't matter what I think of the belief structure of his school.
As per the other schools rules, anyone from an outside school had to get written permission from their own school to attend the prom and his principal signed the permission slip.
THEN the school board and the principal decided that IF he went he would be repremended.

They are the ones who went back on a signed deal.
He didn't dance at a school where he had signed a contract stating that he wouldn't. dance there. He followed rules and was given written permission to do so by the person supposedly in charge.

IF it were against the rules the principal should have never given permission.

So now who is actually to blame for all of this trouble that this boy is going through just trying to get his diploma and not being able to graduate with his friends and fellow class mates? Not to mention what this may do to his chances for all future academic ventures or choices.

If they break the rules, punish them...If they dion't, don't use them as an example.
Just my two cents......

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May 13 @ 7:39AM  
Yeah....gee....he danced at a prom.

How felonious is that?

His whole future is now in shambles.

(way to go kid)


May 13 @ 7:51AM  
Well...the Principal is the one to blame i see it!!

I Hate "Open rules"...well to be honest... I just don't like rules!!...That's the Rebel in me I guess...

May 13 @ 8:16AM  
i guess my whole thing is, his own parent's said it was okay. I understand the rules that school had but it was on his own time. But that's just my opinion. Hey casual, you can hijack my blogs anytime sweety

May 13 @ 8:34AM  
My son is in the same type of situation. he has a behavior problem at school basically being a pain in the ass. I had to go sign a contract with the school to put him in a program to get him to mind and follow directiond without a fight. All change to the program are supposed to be agreed upon all that are involved. The school decided this program needed changes. When i didnt agree to the changes. they made them anyway. Now i know my child is a pain and I am doing all that i can. But what about the school. Now my son tells me why should I obey the rules dad when my school doesnt either. Sorry CL just ranting on your blog. The people that make the rules should be responsible for their own actions. The kid should graduate and the principal should be banned.

May 13 @ 9:23AM  
In my opinion, it's just another example of religious zealots making asses of of themselves. He danced at a prom and held hands.....WOOPITY FUCKING DOO! Who cares? Because of that, he doesn't deserve to graduate?!?! Get a life!


May 13 @ 10:06AM  
We had a situation at our local High School that I disagree with. One of the baseball players before the season started was seen by a teacher buying sigs at a local store. She reported it to the administration and they suspended him for half the season. The kicker to this is if you know the kid he does not smoke. I don't care what you do to hide that you smoke you cannot, all you have to do is take a whiff. He admits to buying them for his mother. The other kicker is he is 18 and can buy and smoke if he wants and it had nothing to do with school. I also believe if it has nothing to do with school the school should have no coarse of action against them. Sorry to rant on your blog.

May 13 @ 11:09AM  
It's a sad thing when a kid gets caught between the parochial school his parents sends him to, his parents and at 17-18 his own desire to live his life his own way.

I think these kids do well until they are old enough to think for themselves. These kids aren't cloistered within the walls of a school that shields them from outside influences. They see what's going on around them...all these "outside" kids having fun and to their way of thinking...and I believe at 18 they're old enough to think for themselves...there is nothing wrong with the fun they see other kids having.

Now they're caught in this religious enviroment that wasn't of their own choosing. It puts them in a very precarious place. They're up against, rules are rules. Their junior and senior years which should be awesome and memorable now become tedious and they're not allowed to exercise what they believe is right for them...not the school, not their parents.

The answer? Damned if I know. I just know it's gotta be hell for a kid trying to establish his independence while following very restrictive rules and please his parents in their beliefs. Not fair to the kid.


May 13 @ 11:13AM  
What kind of an example does this whole mess show to the kid and all of his "peers" at school, not to mention kids that have paid attention to this?


May 13 @ 11:52AM  
I think if I was a kid the lesson I would take from this is....don't let your parents send you to a high school run by a bunch of religious zealots! You will become repressed and bitter about not being able to do even innocent, normal things like dance and hold hands. You will most likely grow up confused and sexually frustrated and needing years of therapy.

May 13 @ 1:13PM  
As per the other schools rules, anyone from an outside school had to get written permission from their own school to attend the prom and his principal signed the permission slip.
THEN the school board and the principal decided that IF he went he would be repremended.

Entrapment, I say!!!!

May 13 @ 1:25PM  
Just another example of 'the system knows what's best for you' in my eyes. I'm sick of all this bs myself. The kid did NOT dance at his school where dancing is prohibited.. he danced at another school. Get OVER it. shutting up now.

May 13 @ 5:03PM  
When I was a kid I was involved in a similar situation (not dancing) involving behavior off of school property. It all goes back to the age-old question: can schools govern your behavior in your own, non-school-related private life? In public schools, it's very cut and dry: NO. But what about private schools? Private institutions are free to exclude people for any reason whatsoever. There was a case a few years ago in which a middle school student was expelled because her mom was working as a stripper to pay for said school. However, most private schools receive grants from the government from time to time. If you ask me, if a school is getting taxpayers' money, even if it's just a little, they should have to conform to the same standards as public schools as far as fairness and inclusiveness. If they want to have all sorts of crazy rules and stuff, let them be completely privately funded.

May 13 @ 8:13PM  
Seriously......whatever happened to the good old days where kids could be kids?

May 14 @ 6:44AM  
Hey! One of my comments inspired another blog. Woo Hoo!

My comment was based on CS' blog only. What I didn't know was that
his principal signed the permission slip.
In that case, I stand corrected and shame on his school.

Based on CL's info, it appears that the principal screwed up and was overridden by the school board. If so, I'm sure the principal took some heat for it, too. I'd hope so, anyway.

Anyway, good luck to the kid!

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Follow Up To "In The News" Blog