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Memories and Technology....

posted 5/12/2009 1:35:41 AM |
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tagged: photos, memories

After I was finished having lunch with my daughter today I decided to stop at WalMart and get some ideas for birthday gifts for both grand daughters in a few weeks, grab a few groceries and just spend some time browsing.
I think I went up and down just about every aisle of that store. The good thing is I only grabbed a few groceries, some hair mouse, a plastic tote and some bubble wrap.. Now if I can remember to use the bubble wrap for packing and not be tempted to pop all of the bubbles No B-day gifts yet though.

Part of my browsing was also because I told Griz the other night I think I need to find a hobby. Then I had to explain to him that no, THAT is not a hobby...
But back to my browsing....
While I was there I decided to look at scrap booking stuff. I love taking pictures and since I got a digital camera for my B-day in Nov and another one for Christmas...(Griz and my daughter didn't get a chance to talk).... I'm putting them both to good use and snapping away.
I can't just leave them all on memory cards so I need to do something with them and I can only have so many framed pics.
So I was also looking at regular photo albums.... I haven't seen anyone have one in........well in a really long time that I can recall.

Besides me.......Does anyone ever buy them anymore?
Or is everything all just done on computer and memory drives or such?

Does anyone ever sit with their children, grand children or even by themself and go through old family photo albums anymore or is that a thing of the past?

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May 12 @ 2:34AM  
No, I think it's just you . The last photo album I bought was the cheapest one I could find. Something that would make sure the film photos wouldn't get ruined while being kept in storage. No spiffy paper or anything. But these paper photo storage systems you speak of do still exist. Hallmark stores sell them, but I can't recall seeing them anywhere else in quite some time.

I don't have any children, so I don't ever really sit down with them. But when my family gathers (I have 3 sisters), we do like to go through old photo albums, but most of us switched over to digital, and now we just swap files whenever we're thinking about it. Course, we scattered to the four winds so its just impractical to use anything but internet connected computers.

May 12 @ 5:49AM  
I am Old school....I Love my Old 35mm cameras....but... its just not practical using one now a days.... (unless you have a ton of Money... )
I have a Photo album on my coffee table..and when the Grand kids..or hell most anyone comes over..they look thru it!!
I have a couple of small albums..that are empty... and i have Boxes of Photo's that one day i will set down and Fill up!!!
Good Luck finding one!!! some degree....But...
For instance.... Like you...(Great minds..think alike? ).a few weeks ago..i went to Wally World..looking for a hobby...
So i go the the Kiddy section.... looking at the puzzles...and I got an idea...since I Love building things..that made me think of..."Models" Air planes, ships, cars..etc................I Looked and looked.....for put together...and they had Nothing, not one damn Model at all!!! WTF?
So i said fuck it...How about a paint by Number i do a tour again..of the Toy/Game section...and Nothing!!!! I got to thinking..... i bet all that stuff had been placed in the Craft Section....
Oh yeah.....They had 2 Paint by Number sets!!!!
I called my daughter..while I was at the store..and ask her about Models(she has 4 children, 1 teen boy).....and she Said Good Luck finding our Area!!! that she and My X looked everywhere for a Model..and Noone in our area had one!!!(I did find them online though!! )
Oh yeah..after Pinks blog..on "Flying a Kite".......I had that in Mind also...
So I looked and looked for a kite..... after looking for 20 mins...I found 2..different kites!!!....... Thats all they had!!!
Is Technology..a Good thing? Or is it killing our kids/grand children?
Sorry for such a Long comment...but I really wanted to post a blog on this!!! ...Oh yeah.... I have Gone back to reading,"Books"!!! Thats my latest "hobby"...

May 12 @ 6:21AM  
No i would have to say, i keep all of mine on my computer. Now I will print off & make collages for presents & such. Good question casually. :)

May 12 @ 7:05AM  
Someone figured out that they weren't making a lot of selling just photo albums, so they created "Scrapbooking." Same thing, just fancier and more expensive. Target has a section for it and sometimes you can get some stuff on clearance. That's how I did my ex's BD last year. Otherwise, you gotta go to a hobby store.

I store all my photos on the hard drive but back up to an external drive AND a DVD, just because...

May 12 @ 7:14AM  
I have photo albums and oodles of pictures I also need to put away Then i have 3 memory cards and one of those usb thingies okay next week new project if i can remember

May 12 @ 8:32AM  
For the record, Yes I do keep everything on disc and on the computer....just as case..........

But I still enjoy going through old memories in albums.

May 12 @ 8:37AM  
Bubble wrap....

May 12 @ 9:46AM  
They have computerized photo albums that hold thousands of pics now..
Just transfer from your digital camera to the album..No computer needed..

May 12 @ 10:21AM  
This blog and comments raises some questions for this very non technical person.
I have literally thousands of photos of me from my working days.Most are transparencies (slides, but quite a few 4x5's as well). Some are fading Polariods used in light checks in the old days. The slides are in metal slide boxes prints and 4x5"s are in photo files. My husband scans and sizes them for me as needed, but this takes time and often the last thing he wants to spend his evenings doing is scanning and sizing photos for me to play with (post in my profile). Is there anyway this can be simplified? My hubby mentioned digitizing them, but I am not sure what that means. I didn't ask he was perturbed with all the photos I wanted him to scan that evening. Sorry if this wasn't the place for this.

May 12 @ 10:33AM  
I remember photo albums. I remember sitting down as a kid and going thru all of them and listening to my sisters recall where we were at the time. Or having my mom and dad tell me about the birthday party in the picture. I love photo albums. Better than keeping then all in a

Buy the albums or do the scrapbooking, you'll be glad you did, it's a nice trip down memory lane!

May 12 @ 10:51AM  
I have lots of phota albums and my girlfriend has all kinds of scapbooking stuff. i will probably sit down and look through them after my kids start to go out on their own.

May 12 @ 11:54AM  
I have photo albums up until 2003. I would like to do some more. I love my digital camera but love sitting down looking at photo albums that are not on the computer.

May 12 @ 12:04PM  
I still do! I get cheap ones at the dollar stores

I loved looking at photo albums when I was a kid. I've got a picture my grandpa took of me as a kid looking at a photo album of myself....there is nothing better than having the actual photos in your hand rather than on a computer screen.....guess I'm kinda old school when it comes to that.

May 12 @ 5:40PM  
If you are really interested in doing some scrapbooking, I got a few sites I can send you to that have some nice stuff at not toooooooo bad prices.

May 12 @ 9:29PM  
@ visual: To the best of my knowledge there is no difference between scanning and digitizing. For dealing with transparencies, you can get a scanner with an auto-feed feature to automate the whole process. But for 4 x 5's and Polaroids, to my knowledge there's no way to digitize other than using a scanner manually. Best option would be to find a company to do the work for you. Cost could be prohibitive, (a quick web search has the price averaging out to about $1 a photo).

In general, I think photographs area case where the new technology is just going to win out in the long run. Digital photographs are just more versatile and transportable than "real photographs". I imagine generations from now, people will see hard copy photographs as a quaint step in the evolution of technology. It's like why bother buying a typewriter when you can get a computer. Some people still like the clickity clack sound and the look of wet ink, but fundamentally there is no difference in the final product, while on the creator side there's far more you can do on a computer.

Sitting down and going through photographs (or heaven forbid going outside every once and a while and say flying a kite) is a different matter. You can and should still do it. My mother and one of my sisters are fond of making scrapbooks from digital photographs and sharing them. It's not the technology that is having a negative impact. I mean photography is a relatively new technology anyway.

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Memories and Technology....