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My top 10 of things drivers do to piss me off....

posted 5/11/2009 1:23:14 PM |
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I'm a pretty nice girl...until you cut me off....

My top 10 list of things about drivers that piss me off:

1) Cell phones while driving, especially the ones that are talking and moving at the pace of a snail. If you cannot fucking talk on the phone and drive, then DON’T DO IT!

2) TEXTING while driving - ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

3) Riding my ass. Putting your bumper within inches of my car is not going to make me drive faster. In fact I might drive a little slower to piss you off.

4) People that hurry up to get in front of you and then proceed to stop and turn.

5) People who insist on tailgating me when I'm in the slow lane and no one is in the fast lane.

6) People who come flying up when no one is behind you, cut right in front of you, and take the exit. You just couldn’t wait 2 more seconds could you?

7) Excessive braking. Drivers that are constantly tapping the brake even though there is no one in front of them and no stoplights in sight.

8) Slow driving in the fast lane. When Grandma creeps into the slow lane the world suffers. If I'm doing 70 on the highway, I don't want to have to brake suddenly because somebody feels like doing 40.

9) This is kinda like #4. Drivers that jump in front of you and then go slow. Please don't switch lanes, get in front of me and then go slower than I am going. I will be pissed and quickly drive around you.

10) No signaling. If you suddenly veer into my lane without signaling first, please don't be mad when my front bumper is in your windshield.

What things piss you guys off when you are driving?

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May 11 @ 1:26PM  
I almost forgot...

Women that have to put make-up on while about get your ass up earlier and paint your face so you don't kill someone? I hope you get a mascara brush in your eye

May 11 @ 1:56PM  
People that know a lane is going to end on the feeder & act like speed racer in that lane just to get in yours only to cause a traffic jam ... I do hope feeder is in the universal language Amen on the make up thing

May 11 @ 1:58PM  
Rolling Roadblocks - Car in right lane going the same speed as the guy in the left lane. They're spaced just far enough apart, fore and aft, so no one can pass them.

May 11 @ 2:07PM  
OMG, I think you were reading my mind when you wrote that list!!!!

May 11 @ 2:15PM  
People who drive on the freeway/driving on the freeway. Sadly it's the only way to get from point a to point b. I would be more specific but I live in California and the freeways are kind of a full contact sport. There are two types of freeway drivers. A) the ones that drive too fast and almost always recklessly and B) the ones that drive too slow and almost always recklessly.

May 11 @ 2:38PM  
Good Ones!!!

May 11 @ 2:50PM  
18 wheeler trucks in each lane of a main thoroughfare through a city! Light changes or you meet up with the trucks and can't get around them! That's happened often over the years! Much worse after a few beers and you have to piss really bad!

People who turn their left turn signal on while driving slow, in heavy traffic, blocks from entering the left turn only center lane, then moving into the center lane only several car links before the light!

Nothing that a few heat seeking missiles mounted on top of my car, couldn't take care of!!


May 11 @ 3:26PM  
I used to get mad at all these things like everybody else. Then one day I just got sick of it. If I got mad at idiot drivers, well, I would be getting pissed off every day. And life is too short for that. I just take a couple of deep breaths and go on my way. Maybe it is easier for me because I'm rarely in a hurry.

May 11 @ 3:29PM  
People on the highway in a rain storm no head lights on going 45. When you try to go around them they speed up so you can't so you end up behind them almost the whole way.

I had a little old man do this to me the other day. Most of us were going 60 the speed limit was 70, he had an old car & believe me he was going so slow, when we would try to go around him he would speed up to almost 80 behind this semi so you couldn't go around him & then when you got back behind him he would slow back down to at least 45.

I thankfully had to turn at the next stop & he kept going straight. Good one dmb. ;)

May 11 @ 5:38PM  
All of the above piss me off, but there's not a helluva lot you can do about it
so you might as well head for the nearest bar until traffic clears..

May 11 @ 6:19PM  
How about the person that swings left to make a right hand turn

May 11 @ 6:44PM  
What things piss you guys off when you are driving?
Some days after a while of being irritated by some of the above mentioned things, just the fact that there are other cars on the road and the drivers are breathing... very slight exaggeration..but not by much.

Oh.... and cars just sit there and wait until you get right to the intersection and then pull out in front of you so they can drive 10mph.


May 11 @ 9:45PM  
Nothing against safe bikers, but the ones that hug your bumper so close you can't even see them or the ones who drive 80 on the lane dividers passing everyone doing 70+.

Drivers that have to speed past everyone in the left lane, then cross three lanes at the last second to get to the exit....

People driving in rain, fog, or even at night with daylight running lights - some brands don't light the tail lights unless you actually turn on the headlights.

BTW, it's against the law up here in MN to text while driving.


May 11 @ 10:42PM  
I dont' drive, but I absolutely hate dumbass's who can't LOOK where their fucking car is headed. Look straight ahead occasionally!!!!! The life you save may be mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 12 @ 1:09AM  

All of the above.

Good thing bazookas aren't legal.....

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My top 10 of things drivers do to piss me off....