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Can Men and Women be "Just Friends"?

posted 5/8/2009 8:53:19 PM |
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I have a Ton of Lady Friends...More so than men friends...
I was talking to Sweet Lady last night..On-Line...We have been friends for Quite a while now...well for several months now...
She is very Happily Married...and I really do respect that!!!! I don't try to...mess with a Marriage...they are hard enough to keep...without someone trying to fuck that up...yanno?(I have been on the other side of the fence...and that sucks!!!)
In our conversation......I got to thinking... why is this Sweet Lady my Friend?
Hell.....I am Open and I Asked her ..why?!!!
She tells me why..and she is Sooo frigging Sweet!!!!
Then she ask me..why am I her friend? Well I tell her the truth.....and that is...she is really Sweet and Understanding..and Very easy to talk to....Hell I can and do tell her everything!!! (and i trust her...not to repeat our conversations and that's hard to find right there! )
I also told her.....that I was" Waiting on her Hubby...... To FUCK UP"!!!!
OMG..we both...ROTF laffin our asses off!! Hell I still chuckle..when I think about it!!!
It was.... way Funny!!!!
But ya know.... I was just Joking....but I do have to admit...I am wondering...Like in the Movie..."When Harry met Sally"
Can men and women be."just friends"? Doesn't One or Both..hope something More will Come of the friendship?

I have one friend...that i would never ever.....Think that with..and that's my NC lady friend!!!! If she approached me..than it would be On!! But..I would never go there Myself!!!
Can Men and Women Be "Just friends"....without...thinking...that maybe.. someway..somehow something will happen?

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May 8 @ 8:58PM  
I think you can. I have male friends that I don't think about "that" when I talk to them. For me it's nice to talk to someone that is honest ( most men are very straight forward) & will give me there opinion. So yes, i think you can be friends with the opposite sex with out thinking about "that". Good question horny.

May 8 @ 8:58PM  
yes, I believe that men and women can be just friends....with no strings attached or anything. But that's just me!!

May 8 @ 9:10PM  
yes, its entirely possible for me...i have had male friends that i was no more attracted to than my brother...

May 8 @ 9:33PM  
Absolutely- men and women can be friends and just friends! I've been IMing a lady who lives about 30/40 miles from me, for almost 11 years now. We met online! We are the quintessential male/female friendship 'couple'! We IM almost every night for about an hour! So, yes- it's quite possible to be just friends!


May 8 @ 9:34PM  
of coarse you can, but more often than not the guy in the relationship is hoping for his one shot. and the whole time she thinks nothing of it. face it, it's instincts.

May 8 @ 10:16PM  
of course! Ynot and I have been friends for over 2 yrs and that never crosses my miind I mean I love him like a brother Well I could keep naming people but my answer is yes to having friends of the opposite sex. But umm if ya wanna we can

May 8 @ 11:44PM  

May 8 @ 11:52PM  

Don't you just hate it when someone answers a question with a question?
Aren't we friends, Alex?

Yes, it's very possible. I have a few very close male friends and that's all there is to it...Friendship. No attractions, no desires, no crushes. Just someone I enjoy talking with, spending time with and/or fixing things together.


May 9 @ 2:41AM  
I prefer naked friends!

May 9 @ 7:51AM  
Sure..Without a doubt!

May 9 @ 9:41AM  
Why certainly

May 9 @ 9:53AM  
Sure, it's possible. I think the feelings are still there, they are just dormant feelings though.

May 9 @ 2:55PM  
Sure men and women can be friends, so long as the woman knows that the man is probably always thinking about "tapping that".

I only have one female friend whom I don't have any intimate feelings for- my roommate. All others I would at least want to see naked.

May 10 @ 1:32AM  
Sure they can, unless the guy has a jealous wife who thinks something is going on that is not.

May 10 @ 8:24PM  
Most of my friends are dudes.. and that's just simple factitis right there.. I was never one for being all girly and stuff. I wanna talk about things that are important, not what designer do you wear and how high are your heels. I'd rather hear about the difference between your .357 and your 9mm and which you think would tear a radiator to bits faster, a broken fan blade or your wife's homemade chili.

May 11 @ 3:46AM  
It seems like the overwhelming answer is 'yes'. I have female friends, so I have to put myself in the yes column. It seems like a lot of the women who posted mentioned how they had male friends that they weren't attracted to, or that they had never thought about having sex with. I wonder if women find it easier to be friends with men they aren't attracted to, or if they have male friends they are attracted to.

May 11 @ 8:45AM  
I know this blog is a few days old, but I wanted to comment. My best friend for the last 8 years has been a male. I can tell him anything even if I did something stupid or messed up. He listens to me and never tries to tell me what to do and he never judges me. He has never once hit on me or even made any comments. He is also friends with my husband and my kids adore him. If I need to talk about anything, if I'm upset, hurt, angry, having a panic attack, anything I can call him anytime. I live further away from him now and don't get to go out to dinner or hang out at a bar or a strip club anymore with him but we talk daily and I would be lost without him. I truly love my best friend and don't think of him that way. He treats me and my family like his own family. He is more like an older brother.

May 11 @ 10:37AM  
Absolutely positively they can. I think it's harder for younger people to maintain friendships (I say this because of past experiences). If you are mature enough to not let other feelings get in the way, then of's nice to have male friends and not just female friends.

Just my .02

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Can Men and Women be "Just Friends"?