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Little stray cat went home

posted 5/7/2009 7:08:33 PM |
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tagged: animals, life, sad, straddle

Late last Saturday night into Sunday morning around 12:30am a stary cat that I had been feeding and taking care of was hit in front of my house as I went outside on my front porch to check for my newspaper that night. I guess she heard me open the door and started to bolt from across the street to my side for some of that Meow Mix that I usually gave her. I heard this small car hit something and knocked something to the curb on the other side of the street. It being dark with small trees all lined up and down both sides of the street it was pretty dark to know what was hit by that car that didn't slow down and continued on without coming back. As I crossed the street to check it out I quickly realized that it was that precious little calico cat that I had been feeding. I first thought that she was dead while her tongue was all they way out of her mouth. Then I saw some life in her and quickly picked her up before anymore traffic came our way. I brought her to my back yard and didn't think she was going to make it. Then I brought her on into my kitchen and cleaned her up and worked on stopping the bleeding coming from her nose and the sorner of her right eye. She had a mark on her left hip where she couldn't walk. The next day she started looking better and I finally got her tongue back into her mouth and working again. That seemed to work when I shot a little bit of water down her throat. I then started feeding her here and there without over doing it. She finally got up and went to the litter box that I had placed near her. No sign of blood from her urine or stool. Good sign. I took her a for a couple of days briefly so she could get some sunlight. I think she really liked that. She started walking a little more, but was still a little sore. She did eat on her own some. Late last night I thought that I would try to feed her some can meat from 9 Lives. Gave her a few shots of milk too. During this whole times she was not suffering and was very comfortable sitting in my kitchen watching my other cats. She showed me a lot of affection as I would pet her and give her a lot of attention. You could tell that she was happy and getting better. Early this morning as I went to check on her in the kitchen I noticed that her fight came to an end. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I was so shocked that she went so fast sometime early this morning. I buried her out back. I honestly thought that she was going to make it. I'm thinking that there was some enternal injuries and bleeding there, but after checking her urine and stool those days I thought she was in the clear. I'm not sure what happened to her overnight. I still get teary eyed, especially as I type this out. But at least I tried to save her, and took very good care of that precious little thing. Yes, God took her home.

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May 7 @ 7:17PM  
Awwwwww....the poor little kitty! Be glad you made her last days as comfortable as possible and that she also got to know some love too. You did good. Chances are she probably did have internal injuries.

May 7 @ 7:32PM  
Straddle...You are "The Good Samaratin" did your very best..feel proud of the fact that you made her last days as comfortable as possible

One day when you least expect it. a good deed will come right back at cha.

May 7 @ 7:39PM  
Most cats that are stray won't use a litter box. I guess the little one followed your other cats behavior. I think it was sweet that you helped the little one find solice in it's last days. It is sad that people don't spay qnd neuter so these thinks don't happen. My neighborhood has many stry cats. There is a lady that goes around the neighbirhood everyday with a caret of food and trays to feed all these cats. Most just walk right up to her and sit and wait while she destributes there individual trays of food. It is very interesting to watch. I wish there weren't stray cats, but since there are she does what is necessary to keep them alive.

May 7 @ 7:43PM  
Oh shaun, you are such a sweetheart. Glad she got to enjoy her last days around people & animals that truly care.

May 7 @ 8:02PM  
You tried man, you did all you could do & that's what counts

May 7 @ 8:56PM  
That is so touching, made me misty. At first, for personal reasons, I thought that this was not something I needed to be reading. But I read on and got a warm feeling, my heart buoyed, only to see the turn with sadness at the end.

It may seem sappy, but perhaps her final days and hours were bliss because she finally, for a small space in time, got to find somebody to love her and care for her in her short, previously lonely life. I would like to think that she got to where she always wanted to go, even if she could only be there for a moment. Kudo for you, you are a good man and a fine human being.

Cats, usually give up the ghost quickly. Not to be an ass, but I have to know, why didn't you take her to a vet shortly after it happened, are you second guessing yourself for not doing so?

May 7 @ 9:22PM  
Thank you all!

Bruce, to answer your question. I have been to a lot of the vets around here over the years and I know that a lot of these places would probably want to put her down with what ever reason they gave me. That and the time (over the weekend) when this occured. After the first day, she started improving and I didn't think a vet was needed. She was setting up, moving around, and eating. I have left some of my pets at these vet places over the years only to have them pass on, and I regretted doing that afterwards thinking that if nothing could have been done for them they were better off here at home getting the love and attention they needed, along with spending what time they had left with them, and being around their sibblings as well. I also have spent a lot of money on a few strays over the years at these vet places, as much as $350 on a kitten only to find out that there was nothing that could do because the kitten's immune system hasn't fully developed. That kitten passed on after a few days out there. But getting back to this last cat, I think I provided her four more days of life in a comfortable setting, with a lot of love and attention, something I don't think she would have gotten at a vet. Sure, I doubt myself sometimes with this decision, but having experienced this for a number of years, I thought that I made the right decision to care for her myself.

May 7 @ 9:38PM  
Money isn't always the answer. There have been so many times I wanted to save someone or an animal and didn't have the funds to distribute. It hurts, but we all have to place value on our lives too. How many can you save. I have a friend that saves and fixes all the cats she finds in her neighborhood. I am proud of her, maybe this is her calling, but she has no insurance or savings to back her and her husband if something were to happen; not to mention her own pets. Ya don't want to know how many she has. I hurt for the ones that can't be saved. I hurt for the ones I have lost, for I didn't have the funds to save them. I did give them a healthy life, but some ailments are unfixable or the cost based on the actual fact that they will recoup are a gamble. Sometimes I wish it wasn't so hard. Shawn gave what he could. I am proud of you for trying. You don't have to, but ya did. That is really all that matters. If the kitty never existed because some pet owner out there was more responsible we wouldn't be talking about this incident at all. Bless the pets and bless the ones who have no family. It is a hard one to analyze, but it is what it is. Who am I to judge?

May 7 @ 9:53PM  
About two years ago one of my cats (Meow Meow) got loose and ran across the street. Kim and I went looking for her all over the place, but couldn't find her. Kim even had a pic of her and printed posters of her and we put them on polls in the area with a reward. After about two weeks she returned home, but she was injured. It was like her back end was hit by a car or something, but she magaed to make it to my front yard that early Sunday morning while it was pouring the rain. she was meowing at me to get my attention, and she did. I went out there and picked her up and brought her inside to nurse her. I worked with her trying to get her to walk again. after a day or two I decided to take her to the vet and they told me that she had an infection. I thought how on earth did she get an infection. They gave me antibiotics for her and some other medicine to give her. After I few days I thought that she was improving, but that morning I found where she had passed on. I do regret that I didn't take her that Monday (the day after finding her injured) to the vet sooner so they could have gotten a jump on this infection. I don't know if that would have made any difference, but if I had to do that one over again I would. But this last one, I think I made the right decision to care for this one at home.

May 7 @ 10:16PM  
I do understand all of that and I certainly did not intend to second guess, I was just curious. My dogs get massive amounts of love and attention. But they learn early on that leaving the backyard or house, will reveal a side of daddy that they do not choose to see.

The current dynamic duo are not other animal friendly, so they do not go on walks as this is a neighborhood with few cats but a lot or large dogs. I do not want to get involved in breaking up a fight between my rottie and a doberman or boxer. Additionally my street has a lot of traffic running constantly at speeds of up to 35 MPH.

Last fall, my roommate at time had her fiance visit and he wanted to take the male rottie for a walk. Manfred liked the guy, but once leashed, he refused to leave the front porch.

May 7 @ 10:25PM  
Sounds like my dogs WoW. I don't take mine for walks for that reason, and the fact that with the German Shepherd, once a leash is put on him, he acts like the Marmaduke comic strip...and let me tell you, when his 97 pounds hits the end of that leash at a hurts! Out of the 5, only one, Princess, is ok to take for walks. She doesn't pull, unless she sees a rabbit or.......I'm not saying it cause I don't want Prez getting "upset" with the dog. Anyway, when Princess sees other little critters, she wants to chase them. And she can be quite a handful to get back under control. The other dogs, they're like the German Shepherd, PULL! That's why I like my backyard, it's big enough they can run and let loose some of that energy.

May 7 @ 10:55PM  
Awwww, Straddle. I do have another kitty for you to take care of, so don't cry. Ok?

May 8 @ 12:21AM  
Sounds like my dogs WoW.

I hear ya! Being the alpha dog defender at home is desired. The animal is being protective. But that mentality on the sidewalk is way beyond uncool. When aroused (not a sexual connotation), these dogs become extremely powerful when the adrenaline flows. They can break leaches. They figure anywhere you take them (large attack breeds, not golden retrievers or labs) they are the king or queen.

One time about 15 years ago I had to take out a pit bull, its punk kid homie owner, and my dog, in that order and show everyone who the big dog was. Hell, I am damned near 58 years old and I don't need that shit and drama as I am not the big dog anymore.

May 8 @ 12:22AM  
I'll shut up, it looks like an inadvertent hijacking, sorry.

May 8 @ 9:43AM  
I'm very sorry for the Loss of the Kitty!!!

You are showing a Different Side of Straddle!!!

May 8 @ 9:53AM  
Awwww.... I am a huge cat lover......I can totally sympathize. Straddle you are a sweetie

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Little stray cat went home