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What's your blood type?

posted 5/1/2009 10:51:46 PM |
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tagged: humor, blood, health, straddle

This has interest me the last couple of years, because for one I had no idea what my blood type was till I finally decided to give blood back in late 2004. I asked what my blood type was and they told me "O positive". I have asked this to a few friends since and some know while others don't. I believe it's important to know what your blood type is in case there is some sort of accident you're involved in and need a blood transfusion on the scene or in a hospital. I have a friend named Mayra who is 29 years old that I asked this to about 4 months ago and she told me that she is "O negative". She has a lot of depression and some other issues. So this got me thinking about how one's blood type can maybe in some way effect someone's well being in the mental part. No sure if this holds water, but it would be intersting to test theory this. I also have a few other friends that are considered a positive with their blood type that are pretty much happy type people. And a few other friends that are on the negative side of their blood type and seems to have a lot of issues. This is just an observation of mine, and like I stated already, it doesn't hold water yet. What I would like to know from everyone on here is, do you know your blood type? If so, what is it, and do you consider yourself to be a happy go lucky person, or do you usually swing the other way to depression? Also, to all you "Vampires" (or people that loves out there, do you have a preference in someones blood type?

* This is a re-edited blog post of one of my classics. I did the original blog back in Feb. 2007. Since there are so many newer members here, I thought that I would post this again for everyone.

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May 1 @ 10:59PM  
Since it's a little quiet on here tonight, I thought that I would do another blog. Yes, I'm a blog (attention) whore! Besides, before tonight, I haven't blogged for about a week.

May 1 @ 11:19PM  
I'm O+ Always have been far as I know!

Gotta watch the positives and negatives getting together- it's like matter and anti-matter meeting each other- complete annihilation of both into pure energy!- I hate that when that happens!

Why spend good money on testing for your blood type, when the average vampire should be able to tell with one bite?


May 1 @ 11:30PM  

And yes, I donate my blood.

May 1 @ 11:36PM  
A+. And yes, I am a happy, upbeat person.

May 1 @ 11:58PM  
I'm A + & happy as a peacock ... Just look at me >

May 2 @ 1:47AM  
I dunno, but my ex-wife had

ice water in her veins!

May 2 @ 6:54AM  
O+ Happy happy happy!!!

May 2 @ 7:57AM  
Mmmmm Straddle I don't think blood type has anything to do with happy or depressed or issues. I think it's mixture of 3 things...

2.the enviroment in which you're raised and
3.where you are with your siblings i.e. first born, last born, middle child.

With a lot of self analysis I have been able to trace back every issue in my life to its roots.

I am O positive and I'm positive I've had happiness, depression and issues throughout my whole life.

May 2 @ 9:10AM  
O+. I can give blood to anyone. And judging by the hickies received in high school, often did. Thats a word I have not used in many a year. Must have been a seventies thing that girlfriends used to plant their claim.

May 2 @ 9:11AM  
If I remember correctly ( I was told this in november '87 mind you) I am AB positive, and like Softie I am happy but have had problems with depression and issues my whole life. It does have to do with envirement and genes. We can trace back at least to my great grandfathers side depression in all generations starting with him.

May 2 @ 9:20AM  
I am an O+ and have been donating for maaannny years - hitting 11 gallons soon.

I give primarily platletapheresis, so can give more often. There is also a hidden virus signature that shows up in your blood work that I don't have, meaning my blood can even go straight to babies.

I carry my doner card behind my license, so IF my ID is checked for some reason on the way to the hospital, it shows my blood type.

May 2 @ 11:25AM  
A positive. Weird theory, but quite original.

May 2 @ 5:21PM  
B+ here

May 3 @ 3:18AM  
A ha, a dissenting opinion ;)

I am A neg and am a very optimistic and upbeat person. . .so much that it annoys my wife

May 4 @ 6:29AM  
o positive. You know my mental history chuckle.

May 4 @ 8:39AM  
I'm O+ too. I have suffered from depression and still do, although I have a much better handle on it than I used to. I think depression has more to do with your familial history (my dad and my dad's mom both had depression).

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What's your blood type?