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AMD Lexicon ver. 1 (A-Tw)

posted 4/30/2009 11:52:15 PM |
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tagged: canu, amd

green thingies, green thing-a-ma-jiggy, green smilies, (green) cookies, kudzoo
Synonomous with kudo. For a more thourough explination, click the 'what is this' link next to the square, green smiley face (under the blog title).
If you like this blog, drop some kudzoo before you leave

General term for any associated with site management
Hopefully, the Admins will fix this bug soon.

attention whore
Person known for a love of attention. Two varieties exist, good attention whore, loves positive feed back. Bad attention whore thrives on drama.
Read my blog Confessions of a Wannabe Attention Whore for more info...

blog hog
v., n.
Flooding the front page with excessive blogs. NOTE: this was only deemed unacceptable during the brief period when there were actually a shit loads of bloggers
Nobody pays attention to me because of that blog hogging bitch...

Out right lies told for malicious reasons
If you just ignore that troll and her bullshittery, maybe she'll go away.

1) To add a comment to a forum thread for the sole purpose of bumping it to the top of the page
2) To add a comment to a blog to make it appear on the last commented upon page.
Ironically, people who frequent the Bump it up thread post there before bumping a bunch of other threads.

CGL Benjamins.
Abbrv. for "couldn't get laid in a whorehouse with a fist full of benjamins"

1) (from WordNet) an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose.
2) (On AMD) used (freq. in a derogatory manner) to describe any combination of the people who blog and leave comments on a blog frequently.
The only reason everybody thinks I'm a jackass for posting my inflamatory opinions is that damn clique that keeps talking behind my back

dim dick
A douchebag. Coined when somebody was "too lazy" to use the aforementioned term, even though dim dick takes just as long to type.
That fucking dim dick wonders why nobody wants to fuck him.

An unsavory activity usu. associated with online drama or trolls
With all the douchebaggery going on, I have half a mind to **stompstompstomp**

drama tweens
Users between the ages of 18 and human who constantly whine about something, pitch fits or just stir up shit.
Many have wondered why dram tweens even come on this site, even though the answer is obvious. They're just attention whores and drama gets attention.

gerund, or maybe a gerundive, I forget which is which. Oh, like you've ever used either word.
Having excedded the total number of mail messages alot per day. Original usage referred to a time when people would set up 'rooms' in the forum (the sole remaining example being Tassie's Place, blah, blah, blah) so that they could continue to chit-chat.
I just got a shitload of messages, now I'm grounded. If anyone wants me, I'll be in my room

hidden blog
A blog posted within an hour of the last blog posted by the same author. It wouldn't appear on the list of new blogs and is thus a hidden treat that can only be found through other blogs by the author.
AMD Lexicon rev.1 is a hidden blog.

Lurking Larry
Someone who just watches but does not participate. Named for a former pervian (SN unknown believed to be something along the lines of TexDoc) who would apparently sit around not participating and then randomly go ape shit for a variable length of time.
It'd be nice if you Lurking Larry's would comment, or at least drop me a kudo.

To fondle, without the negative conotations of molesting. The act of molesticating is molestication. He ran through the forums, molesticating all the women in sight.

Mutiple Profile Disorder Syndrome. A sickness discovered by Canu. Sufferers create so many profiles that they eventually forget which one they are signed in under and leave a tell tale comment or e-mail

post hoe
Person who excels in quantity (and freq. quality) at forum posting and/or blogging
Everybody in the "Survey of 1000 or more posts" forum is a post hoe.

A blog expressing one's anger or going on ad nauseum on a topic of little or no value to anybody save the blogger.
The blog page has been filled for days with dick jokes and rants about how people hate dick jokes

To announce that they are leaving the site, both in a huff and in italics.
usu. to be seen again anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days later.

v. archaic
To use a blog or a forum thread as a chat room. Against the rules, but fun for the whole family. Sadly both the term and the practice are archaic.

Abbrev. for Tweenage Idiotic Ninny Knowitalls.
Honestly, I've never heard the phrase TWINKS, so I could never come up with an example sentence for it

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May 1 @ 12:05AM  
I'll give you a for this one I hope this puts a light bulb in everyones head Well put

May 1 @ 2:51AM  
Right up there with Pudge the Pretty. I'm giving you a kudo. The Skwirl can deal with me later!

May 1 @ 7:33AM  
Great definitions
Don't forget the 'sexual intellectuals/fuckin' know it alls..

May 1 @ 10:04AM  

Wanna fuck??

May 1 @ 4:59PM  
Too funny, lol ,,kudos to ya!

May 2 @ 12:22PM  
*contemplates the many possibilities of the term deal when applied to the lusciousness of L4E* I'm on it baby..

Excellent list, the likes of which has not been seen since the vanishing of Pudge the Pretty.. for which I'm also pretty sure L4E .. being my staunchest rival.. is responsible.

How's come no one ever remembers Peckerweasel? A Descriptive Noun.

Dec 31 @ 1:48PM  
Excellent list...needs a bump.

Dec 31 @ 2:02PM  
Peckerweasel!! Hmmmm....

Dec 31 @ 2:14PM  
Yes Alex, I'll take #1&2 for $200.

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