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Sex on the 1st Date?

posted 4/30/2009 8:17:55 PM |
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tagged: sex, relationships

Well do ya.....Have Sex on the 1st date?
Even with someone you have never met..But have been talking to...that you have met On-line.....?
How about ..if you only talked Via phone.. (Hooked up by a friend) do ya have sex.. on the 1st Date?
Well, I know some do go to get sex..Male and Female.. Right?
Well do ya.....Have Sex on the First date?

Does that mess things far as a Relationship goes?
Does...Sex..Start off a Relationship..... or Does..Sex ...Fuck up a Relationship that is Starting off!!!?
Meaning.... Is the Sex so great..that you dont take time to get to know the other Person..till its too late??.... Or...Does it help start off a Relationship?
Whats your thoughts on this?

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Apr 30 @ 8:39PM  
Heck yes. If everything works out go for it. Sex is not the only thing that holds a relationship together.

Apr 30 @ 8:43PM  
Sex on the 1st date has happened, I'll admit it..........

Apr 30 @ 8:46PM  
Nope - never once - half a dozen times maybe

Apr 30 @ 8:46PM  
I would rather not have sex on the first date...but yes it has happened in the past.

Apr 30 @ 9:03PM  
My opinion.....................WAIT!!!!

Apr 30 @ 9:10PM  
On a couple 1st dates, we had sex but I didn't initiate it and of course, I believe in going with the flow in life!

On some 1st meetings, (internet dating) we had sex too but the meeting went well and it just happened- but then, that's usually the reason you're meeting up in the first place through the internet!


Apr 30 @ 9:23PM  
Yes I have experienced sex on the first date quite a few times. The most memorable sexcapade happened within an hour after meeting. And of course I have been out with women that wont have sex until after 3 or 4 dates. Its all good!

Apr 30 @ 9:24PM  
Damn!!! You mean ya' gotta' go on a date before sex???

Apr 30 @ 9:30PM  
that's usually the reason you're meeting up in the first place through the internet!
You are on your on.. on that one!!!

May 1 @ 12:57AM  
A long time ago ... YES ..... These days ..... NO You got to make sure your date hasn't got something you can't wash off

May 1 @ 2:57AM  
As a general rule, no I don't have sex on a first date.
Have I? Umm... well, uh... guilty

But, in my defense... we had been emailing for many months and then actually talking on the phone for a couple months before we actually met face to face and our first date was 3 days long.... when he flew in from Minnesota.
The 3 days were planned, the sex wasn't. But ummm....

May 1 @ 9:17AM  
I think it all depends on how you are feeling at the moment. As a rule you could not be a first date doer...but then you could meet someone and want to rip their pants off after 5 minutes.

May 1 @ 9:38AM  
I'll never tell....

May 1 @ 10:58AM  

You are on your on.. on that one!!!

I'm afraid I have to disagree with you on this one horny! Even on AMD, people have admitted having sex on their first meeting (or date- however you want to call it) not just in your blog but elsewhere!

And, I don't know how long you've been on the internet in match making sites but I've been doing this for about ummm, 12 years now and in every case of meeting women (I'm not talking about 100s- just my share), we ended up having sex! Chatting for a few weeks, then on the phone- one between the two, eventually begins dropping subtle hints along the way- to the extent, I had one lady tell me flat out in an email, "I wanna fuck your brains out." We also had phone sex, which was new to me at the time!

Well, whadda ya think happened when we got together??? Hint: and more .

I enjoy meeting women- gives me a chance to get away for a while for one- I treat them like women, I pay attention to what they have to say and I'm easy to get along with. First thing is dinner together and good conversation- then I go with the flow as I always say!

People with open minds, know what they want! Granted, the ladies I've met were hours away in drive time and one, we both flew back and forth a couple times (she's the one that fucked my brains out). But we knew what was going to happen before we even got together! Maybe the distance has something to do with that, I don't know for sure but I know it's never worked out meeting anyone locally!

This works for me- don't know about others! And I don't get laid every day, could be many months or a year before it happens again, who knows- I'm ok with that! If the ladies on AMD take offense to all this, well... I'm not going to apologize for it- there are women on this site with open minds, that know what they want- I know what I want! I like it that way!!

No hard feelings, just my own personal experience!


May 1 @ 11:39AM  
I don't know how long you've been on the internet in match making sites but I've been doing this for about ummm, 12 years now
I have been doing this for..8 years Now....
NOT everyone on Internet dating Sites.. are Seeking Just Sex..Dude!!!
I have had Many...Dates/Meetings..Via..the Internet..and...I have had Sex with Just a Few of them....and It was those..that we thought that would be more there, than JUST SEX!!!
To each their Own.....If you are seeking just Sex..than thats your Bee's Wax!!!

Theres a lot More to Internet Dating than JUST....SEX!!!!

May 1 @ 12:40PM  
NOT everyone on Internet dating Sites.. are Seeking Just Sex..Dude!!!

Did I say that?? Did I say that everyone on the net is looking for sex? You've taken what I said, out of context!

I certainly know, that far more often than not, men and women on this and other sites, simply enjoy making friends as do I and I have. I just said that it's worked out for me that women I've physically met, both willing partners, I might add, where we had sex! I don't scheme or plan on what happens, it just happens! If either one was not interested, it wouldn't happen now... would it?

I've certainly been around the block enough times to know the difference between meeting for just sex and meeting someone in hopes of a much more meaningful relationship! I'm all for that... really. But during the interim, I'm not going to turn down having fun either!

Get a grip........... DUDE! Scheezzzzz


May 1 @ 1:10PM  
Get a grip........... DUDE! Scheezzzzz

May 1 @ 1:16PM  
I've had sex on the first date often. I don't think it messes up potential for a relationship. After all, many of the women I had sex with during our first date ended up becomming great or long time girlfriends.

May 1 @ 3:25PM  

Finally.... we agree to disagree!


May 1 @ 4:30PM  
Never happened to me but might have once if I didn't have kids.

May 1 @ 6:24PM  
Nah, I'm a little on the old fashion side, so I would wait a bit

May 1 @ 10:14PM  
You are on your on.. on that one!!!

From the concensus of your comments it appears that somnium isn't on his own on that one.

Don't be so growly asked, he answered just like everyone else. To each his own yanno...

May 9 @ 3:09PM  

Jul 26 @ 10:34PM  
If there is a spark, i just go with my feelings. shocking I know, Janet going with only feelings just jump right in & think about the consequences later. chuckle...

Jul 26 @ 11:34PM  
Normally, no. With the man I'm seeing now, actually we did. He lives 3 hours away and it was undertood I would stay at his apartment for the weekend, PLUS the fact we had known each other and been good friends for over two years before we started dating. I was afraid it might be awkward and we even talked about it the next morning as we both didn't want to lose a friendship if the relationship didn't develop. But as he pointed out the next morning, we are adults, and it's not like we just met. We already knew each other and cared about each other. That's been 10 months ago and we're still going strong! So that old bullshit line about no relationship ever works if you sleep with them on the first date.........don't believe it!

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Sex on the 1st Date?