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My One Time Adventure In Online Dating...A True Story.

posted 4/30/2009 6:09:44 PM |
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tagged: vagina, penis, dating

Since most of you don't know me. I feel I can be a bit more blunt than I could be on regular MD.

...A couple of years ago one of my girlfriends was always on this dating site looking for guy's to date. I had been single for quite a few years but wouldn't join her. What can I say. I'll hang out on the dating sites but I won't date anyone...Anyhoo...

There was this one guy she wasn't interested in because he was shorter than her. He was however an inch taller than me so she gave him my email. He had been polite to her and she had told him about me, so he started emailing me.

...We would talk on and off on messenger. Chatting about this and that, nothing to important or personal. He was very good looking and muscular. I can admit that I was interested in him. He was sexy. I like a good looking guy, just like the next girl.

SO after a month or 2 of regular talking I had gotten a webcam. It was more to keep in touch with my family back home. I had used it a time or 2 with him. Don't let your mind go in the gutter here. Strictly innocent. Basically so we could both see what we looked like instead of pictures.

...One night he started getting frisky on me. For those of you who don't know me personally...I'm a little shy. So we were joking around and then the next thing you know my screen is full of this gigantic penis. I seriously don't think I've ever seen one that huge in my whole life...

I was shocked. No one had ever did that to me before. I told him he was a pervert and wouldn't talk to him for about a week after that. He then starts sending me apology emails. I decided to let it go. After all I'm a big girl and it's not like he slapped me in the face with his penis or anything...I kinda still liked him too.

...So we started to talk about meeting. I was going to bring a few friends with me. I trust no one and I think that is only the smart thing to do in a situation like this...Out of the blue he say's to me on messenger...If you want to meet me you have to show me your vagina on webcam!!!!!

I was like WHAT? Are you whacked? First off, if you are interested in me in any way, why do you need to see what my vagina looks like? Secondly...I am so not pulling down my panties on webcam. Anyway, we never met. He never saw my vagina, and I blocked him after that.

...What I'd like to know is why would someone do that? Yes I know pervertedness and insanity are sometimes roomies, I just don't get it though. If my vagina wasn't pretty enough for him would he not meet me? Oh, the questions I have that still remain unanswered...

I started thinking about something though. I wonder if you ladies here get offers like that. Show me yours and I'll show you mine! Call me crazy(everyone does), I think I'd like to get to know someone first before I could describe their privates in detail...

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Apr 30 @ 6:26PM  
Lots of twat shots all over the internet! I guess my ass shot is as daring as I'll get though!

Apr 30 @ 6:45PM  
Wow... Good Blog!!! Greenie up Front!! (PPL here are scared of Cams.. prolly because of that very reason!!!!!!!)

He was Crude and RUDE!!! Prolly a Perv.!!!! Good Judgement on your part!!!

I have a Cam!!! as a Matter of fact..the reason i bought it was... a lady i was talking too..had one..and wanted me to get it!!! So i did!!!
If you are talking to someone "Long Distance".. it can be Awesome,..... and I am Not EVEN talking about Sex!!! (With most cams comes Voice..)
Everyone is Different...but IT CAN be an Awesome way to talk!!!!
Especially, if yall have met...and are attracted to each other..and are Long distances....apart!!!
Talking to family is cool also... If you are long distances apart (Which i hope to be finding out soon!!! (If I get this JOB!!! )
Good one..thx Lady!

Apr 30 @ 6:48PM  
A lot of guys, particularly new ones, buy into the advertising image on here. Honey, this site is like going to barbecue, if expect the flies to show up and ignore them, you will have a much better time.

Apr 30 @ 6:55PM  
I can so relate Fender I had a web cam it was neat I could see who I was talking to then wham out of no where take off your shirt So should I say my web cam is disconnected and I say I ain't got one

Apr 30 @ 7:08PM  
I can only guess, but he probably was never going to meet you. He opted to show you his hoping he could see yours and is just on the sites to see what pics he can get by manipulating you and others into thinking there will be a meeting. You did the right thing for you. I won't cam, but have nbeen approached by men who want to. Most want me to watch them stroke their cocks. Not interested. Have fun however you want, but don't expect to meet only people that think the way you do here or on other adult sites. Best wishes, have fun, stay the way you are.

Apr 30 @ 7:22PM  
Oh sweety! if you only knew!!! I have had so many episodes that I can't begin to recall them all! I DON"T understand men at all.....and if it is brought up at all.....I"M GONE!!! You have to draw the line somewhere!!

Apr 30 @ 8:20PM  
One lady ..without any warning, suddenly showed me her stump..
I was so shocked that I didn't touch the computer for a full week.
Now don't get me wrong ..I don't have anything against people with fact some people are sexually aroused by stumps...but to suddenly display your stump without any warning is wrong... So I can definitly relate to your blog.

Thankyou for reading my comment....yours Grampa Bort.

Apr 30 @ 8:39PM  
the next thing you know my screen is full of this gigantic penis.

Don't you know the camera adds a few pounds??

Apr 30 @ 8:46PM  
Its not the cam or the pics that cause problems. Its some of the people behind them.I think you made the right decision. Just remember a lot of people call this place PERVIA. Good blog.

Apr 30 @ 9:30PM  
What Bunny said...most guys here never intend to meet you. But you know that, regardless of what site you're on. It's a given. Though it's a good thing that you've found this little community, that scoffs at the creeps and the whackos out there in cyberspace. Welcome.

Apr 30 @ 10:13PM  
That dude was a perv. I could never show my stuff on a webcam or even ask someone else to show their stuff. I don't even like to see myself in the mirror.

Apr 30 @ 11:56PM  
What I'd like to know is why would someone do that? ...
Show me yours and I'll show you mine!

O Fender. Poor Fender.
You are such a jerk Fender.
Despite your immensely photogenic ass
and your orbital blogs,
you Fender are one big fat Jerk.
I can see it now:
a 9-year-old running home to mommy ...
Mommy! Mommy!!
He showed me his Thing!
And he asked to see my Thing!!!
Mommy, is that the way they all are?
What should I do?
His Thing is cute.
Will he like mine?


May 1 @ 12:52AM  
That wasn't nice dude

May 1 @ 2:25AM  
Dang, Fender is hawt, maybe she wants to.....

May 1 @ 7:38AM  

Danger with webcams is, SCREEN PRINTS can be taken. We had a chatter here on this site that posted the link to a screen print he had taken of a young girl from this site in the chatroom.


May 1 @ 9:34AM  
Obviously, he was only interested in one thing....what a jerk. Yes, I've had that happen to me.....some men only think with their little heads instead of the one that counts...ya know?

May 1 @ 10:32AM  
In my opinion he was being lazy. I'll explain.

He is looking for action, more than simply a date or getting to know someone. In the process, he flirts & exposes himself to see what your reaction would be. If you dump him, as you did, he can move on with out investing any more time.

IF, however, you responded in kind, he would figure he had a good shot at getting lucky rather quickly after meeting.

He wasn't willing to invest the time to get to know you, or anyone probably.
His loss.

May 1 @ 6:38PM  
I pretty much agree with the others on here that the guy was a jerk with a one track mind.

May 5 @ 3:19AM  
I had a friend in New York who met this pretty girl online then met her in person only to find out she was a he. Guess he should have asked for a look first.

May 9 @ 11:32PM  
i will never show u my pee pee again

May 15 @ 4:28PM  
Fender, that's pretty much the norm on here anymore. If you think a guy is interested that's usually within the 1st week what he will ask. Sorry you had to learn that the hard way. :)

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My One Time Adventure In Online Dating...A True Story.