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Nude Beaches (Updated)

posted 4/28/2009 8:32:23 PM |
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tagged: fuck, nude, beach, sunshine

If you had a Nude Beach near you, would you go? Would you go as a voyeur or as a nudist?

Would you not care to see others naked or would it entice you to go?

Do you think we should have more nude beaches around?

What other places could be nude places? Like grocery stores, malls, etc. Would you go?

******(Updated Question)*** Wouldn't it be hard for guys to walk around and not show their excitedness??

Ok, Anybody Wanna Fuck?

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Apr 28 @ 8:41PM  
I have a few nudist colonies near me. been to em as both. I don't care about being naked. I got what I got and that's all I got. If it ain't enough for you, then you aren't enough for me

Apr 28 @ 8:48PM  
I would only go to anude beach as a voyeur under a lot of shade. I sunburn real bad and fast. Peel and burn again. I have heard of nude clubs. None around here that I know of. I might go to one of them if I had a chance. Yes I wanna fuck.

Apr 28 @ 8:59PM  
I would go!!! Especially now... I'm pretty comfortable with my body... far from perfect though!!
I think it would be fun to go to a nude beach!

Yeah! I wanna fuck!

Apr 28 @ 9:05PM  
I would go!!! Especially now... I'm pretty comfortable with my body... far from perfect though!!

Brave woman!!

Apr 28 @ 9:17PM  
rnj1013 ....Man... We have to be Bro's!!!

Amen... to what he Said!!!

Apr 28 @ 9:19PM  
I agree with Sunshine BRAAAVE WOMAN!!!

Apr 28 @ 9:20PM  
Sure...why not? It's not like I would be the only naked person there! It would definitely be an experience

Apr 28 @ 9:23PM  
Personally... I dont like teasing...When i see it.....
Well.. I'm gonna get it!!!!

Apr 28 @ 9:34PM  
Is good question!

By myself, I dunno- but I think I could be persuaded if I had a girlfriend where we were both really comfortable with our bodies in public view together! Would be really awkward the first time though!

Of course I wanna fuck- you wanna fuck?


Apr 28 @ 9:38PM  
i dont think i would go nude...i am WAY too self conscious about my body...but i wouldnt mind observing...

Apr 28 @ 9:41PM  
being nude isn't about getting "excited" about other naked people. It's about the total feeling of freedom. My friends never understood that until they tried it and saw what I meant. If you're going to a nude beach to get turned on, you're more than likely in for a HUGE disappointment because most of the people there look worse than you think you do.

Apr 28 @ 9:44PM  
I would go in a heartbeat!! I am comfortable with my body but I would need 2 items with me.

1. Dark sunglasses - for the voyeur in me
2. Alot of SPF 45 sunblock!! Will need a volunteer to aply it though.

Oh yea, I wanna fuck!!!

Apr 28 @ 9:46PM  
rnj1013 is right about most nude clubs or beaches. Most go there for freedom of choice. I have a couple of relatives that go to one. Come visit and join us they say. Not me not that brave unless i have someone to go with. But then they live in california. Way different world than what Im used to.

Apr 28 @ 9:48PM  
Updated question.



Apr 28 @ 9:50PM  
How about..SEX Huts on the Beach!!!
Your own lil.. 1/2 moon hut facing the Beach!!! Awesome!!!

Apr 28 @ 10:05PM  
I would go to a nude beach.

Apr 28 @ 10:30PM  
How about..SEX Huts on the Beach!!!
Your own lil.. 1/2 moon hut facing the Beach!!! Awesome!!!

I think that's an AWESOME idea!!

Apr 28 @ 10:47PM  
I used to frequent Black's Beach when I was younger. As for the erections, in time you learn to control it. You see so many naked bodies that you get to the point of needing some substance. Same as with a nudist colony I once belonged to.

Have you any time for a quick FUCK! Sunshine

Apr 28 @ 10:54PM  
I'm too shy.

Apr 28 @ 11:38PM  
I went to Negril, Jamaica when I graduated from college. My beau at the time, (live in lover) went with me...we loved the nude beaches and had so much fun. Gues who was there? Harry Reemes, The DR. from the movie Deep Throat. What a riot. On the beach with a porn star. the nude beaches...and riding horses naked is fun! ...oh yeah...didn't see one hard cock.

Apr 28 @ 11:49PM  
Me way to shy....

Apr 28 @ 11:56PM  
Heck, let's just have a nude blog,

everybody GET NAKED!!

Apr 28 @ 11:57PM  
Are you kidding??? I don't even do nude in the shower....

Apr 29 @ 12:49AM  
HEY..... maybe AMD can sponsor a nudist colony for AMD members on a nude beach somewhere!!


Apr 29 @ 2:38AM  
I love nude events

Apr 29 @ 7:42AM  
Yes, there is a nude beach near. Yes I have been to it. Yes I was sans-clothing.

It doesn't matter whos naked to me or if anyone else is naked.

There is a nudist resort just a little north of me, yes I have been. Will be going back this summer.

It is usually an issue for first-timers. Once the newness wears off, its just like being clothed.

Apr 29 @ 9:33AM  
I would do it. Sounds like fun. Actually in europe there is no such thing as nude beaches. The public beaches are fair game, you see families walk right by some young lady completely naked. So yes i definitely would.

Apr 29 @ 9:43AM  
I went to one on Hawaii. It was pretty casual...... just like being on any other beach, except no clothing. Nothing sexual going on. I think it helped that I knew nobody there (well, other than the person I went with)

There are 2 nude resorts I've heard of near Chicago...... one in Wisconsin and one in Indiana. Never been to either. The one in Indiana used to be called Naked City..... now it's Sun Aura.
Don't know anything about the Wisconsin one.

Apr 29 @ 1:25PM  
I have been to Black's Beach a few times. And like other people have said it is not erotic, but did feel nice to be out in the sun completely free and naked. The gal and I will occasionally sneak down to a place we know that is completely secluded and make our own nude beach. Now that is a lot of fun!

Apr 29 @ 2:39PM  
I have two nude beaches near me and I have gone two both, often. I go as a nudist, but sure I like to look around at the other nudies.

The thought of nudies at the beaches does entice me to go more often, sure.

Having more nude beaches sounds like a great idea. After all, Europe is starting on good ideas like nude motels, nude bars, nude gyms, nude pools, ect.

If there were more nude friendly places to go to, sure I would go. Not only for the experience, but to show my support for the lifestyle.

Apr 29 @ 6:01PM  
LOL I just returned home from a vacation in Texas where I spent most of my time at a nudist resort. While in Texas, I also went to South Padre Island and enjoyed the sun and surf on the nude beach there. So the answer is yes I would go and as a nudist. I used to live full time at a nudist resort but it closed and now I miss the freedom to get an all over tan and I hate wearing trunks to swim.

I did not become a nudist to see others naked but it is nice to meet others who enjoy the outdoors and natural nudity as I do.

I would love to see more nude beaches and also more nude camps and resorts.

Grocery stores, malls, banks, hospitals (those gowns suck anyway), ....... Of course I would go!

The proper etiquette in most nudist venues dictates that a man should cover himself if aroused. However, there is rarely a need to because guys seldom have that problem. Once the clothes come off, almost everybody becomes more interested in personalities than in bodies.

All of the above is in reference to nudist places and not swingers beaches or swingers resorts. There is a big difference.

Of course I want to fuck! Ya gotta be careful on the beach though.......sand brings everything to a grinding halt!

Apr 30 @ 1:26AM  
If I ever went, I would definitely want the full experience, so yes I would go as a nudist. The idea of nudism doesn't have a whole lot of appeal to me. I never felt, trapped by my clothes. I wear a lot of light weight fabrics and I kinda like the feel against my skin. But, it's something I'd like to experience once at least. Just in case I got out there and was "OMG, this is what my life has been missing."

In related news... Don't go hiking in Switzerland in the buff.

Apr 30 @ 10:40AM  
Absolutely! I would go nude! I enjoy it even though I don't consider myself a nudist, I have done it many time. California (Blacks Beach), Jamaica, and Cancun (topless). These were for fun. While working I had to be nude in a lot of places. Sometimes in public places that were roped off to keep the public away, but they could often see what was going on even at a distance.

I swim and sunbathe nude at home all the time. I do have a "peeping Tom" neighbor, but he doesn't know, I know.

Apr 30 @ 1:09PM  
I love being nude outside. Never been to a nude beach, not sure I could go with out standing at attention though, fresh air has a tendency to do that to me, not to mention nude women. Have done some gardening in just a t-shirt a few times Been skinning dipping, but who hasn't

May 2 @ 9:10AM  
If you had a Nude Beach near you, would you go? Would you go as a voyeur or as a nudist? Yep & Yep X 2

Would you not care to see others naked or would it entice you to go? Mmmmmm Naked

Do you think we should have more nude beaches around? I think the beaches should all be clothing optional.

What other places could be nude places? Like grocery stores, malls, etc. Would you go?

Anyplace that is safe to be nude could, would & should be clothing optional. Places not good for being nude would include anyplace near a deep fryer

May 2 @ 10:40AM  
I went to a nudist colony once. Getting excited was not a problem as the vast majority of people there were not people you wanted to see naked.

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Nude Beaches (Updated)