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Really...I Need To Know.

posted 4/28/2009 7:42:17 AM |
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tagged: orgasm, blog, question

So...Day 2 of my adventures in Big Girl Land...It's not that bad...I just close my eyes when I see something I don't want to see.(That's a lie. I look.I'm human and curious!)I have to say for the most part...Ok, for the biggest part...

...The blogs here are original. Even if they are about sex or way's to do it, or what happens during it. I've yet to see a copy/paste or a forward that I've gotten in regular email over 100 times. This is a great thing.

On regular MD we get those all the time. I personally don't care what people blog. I will however, not read regurgitated material. Especially if it is from the dawn of the computer email age.

...I have read a few blogs I've enjoyed here. I haven't really commented yet. I plan on it. Maybe I should let you know I tend to have a severely warped sense of humour and huge ego. You'll grow to love it through, trust me. And if not...You'll just send me death threats and hate mail like I get on regular MD.

Here is the thing though.I know I probably sound like a moron and maybe this happened the first week I was at regular MD too but...Where are my kudo's? How come I have none to give out. I can't even give one to myself and trust me...That's a crime against humanity, well, against me. I haven't had one kudo to give out to any blog since I've been here.

...It makes no sense. Do I have to earn them here? Yes, I will send you pictures of me naked if you give me them. (Not really, I'll send you pictures of transvestites I've stolen from porn websites but you'll never know the difference!)

So where are my kudo's? I joined on the weekend. I have a few blogs I would like to give kudo's too. Is there a Mod here I can complain to and demand my kudo's from? How does this work? On regular MD they are just there automatically, 5 per day.

...I have more questions too. They kind of fall into the realm of complaints. So I'll save that for another blog. I love to complain and whine. It's a hobby of mine. See, I sound super attractive already don't I?

Yeah...I know I do.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT- On regular MD my profile name is a tag. I think it sucks that I can't use that as a tag here. I need to change that....

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Apr 28 @ 7:49AM  
All i can suggest is go to the help section for you kudos. There is a spot on there about them if that doesn't work I am sure someone on here will know. Good luck, oh & if you say you have a quirky sense of humor you will fit right in here. Most of us are a wee bit on the odd side, just look over some of the joke blogs & you will definitely see that. Again welcome. Janet.

Apr 28 @ 7:53AM  
OK..Good blog..Greenies, kudos and all that good stuff!
I like your sense of humor

Apr 28 @ 7:54AM  
Well Fender I hate to be the one to tell you this but there's a Skwirl here that demands our nutz...or kudzos. We had an election last fall and Skwirl is the Prez of Pervia...we have to pay her taxes...or as we call them....nutz.

She's been really busy of late workin' her garden for next winter's harvest but she lurks to keep us in line.

I don't know why you don't have kudos to give....its the same here as in the vanilla site....a little green face at the top of the blog.

I'll give ya a kudo and hopefully that Skwirl is too busy hoeing...and I do mean that in the best way...and she won't notice....

Apr 28 @ 8:14AM  
Well dang.....I'm sure the Skwirl wouldn't mind giving up her position..since she is Rarely here anymore....

Not having any Kudos must suck.....huh? lol

severely warped sense of humour and huge ego
With Borty being your Grand Dad.....I'm can go way out there.. Gotta Love ole Borty!!!

Are you sure cumming over to "Dark" side is Healthy? I mean...wont your.."Good Friends" be offended? (Just Kidding)
Welcome Back!!!!!

Apr 28 @ 9:11AM  
The total amount of kudos you receive daily will be based off of different variables. If you're a new user, you may have a very low number of kudos to give. As you use and interact with the site, the number of daily kudos you receive will increase. If your limit is 5 kudos/day, you will not exceed that limit, so it is best to use them each day. If you don't use your 5 kudos, you will not get 5 more and have 10. You will remain at 5 kudos.

...I just read this...So I guess this means that I have to wait to get kudo's...Variable? I joined on the weekend. It's Tuesday morning...Come one MD, how long do I have to wait to get my kudo's? Also, interact with the site...I hope that doesn't mean webcam sex because I'm afraid of that!

Yes. I know what variable means.


Apr 28 @ 9:33AM  
KUDOS to you

Apr 28 @ 9:47AM  
When I read a blog, right under the title is a little green face. Those are my kido's. If I click on it, that blog gets a kudo. To the right of it, it says how many I have left. As far as I know, they are not "stored" or even tabulated anywhere else. At least, nowhere I've ever seen.

Of course, looking at some things is a higher priority than others.

Anyway.... I would think that your kudo's are the same. Next blog you read, look for the little green face.

Apr 28 @ 9:48AM  
Here I will give you one of my kudos.. hope the skwirl isn't watching....

Sounds like you will fit right in around here...

Apr 28 @ 9:52AM  
Ego? I can't imagine anyone surviving here with an ego! Everyone's got one...some are just larger than others...and yes, size does matter.

Apr 28 @ 12:27PM  
You're gonna do just fine here.

Our Prez here is pretty cool...but does demand her "taxes" when she blogs...and if ya don't pay up...she sends out the Sekret Skwirlz..and they have a nip! Seriously, I think (errr..hope) she will forgive us for giving ya kudo's.

Welcome to Pervia and have fun.

Apr 28 @ 12:31PM  
You sound pretty cool....glad to have you here I've got 4 kudos left to I'm giving you one

Apr 28 @ 8:02PM  
I've yet to see a copy/paste or a forward that I've gotten in regular email over 100 times. This is a great thing.

Stick around!

Apr 29 @ 10:05PM  
I'll send a load of Kudo's over in the Pantyvan...

Apr 30 @ 12:00AM  
You can tag whatever you want. StraddleMyNose and Sunshine do and blog so often that they have the largest tags in the tag cloud. There's a gent on this side by the name of DickSlippery. He has an interesting blogging style and is usually quite an experience to read. Anyway, Mr. Slippery always tags whig (and during the election insisted everyone "Vote Whig, bitches!"

May 9 @ 11:34PM  
i need 2 add to my tranny pic collection.............send away

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