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Not That I'm Nosey Or Anything...But...

posted 4/27/2009 8:19:36 AM |
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tagged: new, blog, questions

Hell yeah. Who am I trying to kid? I'm as nosey as old hell. I would like answers to some questions I have.

...Keep in mind this is my first time on a site like this. I'm used to the way regular MatchDoctor rolls. This...It's an eye opener for me...

I'm assuming Adult MD is like regular MD in the fact that there are groups of friends on here who chat back and forth and interact in forum's and blogs with each other? Am I right?

...This question...It might make some of you mad...Honestly though. I have to ask. I'm not being judgemental...Well...Maybe just a tad...Seriously though...This is more of a man question because I haven't seen any ladies vagina's exposed on here.

Men who have their penis hanging out in their profile pic answer this please. Is that like some sort of a mandatory photo for on here? I've never seen so much penis pictures in all of my life. Also...Are some of you exaggerating a bit? Because some of those penises seem to be awfully huge. In fact so huge they almost must of been genetically altered in some sort of mutant penis lab experiment. Not that I'm anti large penis...I'm just saying.

...Do I have to put a picture of my virginia on my profile? I'd rather not. If I have to I will...Ok, no I won't but you get what I'm saying. Then again...If I had some sort of massive vagina I don't think I would be comfortable posting pictures of it on here.

Maybe I'd give a picture to Ripley's but I don't know. Also...Are there no scammers on here. On MD I get ton's of scam email. I don't know if it's because I'm a gold member, or if it's just because scammer's don't like sex or sexually explicit websites? I'm confused but I'm sure I'll figure it out with your help.

...Lastly. I don't know if I know any of you. It's hard to tell from pictures of breasts, asses, and penises. If I do though...Hi, I'm dropping in for a visit. So far I've made no dent in Adult MD. Strange...I'll deal though. I alway's do.

Remember. If your going to have web cam sex with someone you meet online...Wear a condom. You don't want to catch anything!

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Not That I'm Nosey Or Anything...But...


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Apr 27 @ 8:26AM  
wheres your naked pinup?

Apr 27 @ 8:30AM  
you must be new! read the blog under yours!

Apr 27 @ 8:37AM  
You are getting a kudo (if you don't know what that is, a kudo is that green smiley thing at the top of your blog - people give them out to blogs they like )

Also...Are there no scammers on here.

HAH! Are you kidding? They are here....I think the guys on here tend to get scammers more than the women.

I think guys like posting their "junk" because they are afraid to post their face? Not sure...but that's my guess. I wanna see some moster dick pics..... I can't since I'm a free member....oh well

If you don't want to put your va jay jay up, don't do it. I think dirty pics as a default only make guys bug the shit out of you even more, so it's all what you are looking for I 2 cents

Apr 27 @ 9:01AM  
Good Question!!!
I have "Cock" Pics...checkem out!! answer your Question....I would have to say..that I dunno why anyone would Post Dic picks...!!! But...on the Other hand....Why Do so many Women Post "Boob" Pics? or at least "Cleavage" Pics?...(But you dont hear the guys bitchin!! )
If i was "Hung" like a Horse.. I Prolly would have someone..and Not be here!!! J/K

This place it Very Cool....hang around..and check it out!!!

Apr 27 @ 9:05AM  
Yes, people chat and meet outside of AMD.
No, not all of us post pics of our genitalia. Either sex, regardless of size.
Yes, it appears that some of the male pics seem to be altered...or an optical illuion
So No, you don't have to unless you want to show off.
Yes, there are scammers here. In fact, as I understand it, many post the pics referenced above.
No, I'm not a gold member, so I have limited access to the nude pics.
Welcome. Lots of good people here. All of whom will comment more freely if you don't pre-approve comments.

Apr 27 @ 9:10AM  
You kinda' hit the nail on the head about AMD
You might want to change your settings
for blogs so people don't have to wait for approval though..
I think being facetious is funny

Apr 27 @ 9:15AM  
Hey Fender... They call me Softie here...over there on the vanilla side...regular MD you know me as Patches.

Welcome to Pervia...that'd be us perverts. We're fun, ornery and our motto is "wanna fuck?" so ya need to get use to'll see it frequently ...and get asked often. It's all in fun.

Well I hope you remember me...I don't go there so much anymore cause it's a matter of time....never having enough of it.

I like it here better because it's not so potty mouth has more freedom here....

Penis pix? I rarely see them because I'm not a gold member and only occasionally do they show up as a primary pix. I don't know how AMD works that. I know I can't look at nude pix unless I'm a gold member and I'm not sure how members get to show nude pix as primary...don't care since it's not my thingy...whether it's showin' mine or lookin' at theirs.

Spammers 'n scammers comes 'n goes in fits 'n starts. I think others may get more than I do. I got a lot in the beginning, not so many now. Just like any careful.

So everyone....welcome my friend Fender. She's a good blogger and story writer. She'll tell ya like it is..straight out and no holds kinda person.

Hope ya stick around. Have fun and get to know the good people here...well most of them are anyway.


Apr 27 @ 9:18AM  
Uh....a word of warning. Your comments are set for approval. You won't get many with that. Like in MD...peeps get their feathers ruffled about it and won't comment. It's your choice but I thought you might like to know that. I don't think you have to worry about rude comments here and if ya get 'em, just delete 'em.

Apr 27 @ 9:30AM  
I cannot figure out how to change my comments to auto approve? Damn, on MD I did it so long ago I can't remember...Sorry...I didn't pick that option on purpose.

Apr 27 @ 9:32AM  
maybe i should borrow a massive cock from the adult boutique and slip that baby on,., .,pretending i'm Dong Juan .,i only know a couple folks here .,no one talks to me either.,

Apr 27 @ 9:32AM  
Welcome to the "dark side".

Apr 27 @ 9:34AM  
Welcome to Pervia......

Apr 27 @ 9:53AM  
Welcome to blog land You'll have fun here

Apr 27 @ 10:11AM  
I hear you, Fender....methinks the ones with cock pics think I am going to see one and say...* ...Theres the one I have been looking for my WHOLE life!!!*


Apr 27 @ 10:12AM  
oh yeah,.,i gave ya a KUDO,.,Fender bender likes those,.,so I wont be stingy

get 5 new ones everyday here too?.,hmmm.,ok.,cough up some kudo's folks.,it makes Fender horny

Apr 27 @ 10:23AM  
Hey you Muppet2.... Welcome to the dark side o livin'.... Lots of fun here.

Uh....anyone else here from the vanilla side just lurking???

Apr 27 @ 10:56AM  
Welcome to AMD. Nude pictures are not mandatory. So far women tend to send them through the email, kind of a personnel touch. I Think yhey do this to cut down on the garbage emails. As fot penises, I have no idea why men just post pics of them. Nice to meet you

Apr 27 @ 11:08AM  
Oppppppppps..I forgot..... Welcome.....and

"Wanna Fuck?"


Apr 27 @ 1:26PM  
Yeah, I think I have seen you over on the vanilla site. I'm not over there all that much however.

Btw, welcome to Pervia!

Apr 27 @ 1:43PM  
I see you have found my blog on how to automatically approve. Very good, yes we are for the most part friendly. But don't step on the wrong person's toes or you will get them stomped just kidding. Well, welcome to pervia. :) Cootie.

Apr 27 @ 2:13PM  
Hey Fender I wondered if this was you when I seen the blog I am happy to say I get to see all the dick pics I want cause I've been here so long I'm grandfathered in and I've not gotten mad and cancelled my account. I is smart just ask anyone

Apr 27 @ 4:51PM  
As many of you know ...Fender is my grandaughter. It is her first journey into the realm of adult dating be gentle.

I don't have a cock pic because its so large that it simply won't fit in the frame of the picture. They call me the three legged man in Bortyville.

Anyway ...have a good time Fender...yours lovingly ...Grampa Bort.

Apr 27 @ 6:40PM  
Welcome to blogland and Pervia!! it's a lot of fun here, some great people.....most I even like!! Really, though, I've made some wonderful friends on here.....and to those....lubs ya!! Wanna fuck???

Apr 27 @ 7:36PM  
Is this THE Fender from AMD?!!?!! Welcome to the naughty side!!

You'll see this every day around here..................

Yeah... wanna fuck?!!?!?

Apr 27 @ 7:37PM  
oops... I meant regular MD!! de de deeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Apr 27 @ 9:31PM  
Good Lord, girl !!!!! Already a blog on the dark side and they seem to luvs ya like we do on the OTHER one-just lurking around here for a bit- when pic is approved, i will sneak away !!!!!!!!! Wiccked

Apr 29 @ 11:30PM  
Are there no scammers on here. On MD I get ton's of scam email. I don't know if it's because I'm a gold member, or if it's just because scammer's don't like sex or sexually explicit websites? I'm confused but I'm sure I'll figure it out with your help.

Oh, keep an eyeball out......we gots us some scammers.....trolls......uglies.......

No whores or pimps.....that I know of.........

May 9 @ 11:35PM  
BTW.....i put a condom on my webcam.........double wrap it if i cam with u

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Not That I'm Nosey Or Anything...But...