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haunted houses

posted 4/26/2009 10:49:35 PM |
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has anybody here every been lived or knew somebody that moved into a house that is suppose to be haunted? i had a great aunt when i was around 9 yrs old moved into a small house that a guy killed his wife in from what i heard it was pretty bloody and they say all sorts of weird shit went on there but she was there for almost 4 yrs and nothing ever happen but the house next to it use to be a funeral home it use to scare the crap out of me and i never even went inside it but there was a house in the county next to mine had a house in it and it stayed empty all the time as soon as somebody would move in they would leave.well just by luck i started working with a guy from that county and we got to talking about that house one day and i asked him why nobody stayed and he said it was haunted i started laughing but he said him and some buddies tried to stay in it one night and this fucker is a big ole boy well anyway he said it scared the shit out of him and he left after a couple hrs.i know strange things do the night after my dad died that morning i was in bed laying on my side getting ready to fall asleep and it felt just like somebody sit down on the edge of my bed i thought it was my cat but when i turned the light on nothing and i went and checked and my cat was sound asleep in the other room.maybe it was my dad's way of saying goodbye since i wasn't there when he died.anybody else have any weird stuff happen to them that you can't explain?

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Apr 26 @ 10:55PM  
yeah once i thought my panties were possed, they would be on the floor when i woke up i couldnt find them, well i found out, my brothers little kitty were taking them and tearing them up! whew i was scared til i figured it out.lmao

Apr 26 @ 10:57PM  
that sounded like a very smart cat

Apr 26 @ 11:19PM  
One time I snuck in Feather's room and stole her panties.....

My ex wife was so frigid, I started thinkin maybe

she was a zombie!!

I own the Unsolved Mysteries collection and it has a bunch of episodes
about ghosts. There are numerous homes in the nation that are known
for being haunted but quite a few of them are also tourist trap bed and
breakfasts so that's not exactly proof. I didn't see a shred of solid evidence
on the dvd's and I've never seen anything myself so count me as a skeptic.

Apr 26 @ 11:24PM  
One time I snuck in Feather's room and stole her panties

I don't know of any haunted houses in my area

Apr 26 @ 11:24PM  
Here's some appropriate music for ya: GHOST RIDERS

Apr 26 @ 11:29PM  
check out ghost hunters on sci is great! these guys have all this equipment and stuff and find ghosts and stuff and get all scared...i love it..

Apr 26 @ 11:31PM  
thanks select love that song
here's one that reminds me of feathers panties

Apr 26 @ 11:33PM  
that is a great show dumblonde they do show some wild weird stuff on there

Apr 27 @ 1:01AM  
The panties were afraid to be put back on your little kitty so they ran away

Apr 27 @ 2:28AM  
Sorry, Bandit, but I hope you don't mind me posting this here. Seems like I have a fan that wants to target me in a blog tonight blasting me. This is what I wrote to him as a comment on his blog.

To Testoserone

All you wrote on my blog was a comment blasting me and Bush as being loons. Nothing else was in your comment other than personal attacks and cheap shots at me. You didn't even talk about the subject of the blog. Not only have you made snide ass remarks to and at me on my blogs and other peoples blogs, but you had made some personal attacks on me during those times. To be honest, I have no problem debating anyone in a civil way without the name calling and cheap shots being involved. But apparently some people including yourself can't seem to do that. Target me in a blog and call me out all because I won't let your personal attacks on me stand on my blogs, well then so be it. I'm tired of people like you only going around to certain blogs and taking shots at me and others trying to inflame a blog war in the blogs. I don't have time for that crap. People have disagreements all the time, but getting caught up in another little blog war I will not. I told you that you needed to grow up and quit with the personal attacks on me and move on. You don't seem to want to do that however. Yes, I was more than generous with you after you done that more than a number of times with my blogs and other peoples blogs on here with the cheap shots and attacks on me. I told you that I was blocking you because of that reason. So go ahead and whine about it all you want. I don't have time for people like you on this site, and no, I don't plan on giving you a voice on any of my blogs after tonight because of your actions!

Apr 28 @ 6:30AM  
I worked in a house that is haunted. It was after Thanksgiving and we had the radio on some rock station and it truned to a station that was playing chirstmas songs. we were upstairs and the radio was down stairs and no one else was in the house. Everday we went to work in the house we couldnot find are pencils. and we would have to be out of the house by 9.00 pm or things would get worse. one guy was downstairs and we had cabinet doors standing for a week and it was getting close to 9 when they started to fall for no reason. He thought we were playing a joke on him then he new we were telling him the truth about the house.

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haunted houses