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Is Flirting An Innocent Act, Or A Bad Thing?

posted 4/25/2009 11:47:51 AM |
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I have often teased that I thnk I flirted with the doctor that delivered me. I've just always been a flirt... or at least a friendly person.

But I make sure that everyone knows that it is all done innocently. I don't cross any lines and I don't allow anyone else too either. I don't flirt to the point of being considered a tease. Just friendly, playful flirting.

Everyone who really knows me, knows this. Unfortunately I was with someone that found that attractive, until we were together. Which created many problems between us because I'm not going to pretend to be someone I'm not.
Sometimes what people think they find attractive about someone is often the first thing they try to change about that person.
Why is that?

I just read Blueyesparklin's blog and under T it say I am a great flirt. Griz says that yes, I am...(thankfully he doesn't have a problem with this) But at times I am just being friendly, not necessarily flirting. Sometimes it's just a very fine line though..
So, I was wondering,

Does it bother you when your significant other flirts?
I mean innocently flirting, not trying to exchange numbers or have sex with them.

How big of a flirt are you?
Does it make a difference if you are with someone or not?
Do you hide it from your mate/so or are you just completely yourself at all times?

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Apr 25 @ 11:53AM  
i love it when a woman flirts with me sometimes i can be bold with it but mostly im sort of shy out in public

Apr 25 @ 11:59AM  
If I know my SO... is just playfully flirting..I have NP with that....I do a Lil flirting myself!!!
Its all good!!!

Apr 25 @ 12:14PM  
I never had a problem with flirting until my man took it to the next level behind my back. Now I just watch and pay attention to the body language. Me? I"m a friendly person who happens to be a toucher I take after my mommy

Apr 25 @ 1:56PM  
I personally think flirting is a bad thing, otherwise I would probably do it more often without worrying about how the woman might feel about it.

Apr 25 @ 2:38PM  
it all depends. we are confident in our marriage and each other enough that it's really not that big of a deal. you must be carefull though. way too many guys don't get it. just like on this site we all think we are the greatest shit since peanut butter and jelly in the same jar. i'd say flirting is a good thing overall, and a major boost to your self-esteem. as long as it ends there, and not continuously with the same person behind your s o 's back. that's when it turns bad.


Apr 25 @ 3:41PM  

• I am re-discovering how much I love to flirt, but I still have to learn about being flirted at back, or not being being flirted at back.

• How I got started flirting again is this: I have worn glasses since I was a kid, and some of my biggest successes were when I took off the glasses and flirted away at someone who turned into an LTR. Because I look like a freakin’ geek with glasses, but I am stunningly handsome without.

• In December a doctor looked into my eyes and shrieked,


and then the guy he referred me to said


so FU sed I and then one thing led to another and I ended up meeting one of these five-star doctors on the planet, an ophthamological surgeon who sed


and then he removed the cataract from my right eye. So the next day I said that was fun ... when can we do the left eye? Two weeks later we did.

I now have 20/30 uncorrected distance vision (no glasses!) and hardly before I can start flirting I get shy and cute and hot little glances .... even on the subway where eye contact is forbidden.

That is it for now about flirting. Stay tuned.

Saturday 4.25.09


Apr 25 @ 4:26PM  
Flirting is like reading the menu.. just cuz you're on a diet doesn't mean you can't look at what's for dinner.

Apr 25 @ 6:54PM  
I am an innocent act.....

Apr 25 @ 7:09PM  
I find it very charming if the man I am with flirts. I don't need all his attention and there are many who appreciate being flirted with. It can make somenes day. People that flirt are usually very fun and the life of the party. Kudos to you Casual! There is a fine line, but it is usually obvious, so the person doing the flirting knows when they cross it and are not the usual causual flirters.

Apr 25 @ 7:26PM  
I don't have any problem with my wife flirting.

Apr 25 @ 7:30PM  
Eh, a little flirting never hurts

Apr 26 @ 6:14AM  
I enjoy flirting, it is like safe foreplay with everyone, but there is that fine line that is difficult to know, since each person has their own perspective.

Apr 26 @ 9:33AM  
Flirting is wrong when the person you're with is made to feel unimportant and invisible.

I personally...and this is just me...don't think when two people are together that either of them should flirt with anyone's playing with fire and could easily blow up in your face.

I was on the receiving end of this for 30 yrs and it hurt like hell. His response? "I don't mean anything by it...just having fun. I'm not flirting, just being friendly."

Now if I'm with someone that flirts or hardly hears a word I say cause he's too busy shopping with his eyes...he's history. I walk out and he can just go fuck himself.

Bottom line? If ya wanna flirt do it when ur by yourself.


Apr 26 @ 9:49AM  
A little flirting never hurts... Just don't go to far...

Apr 26 @ 5:32PM  
If ya wanna flirt do it when ur by yourself.
I have Gotta Agree with that!!!

Apr 27 @ 6:25AM  
Flirting is like reading the menu.. just cuz you're on a diet doesn't mean you can't look at what's for dinner
That is exactly how i feel skwirl! . I don't see anything wrong with it.

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Is Flirting An Innocent Act, Or A Bad Thing?