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Do you stay in contact with your past loves?

posted 4/24/2009 6:44:00 PM |
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tagged: love, daughter, life, straddle

Do any of you stay in contact with your past loves regardless if you're married or still searching for a new love? Recently, I was contacted by an old love from the 80's (We were both pretty young in those days). This happened last Thursday afternoon (April 16) when we talked for a bit when she called me and told me Natasha (our daughter) had a message for me that she was without phone service and that she got what she needed to get for Alex (our grandson) when I gave her $50 to get it with when she was down the previous Monday (April 13). We talked for about an hour that afternoon, and it was a pretty good talk. Ann told me that she would call me back a little later on. She finally did call back around 12:30am Friday (April 17), and we ended up talking for almost 3 hours. We talked about our days together and how young we were, along with some other things from our past. Both of us never had a problem with each other and never said a bad word about each other to Natasha. We had nothing but good things to say about each other. I have always felt bad that I took Ann for granted when I was with her, and I was also carrying a torch for my first love from high school (Jennifer....I had gone with her briefly when I was 16, but had a couple of flings with her in late 1990 into early 1991. And again in the summer of 1997 into early 1998). I had made a mistake talking about Jennifer when I was with Ann from 1984 through 1988. I really didn't realize how happy I was until Ann was no longer there in my life after 1989. We talked about all this that night and I asked her for forgiveness. She did forgive me. It also brought back some hurt memories for her about how she felt like she came in second to Jennifer, and she got a little chocked up about it all. I told her that I was young and immature, and I felt so bad having done that to her. We both admitted that we still have a lot of feelings for each other after all this time. Since that night we have talked on and off over the phone for long periods of time. We also realize that there are some hurdles in the way in both of us ever getting back together again. Time will tell how things will work out for both of us, but for now, I'm taking it one step at a time and hoping for the best.
Late last night she called me and we talked for 2 in a half hours. One of the things she told me was Natasha called off her wedding for next month. Natasha thought that it would be better to wait on marriage with Branden. But with Tash, ya never know what she's going to do from one minute to another.

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Apr 24 @ 6:51PM  
This happened last Thursday afternoon (April 16)

So that's what you been up to- wondered where you've been!


Apr 24 @ 6:51PM  
i married my first love and i divorced him and never looked back!

Apr 24 @ 6:51PM  
I still talk to most of my past lovers and exhusband. Every relationship I had was left as friends. No ill will. Funny how you can be that way afterwards, but can't figure it out when you are together. I am just happy I had chances to love and be loved. None were the right one for me, but I loved regardless. I never talk bad about my ex's because at one point I did love them deeply. Talking bad about one or all now just makes me look bad because I was the one that loved them.

Apr 24 @ 6:56PM  
So that's what you been up to- wondered where you've been!
Yep, that's what I have been into with real life for the past week. lol


Apr 24 @ 6:58PM  
Had Easter dinner with my first ex-wife and her hubby and their friends with our daughter, her hubby and our grand kids. My ex and me are still friends after all these years.


Apr 24 @ 7:08PM  
My X Wife and I are Each others Best
When she is Down she calls me..and when I am Down...I call her...
Thats the way it was when we were Married...When One was down...the other was Up pick up the Other!!!!
With Other Relationships...except for those that were long Distance ....We still talk...!!!
Dont forget Man...We all change!!!
Good to see ya!! and Good Luck!!!

Apr 24 @ 7:17PM  
Nope just fuckem & leavem Seriously there is a couple of them that I'm cool with but there where abouts are unknown

Apr 24 @ 7:19PM  
There are a couple that I wish I'd stay in touch with.... and think about them to this day! I'm awful about staying in touch with people sometimes..... I guess I just leave too much of the past behind.... but sometimes, that's best!

Apr 24 @ 7:22PM  
There are a few that has contacted once, but never again. I do talk to one ex about once a month. There are a few I'd like to talk to and apologize, but I have no way to reach them.

Apr 24 @ 7:25PM  
I have one ex I will NEVER talk to and that is because he is an abuser.....physical, emotional, and an alcoholic.

Other past loves, yeah, I still talk to. Some things are easier to forgive than others.

Apr 24 @ 7:26PM  
I stay in contact with a few of my ex's. One is one of my very best friends. They were all good friends before they became anything else and we've remained friends even after the break ups...Sometimes it just takes a little bit of time to get back to that place.

Just keep in mind Shawn, that although reminiscing can bring back a lot of old thoughts and feelings, it can also allow us to think there's still something there that we only imagine cause it feels good at the moment.
Just be careful...

Apr 24 @ 7:34PM  
That night when we were on the phone for almost 3 hours we both kinda got worked up talking about our sexual past. I was going to hang up with her and take care of myself, but she didn't want me to hangup. She wanted to actually have phone sex with me. She kinda knew that I had so much phone sex with so many women before by the way I talked and all getting her a little riled up.

Apr 24 @ 7:43PM  
Welcome back Straddle ....We all missed ya.

As you stated...Time will tell...One day at a time..One step at a time...

Hope for the best

Good strategy.....

Apr 24 @ 7:58PM  
She wanted to actually have phone sex with me
Sounds like two freaks in One Pod!!!! Go for it Man!!!

Apr 24 @ 8:10PM  
Sounds like two freaks in One Pod!!!! Go for it Man!!!
We did that night. She came 3 different times before I finally came. Of course she didn't want anyone knowing any of this that are in her every day life, especially Natasha. Like I'm going to tell my daughter any of this....geez...

Apr 24 @ 9:04PM  
Yes, never left anyone on bad terms

Apr 24 @ 9:20PM  
I've never managed to keep in touch with my ex's except for one, and thats because we both work in the same building. He's one of the ones I do want to avoid though so it sucks, I will never date anyone from the same building, to heck with the same employer.

Apr 24 @ 10:24PM  
" I was contacted by an old love from the 80's when I was younger."
I hope you was younger in the 80's......

I still talk to my first x-wife, but we do have kids together and i still talk to a few x-girlfriends.

Apr 24 @ 10:34PM  
" I was contacted by an old love from the 80's when I was younger."
I hope you was younger in the 80's......
Okay, you're right, that didn't sound I went and re-edited it a bit.

Apr 24 @ 10:35PM  
bigflirt? you had friends?

Apr 24 @ 11:23PM  
Welcome Back Shawn !

If you need soem Ben Gay for the meat, just let me know and I will send you some.....

Apr 24 @ 11:32PM  
Welcome Back Shawn !

If you need soem Ben Gay for the meat, just let me know and I will send you some.....
Hey now, that was bad! lol We're not that old today.

Apr 24 @ 11:41PM  
I recently reconnected with my first love and it's been really nice catching up and seeing her with a family now. She was a great girl and we were young and just kind of grew apart back then.

Apr 25 @ 7:51AM  
My first boyfriend after me moved to California & is now living with his "male" partner of 20 plus years. I only know that from his sister.

My 2nd i hope is buried 10 feet under.

So no I can't say that I talk to any of my ex's, they became my ex for a reason. I have no wish to reconnect with any of them.

I don't hate the first one, he just realized that he liked men. We parted okay, just never kept in touch.

Apr 27 @ 10:33AM  
Unfortunately, I have to stay in contact with my ex-husband because of our kids, but if we hadn't had kids together...I would've been like feather....left and never looked back! Another person I dated for a couple years back in high school, I do still talk to....we are more like brother and sister now Only have had 3 loves....and my 3rd I'm married to

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Do you stay in contact with your past loves?