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Miss California..... will she sue?

posted 4/22/2009 9:39:43 PM |
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I most certainly would! This girl has been trashed all over the place because she said she didn't agree with same sex marriages. As a finalist in the Miss USA pageant, isn't she supposed to be honest? Should she have stood there and lied?.........just to appease people..... well, you know you can't please all the people all the time! I think it's crazy the way perez hilton has carried on about this.... calling her a bitch on air??? She answered her question honest to her self. I think perez hilton is a complete ass!! I seen an article on Fox that was questioning if she would file a lawsuit for slander.... I think she has every right! He's probably destroyed her chances for having a good career just because she was quote unquote.........politically incorrect?
I know same sex marriage is out there, it's not for me and I don't need it shoved down my throat! And we don't have to agree.. but how many people would have answerered that question any differently?
How would you answer it? And would you answer just to be politcally correct? So you didn't piss half the country off?

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Miss California..... will she sue?
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............Til I got stung by a wasp!!!
I am just sick about this!!!


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Apr 22 @ 9:46PM  
Well, ah, how can I put this, umm... okay. Who gives a shit?

Apr 22 @ 9:51PM  
LOL!! ass!

Yeah I was wondering that too.... but, the whole point in general!

Apr 22 @ 10:29PM  
And would you answer just to be politcally correct?

Therein lies the problem!! It's all about the "politically correct" bullshit about most aspects of our lives (can't do this, can't say that) that the government has molded into a big pile of shit over the years that's slowly tearing our country apart internally!

On the other hand, I'm happy- you happy??

Just my 2ยข worth...


Apr 22 @ 10:32PM  
I give a shit. I would answer, I believe all should be treated equally. Fare game. I have no problem with same sex marriage. You want it...take it. I am a liberal when it comes to this. Back in the day, my Dad would have lost it. He blamed homosexual activity on my generation. I realize he was raised a particular way. In this day and age it is more about the rights and the money than it is about morals. I am not worried about morals of others, I can't control them, god made them, and I am letting everyone be who they are...who am I to judge.

Apr 22 @ 10:40PM  
Perez should have been disqualified as a judge. If that would have been a straight man could you imagine the backlash he would have received? It would have been a bigger deal the Miss Cali's answer. I wonder how much Perez swayed the other judges.

Apr 22 @ 10:50PM  
i wonder if she said they should have gays marrages what the reaction would of been! this young girl was asked a question should she have lied? she was just telling what her feelings were is all! i hope she do sue that guy cause he deserves it! JMO=just my opionion

Apr 22 @ 10:57PM  
She was asked a question and gave her opinion. Whether one agrees with that opinion or not is irrelevant.
The dumb ass judge is within his rights to not like what she said...... but he went WAY out of line to trash her publicly like that.
1) He owes her a BIG apology.
2) He should never be in a position to judge any sort of pageant ever again.

Apr 23 @ 4:47AM  
Well....if fags wanna fuck each other in the ass - go for it.

If lesbos wanna eat each other out - can I watch?

If straight people wanna pair up male/female - yippie.

Maybe societilogically we would THEN have a three-way?

Some judges, whether they be on pageants or courts, are douche bags.

I'm with Bruce, my give-a-shit meter isn't working today.

Apr 23 @ 5:04AM  
Another vapid ho gets a microphone and starts pontificating about shit she couldn't begin to understand... have you seen the video? She talks in circles, contradicting herself and rambling. I think Perez should be commended for his ability to even extrapolate a point one way or the other from that garbled mess of an answer. On top of that, he was being generous by explaining his decision in a way that implied that her views were discriminatory, but at least clearly defined. I would have gone all Billy Madison on her ass. And before you go calling me partisan, I would have gladly given her kudos if she had given an answer I disagreed with ideologically if it were well-thought-out.

I think she should be skewered for getting airtime when she can barely string a thought together. And Perez should have just said "the silly bimbo didn't win 'cause she can't talk!"

The real irony is, if you listen to the literal wording of the first part of her answer, she wasn't actually coming out against gay marriage! She said that one of the great things about this country is that people can choose, gay marriages or straight.

Apr 23 @ 7:16AM  
Personally..I think Miss. Ca. should sex with me.....and she and I could talk about it later!!!

I didnt watch i really dunno what to say...! Personally...I try to tell the Truth......No matter what!
I dont agree with same sex...Marriages..., But I also..dont agree with Lesbians...because they Get all of the Pussy!!!
OK..I just woke up...Dont Shoot me plz!!!

Apr 23 @ 8:22AM  
Silly me, I thought we had a 1st Amendment and

Freedom of Speech!!

Apr 23 @ 9:05AM  
Whether she should sue or not...I doubt if she would get anywhere. We do have the right to free speech in this country. I will agree Perez Hilton was reckless and stupid in what he said..but, he also shares that right in free speech. As for Miss California's answer, she is entitled to her opinion. She answered honestly, and therefore shouldn't be slammed for it. But, we don't live in a perfect world, and people have differing opinions on this subject. Myself, the issue of gay marriage is a no brainer. America is supposed to be the "land of the free". We are supposed to be able to live our lives without the government making the rules for us. My point, if gay people want to get married, let them. I'm not saying everyone has to like it, I'm just saying as American citizens, they have a right to live their lives as anyone else in this country. If that makes me be it. I've always considered myself American in all honesty.

Apr 23 @ 9:24AM  
When did Webster change their definition of marriage?
The definition of marriage used to be (at least in my Webster Dictionary):
the union of a man and a woman as husband and wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law
It is now (on the Merriam-Webster web site):
(1): the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law (2): the state of being united to a person of the same sex in a relationship like that of a traditional marriage same-sex marriage

Who decides when a words meaning changes?

Apr 23 @ 10:07AM  
Well personally I think that is between the two people. I don't care for it, none of my business but if that is what makes "you" happy that is up to you not me

Apr 23 @ 10:27AM  
I don't understand why people get in such an uproar over stuff like this.....who cares if she agrees with it or not?

Apr 23 @ 11:04AM  
I just went and watched the video.

I don't feel she answered the actual question, just gave her opinion about how marriage should be between a man and woman. Regardless of whether she did or didn't agree with same sex marriages, she would have been boo'd for her opinion. It's a very intense subject and there are too many different view points for her to give an opinion and no one boo her.

As for Perez Hilton calling her a dumb bitch and saying she only has half a brain, I think Evils opening line
Another vapid ho gets a microphone and starts pontificating about shit she couldn't begin to understand
would have more more suited for Perez, instead of Miss Ca.

Just my opinion..............
Good to see you back, Pink.


Apr 24 @ 1:35AM  
Uh... what would she sue for?
For not winning a contest. It's a private contest, they can strip you of your crown for whatever reason that want, even if you win. They can judge you on any criteria even ones that they pull out of their ass (or you pull out of a fish bowl as the case may be).
Beyond that, did Perez say anything about her that he knew to be factually inaccurate? And more over, she lost and got famous which presumable is what she was looking for in the first place. It's a win-win-win. She gets whatever deals she can arrange off the instant celebrity, Perez gets a minute or so tacked on to his 15, and the Miss USA contest gets to seem relevant again. What's all the fuss?

I don't know, this probably sounded angrier than it was...
Just my .02 and I go away now.


Apr 24 @ 9:13AM  
When I was waiting in the surgery waiting room for blueeyes708, they had this story...over and over and over.....
So uproar on my end, nor do I truly give a shit.

But IMHO, this was a question that should never have been asked of her. What possible bearing does a Miss USA have on this subject? It felt to me that it was a cheap shot at once again getting the topic on the minds of the general populace. Save that shit for the lawmakers.

And if he had truly asked it in the context that he CLAIMS he did, MUCH later in sketchy explanation, well to me, he wouldn't have been pissed off enough to insult her in his video blog like that.

A cheap bid to throw the subject in her face for cheap publicity. She obviously was caught off guard by the curve ball question and choked, understandably. Had she stopped after the line "I am glad to live in a country where we have choices" she would have did fine and he would have gotten barbequed afterwards. However, they are coached to give longer answers and she held forth her personal convictions.

The question never should have been asked. My nickel.

Apr 24 @ 7:51PM  
I think Perez is a little pissy fucktard!

Goes to show ya that so many liberals have no tolerance of others with difference of opinions.

Not sure how someone like Perez can be selected to be judge for that pagegent. He's too immature and unprofessional, as well as having no tolerance of others!

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Miss California..... will she sue?