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Which do you want???

posted 4/20/2009 12:13:53 AM |
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tagged: mama

Ok question time men????

Lets see... ????
Ok you are out in a bar..
Do you want the slutty looking girl??
Or do you want the normal looking girl???
Which one is safe and which one is not???
And knowing how you are who would go home with you??

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Apr 20 @ 12:28AM  

The normal one and she's probably the safest.

No one would go home with a MEAN, OLD, GROUCH like me.

Apr 20 @ 12:46AM  
To do my taxes- the normal one.

For a one-night-stand- the slutty one.

For a relationship- the chick bassist onstage with the lip-ring and the Motorhead tattoo.

Apr 20 @ 2:10AM  
It would depend on which one was interested in Me!!!
I do like my women a Lil on the Trashy side!!! But, I would rather be Wanted 1st!!!
I have never picked up, a lady from a Bar..... But I'm working on it!!!!

None are 100% Safe!!!

Sometimes....the Girl Next Door..Does....the whole neighborhood!!!

Apr 20 @ 2:12AM  
Damn, they both ran after I got close.

If they both were the same as far as how cute they were, I'd go for the slutty one. And after a hit of extasy and a few drinks they both would go home with me.

Apr 20 @ 2:24AM  
I'll take both and have a threesome!!

Apr 20 @ 7:27AM  
heyy now..i like to dress a bit trashy[but i'm far from easy} but i'm very down to earth so how would i fit in? lol!

Apr 20 @ 7:34AM  
A lifetime ago, it wouldn't matter. And if they went home with me it was always fun.

Safe? Safe for everything except my heart, which is why there have been few pickups this time around. Better yet, it's a date set for another time. THEN we go out safely.

Which is more likely? probably the normal looking one, but both would prefer the "bad" boy, which I don't look like. It's not til later, when that side of me comes out.

Apr 20 @ 8:58AM  
I like select's idea! You really can't tell by looking, i would choose both.

Apr 20 @ 9:51AM  
Chuck... Are you sure the normal looking one is safe??
OHT.. Hit the head right on the nail saying the girl next door does the whole neighborhood... You really can't tell which one is safe...

Apr 20 @ 10:14AM  
Let's say I go into a bar for a few drinks (enough to proclaim: "it's a good thing I'm driving, because I'm in no condition to walk") and I notice a plain looking lady at a table with her g/fs. Her g/fs are attractive, one slutty looking with nice sized breasts (are they real or are they Memorex?), the other one revealing much (cleavage and a little glimpse of her panties, depending on what (practiced) position she's sitting in!

But the plain looking one with her long hair up, appears to have small breasts, wearing glasses and dresses revealing little, is the lady I'ma gonna go for!! In my mind, she probably has hidden attributes that would blow my mind- especially when she lets her hair down and takes her glasses off, with a great personality to go with it!! Not to mention, could be starving for some attention and affection but just isn't tuned in enough to attract a guy she would be interested in! Well... she's in a bar... that's her first mistake right there!!

Well...... you asked!


Apr 20 @ 10:17AM  
I like Evil's answer

Apr 20 @ 10:19AM  
Looks can be deceiving ....A slutty looking girl may look easy but turn out to be a terrible lay while the normal girl turns out to be a freak in the sheets You have to get to know the individual personally as far of knowing if the muff is safe diving into ......

Apr 20 @ 11:08AM  
The one with the prettiest eyes. Sorry I'm old school, I guess.

Actually, I have never been drawn to the prettiest gal in the room but to the one with the most relaxed and unpretentious manner.

Apr 20 @ 11:30AM  
Well Mama , the pick would be easy if you were one of the choices ......

Apr 20 @ 11:33AM  
What's "trashy"? If tight jeans, low cut blouse, toe rings 'n ankle bracelets are trashy then that would be me.... Then sometimes its just tight jeans and a baggy sweatshirt. But ya can bet it's always casual....I don't do the dress up thingy.

Therefore, those gals that come in in micro-mini's and high heels are the one's who get the attention.

I get a lot of admiring looks in a bar but the man I'm goin' home with is the one that's man enough to get past my touch-me-not attitude. I'm just not "user friendly" and it shows. A man who has the guts to approach me and try to get to know me like a gentleman gets my attention.

Now ya know why I always come home alone...sigh....but dat's da way this cookie crumbles.

Apr 20 @ 12:21PM  
Awww Flavor....

Softie that would be me too.. When I feel like dressing like that...

Apr 20 @ 1:17PM  
Looks can be deceiving ....A slutty looking girl may look easy but turn out to be a terrible lay while the normal girl turns out to be a freak in the sheets You have to get to know the individual personally as far of knowing if the muff is safe diving into ......

Well said flavor. I have know a lady or two that liked to dress the slutty part but were quite the prude. It was all just to tease.


Apr 20 @ 1:24PM  

I would associate the term slutty more with excessive lipstick for instance rather than feminine dress such as short skirts or cleavage.

Apr 20 @ 2:04PM  
oF COURSE i want the normal one, duh, lol. but if i get shot down, hmmm, how horny am i and when was the last time i got laid? That's when the slutty one comes in the picture

Apr 21 @ 12:34AM  
Why can't I have both?

Apr 21 @ 10:34AM  
Well in the old days when I was still bar hopping......... I'd have a couple drinks and go home....... alone.
Since I fall into the "normal" class......

I'm not interested in the slutty ones.........

And the normal ones all want the bad boy with the pony tail and the harley in the parking lot.

Apr 22 @ 8:53AM  
I've had them both and I married one .. Now with one did I marry!!!! lol

Apr 24 @ 11:04PM  
Evild's answer rocks. and
None are 100% Safe!!!
is certainly true.

Without knowing anything more than slutty or normal. I gotta go for the normal. . Some one above me, (or some guy on top of me, if you prefer. I certainly don't...) pointed out that slutty doesn't mean an amazing lay, and normal doesn't mean a bad lay. So all things being equal, go with the one you think your going to enjoy the 'getting to know you' part more with. My experience is the slutty dressed one is less likely to conversate and more like to randomly get distracted by something shiny. She's not likely to give you much to go off to make the assessment about whether or not it's worth it.

just my .02

Apr 24 @ 11:39PM  
I'll take the normal looking girl

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