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posted 4/17/2009 6:51:57 AM |
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"Judge" a Person by the way they Keep House?
Yeah I know, We are not suppose to judge others...but..lets face it... we Do!!!
Lets say... you started dating someone...and you walked into their house...and its a Fubar!!! Dishes pilled up everywhere, dirty clothes everywhere..Trash pilled up..etc.
What would you think?
Would you think Less of that Person?
Would a Messy house turn you against that person?
Now, if this person wasn't Able to clean house...thats understandable to me... ! But lets say they Are able....and are just lazy... or dont clean for some reason.... ?

I have someone comming over tonight... So Its like spring cleaning here to me...!!!(I would do it even if it wasn't spring!! )
Thats one of the reasons I get Ladies to come that will make me do the Lil things...that I have missed along the
Such out the fridge...dusting hard to reach places, cleaning Etc!!!!
Do you think..that a person that has a Messy House.. has a Messy Life? Just asking

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Apr 17 @ 7:41AM  
If we have planned to go to his place, yes I expect a certain degree of tidyness, but also know that most folks work full time, and have many other things to worry about than a spotless house

Apr 17 @ 8:04AM  
I honestly think people do take allot of notice to how people live their lives, and the little(ish) things like a clean environment says allot about someones lifestyle (I mean how many men that go for daily runs, and consider healthy eating to be important would not find time to do a big clean up once a week?) I know there will be a good few, but I think you can read people by their many aspects of life and cleanliness.

& I think a girl would really be put off if the man was not clean, and if the place is not clean she might think something similar, lie... Ok you are clean now but what about the last month before today? & tomorrow? & I think the little impressions can have a lasting effect, then maybe one day everything will just come to a head... & ARGGGGG sets in.

That's all...

Apr 17 @ 8:32AM  
OMG...... I am glad I am married.LOL My house is trashed. Temporarily I hope, had to move in a hurry and have not had time to organize. I guess I am saying you shouldn't judge to quickly there could be a really good reason for the mess.

Apr 17 @ 8:39AM  
I have always had a rule about this sort of thing. if he/she doesn't take pride in the appearance( be it their house or body) that the whole world can see. then what neglect have they giving to the parts you can't see?

Apr 17 @ 8:46AM  
I think a messy house is a sign of someone who is lazy and unorganized. I don't know if it necessarily means their hygeine is bad......I have known people with clutter/mess who are clean people. With that being said, if you are dating someone and having them over to your place, tidying up should be expected.

Apr 17 @ 9:45AM  
First of all...I like the new pix!'s one thing when I go visit friends...I don't care what their house looks like. I don't have to live with them and how they live is their business. I go to see them, not their house.

But if it's a man of whom I may wonder if the relationship might "go somewhere" I will certainly take note.

I can only speak for me here but I do know that if there's ever to be a man in my life again then our compatibility is gonna have to extend into his willingness to be a full partner and not a man who expects me to do it all. To me, if his place is a mess then it's a pretty sure bet if we ever live together, he isn't gonna lift a finger to do his part.

I cannot function in total disorder and chaos and I will never again take it all on myself so a man can sit back and twiddle his thumbs. Just another reason I figure I'll be alone the rest of my life.

So yes....if I go to a man's house I do take notice of the way he lives. But I also know the first time or two won't tell the story cause he's gonna wanna make a good impression. It's down the line that tells the real story.

Apr 17 @ 10:49AM  
well here we go lol judging a person by the way they live?? NOT me I was with a man who was such a slob okay he really was but he was fun to be with and so nice. But in my heart I knew it wasn't going to make it

Apr 17 @ 10:57AM  
I don't really care how someone's house looks..

Apr 17 @ 11:18AM  

I tease Griz about there being a big difference between his clean and my clean. But in all fairness, he's a guy, he gets up at 5:30 am and gets home from work at 5:30 pm, and spends quite a few evenings with his girls. He's too busy with more important things than to really care if things are dusted, cluttered or everything is in it's place. But there are never dirty dishes, that's a big plus. And he's always willing to help with the house work.

Good luck tonight... hope all goes well.

Apr 17 @ 11:22AM  
he isn't gonna lift a finger to do his part
This makes me think of my X...
She had been dating a Guy...for over a year...and asked me..about this very same thing!!!
I told her not to worry about it...! She wanted to know if she should help him clean..I told her no Way!!!
Well, after six month pass...he needs to get his House Appraised.. so he could re-finance it and put it in his name...(out of his Xe's name) bla bla bla..
It Took both of them 3 weeks to clean the place up!!!
In doing so...she discoverd that he had a Fireplace.....that she didn't know that he had!!! There was so much crap in the Floor she couldn't see it!!!
Needless to say...she does all of his Cleaning!!!!

Apr 17 @ 11:47AM  

Another good blog and subject line. I think INB & whisper are both right.

Apr 17 @ 2:59PM  
I've heard the statement from people if a person has an unclean car they are generally slobs but people do use their personal ride as a work vehicle & actually keep their pad clean & I've known people who keep a clean vehicle & let their house go ... It doesn't bother me to go to a friends house & it is lacking but deep down I know it does bother them ... Generally in the 1st place I keep a clean place & secondly the motivation of someone thinking of me as a slob lights a fire under my ass to keep it clean & organized Every one slips on occasion due to work , being a single parent or just putting it off to another day & so on ....

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