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Are Christians hypocrites for simply being on this site?

posted 4/15/2009 3:10:25 PM |
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tagged: life, straddle

Some non-Christians will have you believe that Christians being on this site are being hypocritical. Gee, and here I thought that this was an adult dating site. Seems like the biggest hypocrites are the very ones that preach about being tolerant to other peoples views, and yet when one speaks up with different views, they try to attack, discredit, and destroy that person. I see this mostly from the left who shamefully discuises themselves as moderates. When they lie like this their credibility goes right out the window....and it should. What they do with their lives is their business, but when you start pointing the finger at Christians about being hypocrites, take a very good look at yourself in the mirror. I doubt that you would actually like yourself. I have seen a lot of people that don't have God in their lives, and what do I see? People who are never happy, and almost always depressed. I don't come on this site to preach in my blogs about Christianity. Yes, I am a Christian, and I am proud of that. Am I perfect? No, I'm not perfect. Do I come off as being hypocritcal? I could see that I can come off that way to some by some of the type of blogs that I do. But in reality, I don't live like that in my private life for the most part. I have made that clear many times in my blogs and comments for those who actually pay attention to things. I enjoy doing blogs, and while a lot of my blogs are highly sexual, it's mostly entertainment to me. I have noticed that there are many Christians on this site. I guess according to a certain blogger, all of us Christians are hypocrites for just being here. Maybe, maybe not...But they love to judge us because these non-Christians have such a distain for us.

Another thing I have an issue with are the younger generation who are taught with liberal text books today. When I was growing up 20-25 years ago, many of these text books I feel were more accurate with information than they certainly are today.

This is all my opinion and I'm entitled to how I feel like others feel on this site!

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Apr 15 @ 3:22PM  
To name a few other Christians on this site...


There a lot more on here too. I guess we're all hypocrites for being here according to Luna and a few others.

Apr 15 @ 3:25PM  
For those who judge others same on you I know I am guilty of judging also so shame on me.

For those of us who are Christians, I have always been told to not worry about what others think of what you do because "GOD will be the final judge."

Apr 15 @ 3:37PM  
Ah who cares what others think! Just had to comment Straddle, and I think I'll leave you a kudo, lol...JUST BECAUSE I CAN because I can and because it is going to piss someone OFF!! (someone who I won't mention)

Apr 15 @ 3:41PM  
so if we are christians we are hypocrites and if we say something about the president we are racists.hell i thought this was a free country you could think what you wanted hell i didn't like clinton and he was white and i didn't like kerry or gore and they were both white.but it was ok to bash bush for 8 yrs and still doing it even after he is gone seems sort of one sided to me both sides are a bunch of fucking crooks that could give a rats ass about us the only time they care is when they are up for re-election after that we don't seem to matter to much .just because i love pussy doesn't mean i can't love jesus too.we can both express our views without trying to stomp the other person just because we don't agree thats what make our country great try having a different point of view in some other countries and see what happens.ok time for my meds lol

Apr 15 @ 3:51PM  
so if we are christians we are hypocrites and if we say something about the president we are racists
Yep, Bandit. Some of these people actually think this way. Looks to me like they're very narrow minded people with a lot of issues in their lives...

Apr 15 @ 3:57PM  
OMG! Luna is whining again in her latest blog about not getting any comment on her "well thought out blog". Well Luna, I don't feel like your "well thought out blog" was all that thought out. You attacked us Christians on here. To me that was very foolish on your part. Do you realize how many Christians are on this site? Girl, what were you thinking? Doesn't look like you were thinking at all from my perspective. You go ahead a blog more about me all you want. I don't attend to waste anymore blogs on're just not worth it to me!

Apr 15 @ 3:57PM  
well if thats what it takes to get them through the day then more power to them.but im a lot happier not worrying about g w fucking bush or nobama

Apr 15 @ 4:35PM  
i am christian too...

Apr 15 @ 4:50PM  
Aw c'mon now Shawn...cut me some slack. I never said anyone was a hypocrite...that's your word, not mine. Christians are human and we often talk the talk but slip off the path of walking the walk. Hypocrites? Nah....just human.

So I got a little technical...but either His WHOLE word is true or none of it is. I for one don't think you can pick and choose out of it only what suits you..doesn't work that way.

I admitted I'm a Christian that has strayed off the right path. What else do you want from me anyway? Are you calling me a liar for saying I'm a Christian? Check it out if you don't believe's all there for the reading...there are alot of carnal Christians; people who believe His word but doesn't practice it except for what suits the way they want to live. But think of me what you will...whatever trips your trigger hun.

I foresee the lastest blogs turning into a flaming war. I want no part of it. The written word often causes confusion and misinterpretation and each of us only sees what we want to see here. The gauntlet has been thrown down by you and Luna...this is the only time I'm picking it up. From here on out let the games begin.

Apr 15 @ 4:59PM  
Softy, I don't have a beef with you as much as I do with Luna. Luna decided to blog and attack me and other Christians on this site by calling us hypocrites for being on this site.

Apr 15 @ 5:14PM  
so where do it say a christin cant go on a website?

Apr 15 @ 5:28PM  
No a Christian is not a hippy crit for being here ... Weather you believe or not that's your business & the bottom line is believer or not we all have to meet our maker which is our creator who decides our final destination .... Now watch someone hippo crate my mis-spelling

Apr 15 @ 5:45PM  
I feel every religion has a right to be here. IT is an adult site after all.

Apr 15 @ 5:57PM  
FLAVOR! i think hippo crit is spelled wrong! i thought id tell you before wordsofwit do!

Apr 15 @ 5:57PM  
I never said anyone was a hypocrite for being here or that if you was here you're not a Christian. So let me clear this up....being here I don't think would be God's best choice for us but it DOES NOT mean we aren't Christians. We are just doing more of our thingy than His. OK???

Now I tippy toe out the back door and mosey on down da road cause I luvs ya an I ain't gonna squabble wit no one....

Apr 15 @ 6:05PM  
Thanks Feather

Apr 15 @ 6:09PM  
Some people just are not happy unless they are bitching about something or spreading bullshit about someone.
Some one pass me a

Apr 15 @ 6:26PM  
If members here are Christian, they are not hypocrites. Myself, I don't go to church, and I'll be quite honest...I don't go because it bores me to tears. Doesn't mean I don't have some belief.

As for my "views", they are mine, and mine alone. And while I might disagree with some things, I also accept that others views will be different, and I respect that. Face it, if we all had the same exact beliefs, views, etc.. we would be bored beyond belief.

Besides, I might not be an expert on Christianity, but I don't think it's against the belief to enjoy socializing.


Apr 15 @ 6:40PM  
Aw SugarnSpice I do believe you said that perfectly. I'm also a Christian but guess what??? I try never to judge a person by their looks I'm not beautiful, or by their acts, I ain't perfect, nor by their pocketbooks, hell I"m poor! And just because i'm on a few dating sites or ADULT site (here) doesn't make me or anyone else a whore, or a cheap trick. So umm I guess you all need to grow up and act your ages????

Apr 15 @ 7:15PM  
Ask Larry Craig, Jimmy Swaggart or Jim Baker.

Apr 15 @ 7:27PM  
Another thing I have an issue with are the younger generation who are taught with liberal text books today. When I was growing up 20-25 years ago, many of these text books I feel were more accurate with information than they certainly are today.

I have to agree with the second part of that as from 20 years ago on back to 40 years ago when I was in high school creationism was not taught in the schools as a scientific theory. That was the churches' job.

Let me project this implication just a bit to ensure I understand the perspective by connecting some dots. Please correct me if I am wrong. Are you saying that people that do not include references to God or Christianity (including creationism) in public schools and text books are automatically liberals?

Apr 15 @ 7:32PM  
Instead of an exchange of ideas and philosophical points, isn't this getting a bit personal by too many people? Hell, one person dragged me in before I even commented (in terms that person can understand PH_Q).

Apr 15 @ 7:53PM  
Let me project this implication just a bit to ensure I understand the perspective by connecting some dots. Please correct me if I am wrong. Are you saying that people that do not include references to God or Christianity (including creationism) in public schools and text books are automatically liberals?
Bruce, this wasn't what I had in mind when I was writing that part of my blog. One example of what I was referring to was the younger generation being taught in liberal text books today that Christopher Columbus is rooten because he took the indians land away. When I was young we were taught that he discovered America. The text books didn't trash him whatsoever. Hell, we even got out of school on Columbus Day. Now most younger people want to change the name of this holiday to fall day or something other. I know a lot of text books are not up to par today with the bias in them. And yes, they tend to be more liberal leaning that what I can ever recall.

Apr 15 @ 8:13PM  
I will say it again...

I am a Christian and I am proud of the fact that I am.

Am I a Hypocrite, not at all.

I only spoke out earlier because I take great offense of our President going to other countries and giving appologies from our country and telling them that we are not a Nation of Christians and other things.

Shawn, as for Luna, she attacked me once on my blog and I never said anything at all to her. She just attacked the crap out of me. I will not take the time to give her any attention.

Apr 15 @ 8:16PM  
I think God would approve of Christians being on this site. Being one with the world. No, God wants us to leave the ways of the world and repent. Let's see, blog on Adult Match Doctor or read the Bible. Which would God rather I do?
There area not many Bible believing religions, of which Christianity is one, would approve of a member spending time on this site. Oh, and let's attack others verbally with intent to hurt them.

I studied Theology and religions for 8 years and I've probably read more of the Bible then most Christians. I know that God would not approve of me being on this site and I wouldn't try to convince myself otherwise.

The simplest way to see if God would approve: WWJD...not be here for sure. I would love to claim to be a Christian, but true Christians attempt to follow all the rules, not pick and chose the ones the suit. I beleive in God, but I can't call myself a Christian.

Just my thoughts...I know I'll get some backlash.


Apr 15 @ 8:20PM  
As for the text books. When I first heard of this I got some copies of the books that are printed in NJ and I was in total shock at the lies that are being printed and given to our children.

Let's re-write history to change the world.......

Wake up America.

Down with the Republicans and Demorcrats.

We need a new party that will at least stand by and proctect our Constitution.

Apr 15 @ 9:48PM  
omg! Christians do not drink bigflirt!

Apr 15 @ 9:53PM  
Well us back pew baptist do....

Apr 15 @ 9:54PM  
Hey ya'll, I'm going to the bar, would anyone like to join me there?

It's free sex nite!

Apr 15 @ 9:56PM  
You mean Christians has sex??

Apr 15 @ 10:45PM  
Straddle wrote:

You made a mistake in attacking Christians. That's my beef with you today! If you don't like it here and most of your friends are no longer around, then why are you still here then? Personally, I think you have WAYYYY too much idle time on your hands.

Luna wrote:

Because I said it wasn't a Christian nation? Just as I would expect a Republican Fox news watching creep like you to do- twist it around to suit yourself. Fuck you Shawn. I don't hammer out 5 blogs a day, half being about sticking nose in my girlfriend's asscrack. You're just like all the Republicans around: sexually deviant and two-faced. Just face it- your side lost. Wait for the next four years and shut THE FUCK UP. You're just like all the Republicans around: sexually deviant and two-faced. Just face it- your side lost. Wait for the next four years and shut THE FUCK UP

Man, you are pretty dense! You know why I took you to task. You called Christians on this site hypocrites for just being on here. I didn't twist anything around. Two face? I don't think so. If that's one thing I'm not is two face. I'm upfront and very direct with people. So, you think I'm a creep? Nah, I'm not that either. But if I was I would rather be one than a immature little whiney bitchy oh please feel sorry for me angry racist type emo any day! When are you going to cancel out again and run off, and for how long?

Btw, at least I don't hammer out every blog that's an angry rant blog blaming society for all my problems.

Apr 15 @ 10:48PM  
You mean Christians has sex??

This one does...

Apr 15 @ 10:51PM  
just because someone dont like obama dont make that person a rasicest! maybe they dont like his views! i dont like bush that dont mean i hate whites gessh! some people like demercates or republics!

Apr 15 @ 11:07PM  
Damn shit I miss when I am praying..... LOL..

No but really I am a chatholic.. Not a christian.. So send me to hell for being on here....

I Don't walk in to church cause they are hypocrites.. but that is just my own opinion.. Bad blood with me and the church.. Nothing with any one on here...

But I was raised you can praise god any where you don't have to go to church to do it.. soooo. I chose

Apr 15 @ 11:10PM  
i think luna and docrevlove make a great couple they need too hook up

Apr 15 @ 11:31PM  
I'm not going to comment because you get TOO much attention.

Oh, wtf............. Screw it. lol

I have Christian sex every weekend. Honest.

My gf is always saying.. oh god..OH god.. OH GOD..OH.GOD.OH.GOD.OH.GOD

Apr 15 @ 11:34PM  

Hey ya'll, I'm going to the bar, would anyone like to join me there?

It's free sex nite!

I'm half way there!!


Apr 16 @ 10:33AM  
and you forgot this bitch dude! I miss you

Apr 16 @ 11:26AM  
omg! its geena, where you been? all these old people r cummin out of the woodwork, good to see ya back girl!!

Apr 16 @ 11:44AM  
I made it here where my dreams are but connecton sucks

Apr 16 @ 1:35PM  
There I gave you a kudo.

Apr 16 @ 2:09PM  
awwww, ok ok ill give ya a kiddo 2

Apr 16 @ 3:24PM  

Revdoclove wrote:
Judging from a lot of the comments here,
AMD sure the hell isn't very intellectual
It's a fact that Christians and intellectuals are two different theories..
Xians are followers and intellectuals know how to question
and think for themselves..JMHO as an ordained minister..

You've got you be kidding me. You're no more an ordained minister than lets say Charles Manson is. You have agnostic on your profile, and it seems like you love to bash Christians and other people with faith based religions on here.

There ya have it folks, some of these Christian bashers have made themselves known in the blogs and comments. Us Christians are told in todays society that we should be tolerant to other peoples beliefs, and that were not a Christian nation. I see tolerance with Christians on this site and in this country for other faiths and non-believers. But yet we have a few non-believers that seem to enjoy bashing Christians. This really should be a wakeup call to Christians on this site, and in this country.

To you Luna and revdoclove, you two have shown your true colors on here in front of people.

And Luna, maybe I should just quit blogging, you seem to get so worked up with the sucesses of my blogs on here to where I end up with a lot of comments. I try to make this place fun and enjoyable, along with entertaining. No one wants to read a rant blog all the time with the blogger being negative. You trashing this site I'm sure isn't going to go over well with the people who run this site. If you don't like this site, then one is stopping you!

Apr 16 @ 3:28PM  
Oh, and Luna, I'm not going to stop blogging to appease you!

Apr 16 @ 3:52PM  
Were all judgmental here- thank you to Rnj for pointing that out to me in my last blog. I'm pretty sure the Bible which you're probably convinced I never read in my life speaks of not judging anyone which I will admit I have been doing lately. I know its not cool and shouldn't of singled one person out as a target of my ire. I will woman-up and admit that here and now that some of the stuff I said was out of line.

However, what ticks me off about you is you toss this Christian label around and you wear the badge proudly but yet you're affiliated with a political party that condemns people. Now,I'm a little rusty but Christ's teachings aren't exactly compatible with neo-Conservative's stance. In fact,he was an apolitical man if you didn't know and if he walked amongst us today,he'd probably wouldn't take up any party affiliation at all. Anyway- that's what rubs me the wrong about you if you so needed to know. I openly admitted that here and on this blog, so if anyone wanted to know why is "Luna complaining/picking on hoo...he didn't say anything to her"...there you go,dammit.

I figure for me not being into "the Word" or a Christian, I am being open- admitting that I am wrong and that I need to be nicer. Yes,I do need to be less negative, but I will not change my opinion of how things are here: All the better bloggers are gone and those who have decided to stay and post interesting,refreshing stuff have been pushed to the back for the same stale posts.. that *is* true. Also certain bloggers *do* post political blogs when knowing it will become an epic flame war. Not too many care to leave their comfort zone on here..that is definitely true.

As for my "Lunanegra sucks club": you,Zena and Bunny...well,for the three of you who can't stand me there are at least twice the amount who care about me and know the real me. I figure if I were who I was on here in the real world..I'd have no one so I must not be the terrible,immature person you think I am...least I have that going for me.

Apr 16 @ 5:28PM  
Oh Hell !!! & make up guys

Apr 16 @ 6:52PM  
if thats the case go to the real world!! dam she made another blog now! boy she sure needs to blog alot is this one a crying im sorry blog,?

Apr 16 @ 7:09PM  
LUNA, your the 1 who started this name calling with me and zena, if ya cant take it dont dish it out!

Apr 16 @ 7:28PM  
dam she made another blog now! boy she sure needs to blog alot is this one a crying im sorry blog,?

Oh because I don't know...I am being mature and realizing the error of what I did by apologizing to everyone and being genuinely sorry??

Ironically you speak of maturity and keep instigating more and more when its done and I've said my peace. Do yourself a favor and go do something else other than keeping shit going. I am DONE and I mean this.


Apr 16 @ 7:31PM  
hear ya all shes done cryin go back 2 your blogs

Apr 16 @ 7:37PM  
Luna, just an hour or so before you wrote your apology blog you came to this blog and wreaked havoc. I really think it takes longer to be self conscious of ones actions? That's just my feelings. If you feel different and are truly sorry then why do you keep using peoples profile names as ones to place blame on for your actions? It is very discerning. I really think no one is mad at you. I for one don't get made. Consistency is an action that will sustain your pursuit for positive reinforcement.

Apr 16 @ 7:43PM  
Luna, actions speak louder than words. I truly want to believe you, but time will tell. I just didn't appreciate you coming after me and other Christians on this site when you called us hypocrites for just being on this site. When I get on here my intentions are never to fued, but to have fun, and I really want to keep it that way. I don't plan on adding any more fuel to this fire that's been going on between us the past two days.

Apr 16 @ 8:00PM  
Damn it seems like it takes 15 minutes to scroll up to post a comment just to post a comment after reading the last comment

Apr 17 @ 11:45AM  
This whole back and forth crap between you and Luna is stupid. The people making these comments on here bashing Luna are ridiculous. I'm not going to mention any names here, but it seems there are a few "followers" you have Shawn that flock to this sort of "drama" on here.....stirring up the shit and making it worse....and then point the finger at Luna when they are just as bad for adding more fuel to the fire.

Personally, I don't give a rat's ass who is what religion, who has what political views, and whether or not someone wipes their ass with the left hand or their right. All I care about is WHO I AM and that's all you should people should be caring about too. Everybody needs to move on now and get over it and quit being a shit stirrer....and I mean EVERYBODY...not just the blog author here.

Apr 17 @ 12:11PM  
This whole back and forth crap between you and Luna is stupid. The people making these comments on here bashing Luna are ridiculous. I'm not going to mention any names here, but it seems there are a few "followers" you have Shawn that flock to this sort of "drama" on here.....stirring up the shit and making it worse....and then point the finger at Luna when they are just as bad for adding more fuel to the fire.

Personally, I don't give a rat's ass who is what religion, who has what political views, and whether or not someone wipes their ass with the left hand or their right. All I care about is WHO I AM and that's all you should people should be caring about too. Everybody needs to move on now and get over it and quit being a shit stirrer....and I mean EVERYBODY...not just the blog author here.

DMB, let it go! I think the drama over the past two things had died down, so I'm not sure why you decided to post this comment accusing me and some of the people on this blog as shit stirrers. I know you like Luna and all, but quit adding a little more fuel to the fire with going after me and a few other people here! Luna has apologized and really this should be the end of it from her and you both!

Apr 17 @ 12:14PM  
Like I said:
I know she brought it on her own. She is definitely not without fault and I'm pretty tired of her negative blogs too....and I told her so! My point was only that everyone else was no better for what they were saying. I think it's best to just ignore that crap from now on. I don't like the word "accuse" either....makes me sound like I'm being a bitch....I'm trying to be neutral to this whole thing and I'm not "siding" with either of you.

Sorry if I'm late commenting.....I'm not on here 24/7, so I can't comment on blogs as soon as they are posted. I just was throwing in my 2 cents. Please don't lump me in with anybody else here. Telling me to "let it go".....let what go? I never started this....I wanted to comment on all this.....sorry for having an opinion.

Apr 17 @ 12:23PM  
Well, in your words, lets move on!

Apr 17 @ 12:31PM  
*For the record*

This goes out to everyone, including my friends. If I feel that a comment is posted that is adding more fuel to the fire with what happened between Luna and I, I will delete it after here on then. It's time to move on to better and fun things

Apr 17 @ 5:30PM  
logic implies that you have no idea who or what a real christian is. i will be bold and say you think christians follow jimmy swaggart and jerry falwell.! not likely! those who follow are commonly referred to as pseudochristians. real christians lead by example. go out into your world, look about you, i'm guessing that it is possible you just might spot a true christian. LOL we be jammin

Apr 19 @ 1:53PM  
Great blog Straddle!.....and here's another " imperfect" Christian to add to the list!and a green thingy for standing up for us!

Apr 19 @ 2:41PM  
Thank you, Sara!

Apr 19 @ 3:05PM  
omg! Christians do not drink bigflirt!

Well us back pew baptist do....

I hope you're not drinking Budweiser right there on the back pew. At least, wait until you get home to pop the top on your Bud.

Apr 19 @ 3:12PM  
I have Christian sex every weekend. Honest.

My gf is always saying.. oh god..OH god.. OH GOD..OH.GOD.OH.GOD.OH.GOD


Apr 19 @ 6:14PM  
I've always thought of christianity as a neverending hypocracy. Most of them do fornicate, have children outside of wedlock, commit adultery, diddle little boys (or is that exclusive to catholicism? ), lie, cheat, steal; or just so happen to find christianity when they are incarcerated.

Sorry, I had to get that out of my system. I had a catholic guy give me the second degree last night for being an athiest. I feel better now and hope no one took massive offense.

Apr 21 @ 3:09PM  
christians are hypocrites period!

Apr 21 @ 4:37PM  
christians are hypocrites period!
To lump all Christians as hypocrites tells me a lot about you. You don't sound like a very tolerant person in my opinion. What if I were to say that all liberal and young people were hypocrites and foolish since most of you preach tolerance to your counterparts, and yet you don't live by what you preach to others? A lot of you attack others for having a difference of opinions from yours! Grow up and learn to accept and respect other peoples opinions!

Apr 25 @ 6:25AM  
I don't believe whether someone's a Christian or not has anything to do with being on a so-called "adult" site. The operative word here being "adult."

My objection is to people who are on this site who cannot discuss matters of a sexual nature without resorting to third grade-level potty humor. I mean if this is an "adult" site, then act like a freaking adult, for pete's sake!

Also, who says this site is only for amoral, "nonChristian" people who would screw anything that happens to come their way? Not everyone is a venereal disease waiting to happen, and not everyone has that little self-esteem that they'd allow just anyone to violate their body in that way.

God created sex and obviously He created it to be enjoyable for a reason. But I don't believe He created it to be misused, made fun of, or to make women, in particular, sex objects or the brunt of sexual jokes, or pieces of meat to be used as "entertainment" for men.

One can discuss sexual topics without using childish language such as "How to Eat Pussy," too. It's not a matter of being Christian or non-Christian; it's a matter of being able to discuss private adult matters in an adult fashion, using adult language and adult terminolopgy and behaving like an ADULT.

Apr 25 @ 9:50AM  
hmmm..what happened to my afterthought?

Hit a little too close to home, did it?

Apr 25 @ 10:11AM  
Legs, I'm not too keen on personal attacks on me, especially on my own blogs. You made your point in your first comment, and then you should have stopped while you were ahead. I can clearly see you're one of those Christians that love to judge others while getting down and dirty about it. Like I stated in my blog, I too am a Christian, but I also realize that I'm not perfect. And yes, a lot of my blogs are juvenile type blogs to make people laugh. No denying that. I love to have a little dirty humor on here from time to time and be a little silly about it. I don't think there is anything wrong with that. Personally, your last comment in which you personally attacked me a number of times in it was deleted because you were way out of line. So instead of having another little blog war on here, I chose to delete the comment. After you did that, I will go on the record with my opinion and state that you give other Christians a bad name.

Apr 25 @ 11:07AM  
As a Christian, I have to say that I don't feel hypocritical for being here; however, I also feel that being here is probably not on God's top 10 things for me to be doing. That makes me feel sad, but what it comes down to is...

Even though I'd like to be like Jesus and I try to help and love others likes He wants us to, I'll never reach Jesus' standards no matter how hard I tried. The Bible says that we can not live without sinning because we are only human.

I think as long as I am loving and helping others, being on here is not hurting anyone.

As for this comment: Ask Larry Craig, Jimmy Swaggart or Jim Baker.

I won't judge them or anyone else, but I will say that the Bible says that bringing souls to God erases a multitude of sin.

Apr 25 @ 11:12AM  
so now we can't even talk about the joys of eating pussy or getting our cocks sucked damn what's the point of even getting out of bed
oh well anybody wanna fuck

Apr 26 @ 9:13PM  
here is something to ponder.
all wars in the last 100 years were based on religion so that means they are
the biggest killers.
and the only religion that is true to its roots today is spirtual as the native
american never raped his land , people, or sea for monetary or religious gain????

Apr 26 @ 10:13PM  
I do believe that God gives us all free will to live our lives. And if it is true about religion causing wars these past 100 years, it's the devil that's making all these people going to war physically killing others for the sake of their own religion(s). It's the devil that's causing all this evilness in the world, not God!

Apr 27 @ 1:09AM  
Couldn't resist commenting:

I am a Pagan, but I don't believe that Christians are hypocrits just for being on the site. Whom I am to judge that? And plus, yes it maybe an Adult site, but doesn't automatically mean that 1 is looking for casual sex. I'm not. I'm here to find partners, but tired of looking on more vanilla sites because my tastes are not mainstream.

At any rate, StraddleMyNose, don't let the asshats get you down, (because then they win.)


Apr 27 @ 2:43AM  
Thank you, Trampler!

To Testoserone:
I deleted your comment from my blog because all you wrote on my blog was a comment blasting me and Bush as being loons. Nothing else was in your comment other than personal attacks and cheap shots at me. You didn't even talk about the subject of the blog. Not only have you made snide ass remarks to and at me on my blogs and other peoples blogs, but you had made some personal attacks on me during those times. To be honest, I have no problem debating anyone in a civil way without the name calling and cheap shots being involved. But apparently some people including yourself can't seem to do that. Target me in a blog and call me out all because I won't let your personal attacks on me stand on my blogs, well then so be it. I'm tired of people like you only going around to certain blogs and taking shots at me and others trying to inflame a blog war in the blogs. I don't have time for that crap. People have disagreements all the time, but getting caught up in another little blog war I will not. I told you that you needed to grow up and quit with the personal attacks on me and move on. You don't seem to want to do that however. Yes, I was more than generous with you after you done that more than a number of times with my blogs and other peoples blogs on here with the cheap shots and attacks on me. I told you that I was blocking you because of that reason. So go ahead and whine about it all you want. I don't have time for people like you on this site, and no, I don't plan on giving you a voice on any of my blogs after tonight because of your actions!

* Again, people can post comments with opposing views (I do have opposing views on here as people can see. These people were civil and I have no problem with their comments, even though I may not agree with them), but I do draw the line on personal attacks and cheap shots on me and others who has commented on my blogs from now on. Don't like this rule, then don't post a comment and move on. There is absolutely no reason not to be civil!

Apr 27 @ 10:04AM  
Hey Legs..... I'm sorry but alot of woman on here don't mind it when straddle does his gross blogs.. They are fun.. And gives us all something to laugh about.. If you don't like his blogs then please don't read them... All the other woman on here have a voice of our own if we didn't like them we would tell him ourselves...

Apr 27 @ 10:20AM  


Apr 27 @ 10:31AM  
Mrs. Daddy Long Legs.... I'm wondering who died & made you chief @ this point .... If you want to get centimental & have a pitty party then do it else where .. Everyone is on this site by freedom of choice .. Well you get to sign up 4 free Every one has earned their respect here in blog land it would be nice if you did the same... You are beginning to sound like an old bitty... I personally don't like it when stir up shit to get their rocks off ... A good argument is fun to watch but I believe you are carrying it too far

Apr 27 @ 11:26AM  
Dang I miss the good stuff all the time. I am not a true christian. I am prodestant a branch off the christian tree. I am also a hypocrit and a racist at times. This is something I will have to deal with when I go before God on judgement day. As for theses blogs, it is not my job to judse them or the persons who write them. Its not anyone elses job either. My view my opinion my spelling. Great blog Straddle. heres a kudo.

Apr 27 @ 12:05PM  
Ummm..."Centimental?" "Pitty" party?

(Just fyi, it's "sentimental" and "pity.")

Sentimental about what? Pity party about what?

My post had nothing to do with being sentimental, nor does it reflect I pity myself about anything, or expect anyone else to.

Don't talk to me about disrespect; this whole site is a disrespectful site, full of disrespectful people, especially disrespectful of women, because it, like so many other similar places and attitudes, objectify and make fun of women and their sexuality.

Of course, Straddle doesn't do it just to women; he does it about sexuality in general. Which is his prerogative, of coures, just as it's my prerogative to comment on it.

Free speech, right?

I don't think I'm taking it too far at all; I'm being forthright with my opinions and that just is too must for some people to take. Seems to me, if there was no guilt associated with the behavior, the need for hostile and inappropriate defensiveness would not be warranted.

I neither echo your opinions, nor do I "have" to, just because this is an "adult" site. Being "adult" doesn't equate to being "trashy" and immature. That is my opinion. You may or may not agree, but, like it or not, I'm not going to back down from stating it just because it might hurt your juvenile little feelings.

Apr 27 @ 12:45PM  
About what? You are obviously seeking attention of some sort & if making fun of women & her sexuality is your beef then what's the problem , why are you on this blog... My dear you're like a loose cannon , a fully automatic machine gun ...If one topic to argue about doesn't please you or someone ignores you then you shoot your mouth off until by luck you hit another subject to bitch about ... If your snatch was as loose as your mouth I don't think any man or woman would want you here .... Women normally stick together but I really think you blew it by labeling almost all women on this site... To heck with disrespect , try learning respect it would help....

Apr 27 @ 1:10PM  
Okay, I just deleted two of the three comments "Leggs" posted today on my blog. I felt that she again crossed the line by personally attacking me, and now most women on this site as being trashy in these comments that I deleted. I'm going to now block her from commenting on anymore of my blogs!

Apr 27 @ 2:09PM  
Damn Straddle is their a contest for the most comments??? How many for stupid ones? I'm sorry but umm damn dude you got some mighty strong christians here I was baptised as a child then as a teenager such a shame I'm not a hyprocrite like others oh Leggs would you like to correct my spelling also?

Apr 27 @ 2:55PM  
Lisa is a character she cracks me up every single time I know one damned thing I will never post on a blog this long again unless AMD puts a post a comment at the bottom of the page .... Lisa always has me with

Apr 27 @ 6:05PM  
WHEW!!! What a long read! Know what I think????

Not a fucking thing 'cept I shouldn't drink so much tea for these long blogs...hard on me bladder.

Gotta run....

(Shawn...good for you...monitor delete monitor delete.... )

Apr 28 @ 12:18AM  
all wars in the last 100 years were based on religion so that means they are
the biggest killers.

Not true. The two major wars in the 20th century (the two that promised to end all others) weren't caused by religion. Following Dubya-Dubya 2, there were quite a few pocket wars combining to form the cold war. This only really takes into account the wars that the US was involved in, but that's beside the point. The interesting thing (to me) here is that religion has only become an incredibly divisive issue in America over the last 50 or so years. (I wanna say that there was a survey done (contemporarily (and yes that's a word I just made up)) in which the majority of American's were unaware of what denomination Eisenhower was.) It's only been since Kennedy that people cared about the religious affiliation of our commander-in-chief. Though there has been, up until recently, a significant anti-catholic sentiment in America, this can largely be read as anti-Irish.

Anyway, Xians come in all shapes and sizes, not all of them (not the majority I would hazard) have within their creed anything that would pertain to this site. To paraphrase Big J "Love God. Love yourself. And it's all good."

just my rambling .02 tacked on to the 'One Blog'

Apr 28 @ 11:34PM  

'A woman's heart should be so hidden in
That a man should have to seek Him first to find
When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not
shouting 'I'm clean livin''
I'm whispering 'I was lost, Now I'm found
and forgiven.'
When I say... 'I am a Christian' I don't
speak of this with pride.
I'm confessing that I stumble and need Christ to
be my guide.

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not
trying to be strong.
I'm professing that I'm weak and need His strength
to carry on.

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not
bragging of success.
I'm admitting I have failed and need God to clean
my mess.

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not
claiming to be perfect,
My flaws are far too visible but, God believes I
am worth it.

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I still
feel the sting of pain..
I have my share of heartaches, so I call upon His
When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not
holier than

I'm just a simple
sinner Who received God's good grace, somehow!

Apr 29 @ 6:04AM  
Cottoncandy that was beautiful and well said!! I think that sums it up in a nutshell..

May 3 @ 12:38AM  
I am a Christian too, but I don't claim to be perfect.

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