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Prezidenchul State of the Mess Address #5

posted 4/8/2009 2:34:59 PM |
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First a note of thanks to WoW for checking to see if I was still alive. I am, very much so. First time in almost two years that I have felt like doing anything and have been busy doing it!

Now, while I was out handling some foreign pussy.. er.. policy stuff, planting the seeds of change in the garden of my economy, and generally overseeing the oversights... I have jumped to the contusion that two people of any sex should not be allowed to be married until such time as they have spent six months locked up in a small apartment together with one TV and no remote. No sexual contact, and only enough hot water for one shower every 8 hours and at least one bout of flu for each of them. If they still even LIKE each other after that, they should immediately run to the nearest whomever to get hitched. If not.. you're welcome.. you dodged that bullet.

Ahh, tis Spring and the flame wars have started to crop up like tiny wildfires of intense bullshit. Heh.. cool at least you people are still alive and have something in your heads besides your asses.

For everyone who stepped up to last month's challenge.. my sincere thanks and congratulations.. also an apology for falling off the face of AMD for a bit. Not that I dislove all you Pervasites or anything.. just that.. hell guys.. it's spring.. and there IS life out there away from the keyboard and monitor!

Belly dancing will now be instituted as the Pervian National Physical Education program.. hell babies I've lost 25 lbs in two months just gardening and belly dancing.. woot.. with the added bit of damn can I shake that Skwirly tail now! It's also helping to rebuild my knee muscles that were ripped apart on my last job.

One note of caution..with the new tobacco taxes having taken effect this month.. be kind to smokers.. we are going through a really rough transition here. I, for one, am having to give up my butts and it's not going to be an easy parting of the ways. They've been my friends for many many years now and I'm going to miss their presence in my life. If someone you know is quitting.. take a moment to give em a hug and tell them what a great job they are doing. Hey B... good luck man.. hugs to you... cuz I know how bad it sucks.

Let's see, what all have I left out? Oh.. I remember.. let's not flame about who is going to be the next president already shall we? We already know that I am gonna be the Supreme Empress of the Universe so you should just as well get used to worshiping me now. Ya hear?

Happy Spring Pervians.. get outside for a while and enjoy it!

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Apr 8 @ 2:36PM  
Oh crap.. I knew I would forget something...

Congratulations and I knew you would to DB for passing her latest cancer screening with flying colors! Best news all year babe!

Apr 8 @ 2:43PM  
Yes mam! . Glad to see you are back :)

Apr 8 @ 2:43PM  
Good to see you again Skwirl

Apr 8 @ 2:57PM  
Good to see you are out and having fun...

Apr 8 @ 3:06PM  
yeah I hear you skwirl I have been trying to make a life for me away from my puter. Its been difficult though Oh hey open your arms now gently close them around yourself! that is a hug from me to you givin up the butts is the hardest thing i've ever done

Apr 8 @ 3:29PM  
Nothing witty to say or anything except- "Hi."

Apr 8 @ 3:33PM  
I've been a wondering where you went

Apr 8 @ 4:33PM  
Hi. I missed you and my buckeyes so much.

Apr 8 @ 4:39PM  
Relieved that you are well. You have been missed by many more important then I. I suppose i need to be shamed into quitting. It is about time. You give encouragement. Taxes paid

Apr 8 @ 5:15PM  
Good to see ya back!! Taxes paid!!

Apr 8 @ 6:21PM  
I knew you were going to be out and about. I think you mentioned gardening in the last blog you blessed us with. But...nothin about Belly Dancing and giving up the butts?! Congrats on the weight loss and your lungs will love you again soon! Mine still hate me. Where do I find the strength to quit? I am so excited to hear about DB clear and free screen! That IS the best news all year! Keep up the good work Skwirly Girl. We love you and miss you, but don't let life pass you by. See ya soon...M

Apr 8 @ 6:52PM  
Glad to see you back...missed ya!

Apr 8 @ 7:48PM  
Hey Squirrelly Girl,
I've missed you too!!!

Huggies to you!!

Apr 8 @ 7:57PM  

My Empress Goddess,

Always Wonderful to see you back.


Apr 8 @ 8:26PM  

ummm uhhh did I mention I love skwirls.

Apr 8 @ 8:40PM  
I'm too lazy to click all those buttons so.. here goes.

Coots.. hey babe.. glad to see you are still kickin!
flave.. nice to be seen m'dear!
Mama.. purty dress there darlin.
Lisa.. thanks babe.. I'm gonna need it!
Luna.. damn I wanna crawl between that bewbage and see if it's cozy in der as it looks.
Surv.. hey do I know you? If not.. hi.. if so.. from whence?
Purp.. sorry to inform you that Ewe took the buckeyes when she left.. I dunno what she did with em. I've been looking in my pile of nuts but I haven't found em so far. Nice to see you still among the livin too!
Shark.. heya doll
Girl.. Spring RAWKS .. go getcha some o dat!
Bunny... I don't gots no choice on the kwittin thang.. that's how I'm gonna get through it.. fatalistically.. I can't afford to smoke myself to death.. gonna have to take up drinkin.
Tigress.. things calmin down on your job front yet? I know they got seven more days... big hugs and stuff.
Val baby.. you didn't miss with that last egg.. caught me skware in the backside!
My rare and gentle Night.. I am always and ever only one thought away my dearest. Skwirls luv some Night too!!!

Apr 8 @ 10:20PM  
Well I take it spring has arrived around your ur garden 'n hard work is already producing more that edible goodies. Congradulations on sweatin' off the weight. Belly dancin'? Hmmmmmmm....maybe I can incorporate that into hula hooping and do both....

I'm 2 packs away from becoming a non smoker....and ur right, it ain't gonna be easy but like you...its a matter of burning up money. Maybe we should start an AMD support group? Just a thought.... ...that's me enjoying the last of the last.

Good ta see ya back Prez.....missed the hell outta ya. Taxes paid and cyber hugs comin' ur way...

Apr 8 @ 10:45PM  
Madam Prez....good to see and I hope your thumb stays green!

Apr 9 @ 7:41AM  
Well it's about damn time you got your ass back here. Oh by the can shake that furry little tail for me anytime. Oh yeah and here's the damn taxes.

Apr 9 @ 9:55AM  
Glad that things are going well for you, good to see you back.

Apr 10 @ 3:36AM  
Ms Skwirl, I've been on vacation the last 2 weeks in Colorado. (Yay!) I did a lot of work before I left, but there'll be 100x's more of it when I go back to work on Monday plus there's more phone duty. Argh! I end up with one hell of a dry throat once my time ends after 3+ hours straight!

Apr 10 @ 3:37AM  
Oops! I fergit...big huggies and stuff back at ya!

Apr 11 @ 7:57AM  
Good to see you back!

Apr 13 @ 10:00AM  
Glad to hear you are doing good. I kinda fell off the AMD wagon a bit too....but dammit I came all you pervs too much

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Prezidenchul State of the Mess Address #5