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Grand Jury hands down Indictment

posted 4/2/2009 8:19:49 PM |
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tagged: politics

In recent news, a Grand jury made up of Civilians has passed down an indictment questioning the "Natural Birth" status of the POTUS.

It doesn't really matter how one feels about the indictment. What one should pay attention to is the fact that someone other than the Gubberment has formed a Grand Jury. It also sounds like there will be other Grand Juries investigating the same topics. This is good news for the people of this country whom do not want to live within a socialist society.

Think of all the good things a Civilian GJ can do. Fix the greedy wall streeter's, expell unlawfull aliens, stop Political coruption, and so forth.

Still waiting for an American....

Coming Soon...What is an American?

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Grand Jury hands down Indictment
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Apr 2 @ 10:27PM  
Were you opposed to Dick and W.? I didn't vote in this past election. I lost my faith in the judgement of the American people when Bush was voted in the second time, and I presumed legitimately that second time. Nevertheless, I had hoped that MCain would have won last year. Anyway, I believed that my voice shall have been heard through the courts instead.

So, while the U.S. still uses English commonlaw, the real powers of the this type of Grand Jury, and I assume that ya'll equate the Barons with a Grand Jury, could have an undesireable consequence. At least in theory, this type of Grand Jury has the power to take possessions, like land and gold. One such Grand Jury alone might have one kind of result, but many of these Grand Jury's actions' could have the effect of the President declaring martial law. Or is that what you want?


Apr 3 @ 7:11AM  
For the record, I have been opposed to every election result. What I find most interesting is that people still, (in general) do not understand how the Prez gets elected. If they did, they wouldn't vote at all.

As too the martial law idea. I do not claim to understand these matters fully. Though, I don't think Grand Juries will have any effect on Martial law. Such that, most of the worlds brightest minds have concluded that is will happen. Just a matter of when.

Something that I notice recently.....

Mr. Hillary recently stated that the US and Mexico needs to secure the border to stop the drug trade into the US. Here is the part that made me think. Didn't 86% of the US population tell the Gov to shut down the border 8 years ago????? Build a fence and deport them????

What should be noted is that the majority of the US population knew nothing good would come of "not doing anything". Only now have they (politicians) decided that we were right. Now they make it seem like we, the people, are the guilty parties.

Back to martial law, most of the population thinks martial law is coming as well as other really bad stuff. Now heres the question. Do you think the majority of the population is wrong this time?

Apr 3 @ 10:06AM  
Interesting........Where were all these Nay-Sayers, Experts, Lawyers, and Outraged Citizens when Obama was elected to the Senate?....

Hmmmm......Can't have everyone peeking into the credentials of the ones actually controlling this country, now can we....?

Apr 3 @ 11:54AM  
Eight years ago I was told Henry Kissinger was supposed to be charged with war crimes for his involvement in the Vietnam war.
Bush, Cheney, Swartzkopf, Bush, Powell and the rest were being tried for war crimes involving the two wars with Iraq.

None of that ever happened in a legal court of law. All simply the result of some liberal group or law professors fantasy kangaroo court. Any validity they may claim on moral grounds is undercut by the pre-existing bias they held before they even held their "trials".

This sounds like the exact same thing only now it's the time for conservative whack jobs to be stupid and pretend they have any legal relevence.

The only way this issue will ever have legs is if there is some truth to the matter and more importantly, the news media decides it does and they make it an issue. That ain't gonna happen.

Apr 3 @ 5:12PM  
Straightup_9....Do you really think Obama is controlling anything? Perhaps you should remind yourself of how many eggs it takes to fill a basket. Its very upseting to hear people, in their narrow vision say its all Obama' fault. He is just a puppet, nothing more.

Lets say it somewhat differently...there are roughly 400,000 words writen daily on the hill that may become law. One person would have to type at 278 words per minute to write all of that. you think maybe there is someone else to blame?

Thenewguy2957...I'm not really sure that your wrong, if we assume that this is the only Grand Jury to indict anyone. Now, for a moment factor in 50 grand juries and all of the FedRes CEO's being indicted for criminal fraud. How would that play out?

lastly, forgive me if I seem to on the attack. I do not mean to be disrespectful. Please pardon the bitter nature of my words.

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Grand Jury hands down Indictment