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What's the one thing you love to spend money on?

posted 4/1/2009 8:40:41 PM |
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Not sure if this has been asked on here, but if it has, I'm sure Bruce or Luna will point that out. What is the one thing you like to spend money on? For me, phones come to mind. I love buying new phones like women do buying new shoes. Lets see, we're up to 5.8 ghz with phones right now. When are the 8.5ghz coming out....anyone?

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Apr 1 @ 8:49PM  
Books. I buy books in paperback or for my MP3 player. I listen to books on my MP3 all day at work, I definately couldn't live without books. I can give up a lot but it isn't my books.

Apr 1 @ 8:53PM  
My biggest downfall is going out to eat!

If I could just blatantly spend money, I would spend it on plants and dirt and mulch for my yard! oh and gravel too!!!

Damn... maybe I need to strive for more extravagance!!

Apr 1 @ 9:19PM  
I am with Pink on the yard stuff! Other than that, I like cowboy boots like most woman love jewelry. Now? HA! I don't spend money on anything except the essentials.

Apr 1 @ 9:25PM  
I spin my own yarn, so I love buying fiber and not just wool. I have way to much now and still love to buy more when I get a chance.

Apr 1 @ 9:29PM  
And I haven't bought any kind of phone for almost two years. About time for me to get a set of 3-4 this time around. The batteries seem to go bad after two years to where a good battery cost just about as much as a cordless phone today. I have about 15 phones. I curently have 8 phones (one landline and 7 cordless phones) hooked up. This doesn't include my cell phone.

Apr 1 @ 9:36PM  
It used to be chasing ladies. Now it's trying new recipes. I have stacks & stacks of recipes. If I live to be 110 I won't get to them all. My best are in security boxes. Is this sick or what!! Don't answer that.

Apr 1 @ 9:39PM  
Now it's trying new recipes. I have stacks & stacks of recipes. If I live to be 110 I won't get to them all. My best are in security boxes. Is this sick or what!! Don't answer that.
I'm sure you will be hearing from some of the ladies on here wanting some of these recipes.

Apr 1 @ 9:56PM  
I am not so sure under the present economic situations that this is a real good question to ask, and no, I haven't seen this question; good one, greeenie.

My pride in purchasing is in snagging food, particularly meat at a good price. Within three miles of me, there are 13 grocery stores. I know the days and times to swoop down on the bargain bins. I won't be doing this for a while because my freezer in my fridge is packed solid. I get T bones, top sirloin, rib eyes, and NY strips from $1.99 to $ .99 per pound. I get crab legs, swordfish and tuna steaks for $ .99 a pound. Chicken leg quarters and thighs at well under $ .50 per pound and often snag breasts at that price.

I may not be able to afford to go anywhere but I will eat royally and always have. Whether with my wife or any number of live in girlfriends/ roommates, I always buy the groceries because I am better than anyone at it and my freezer and large pantry are fully stocked.

Anybody dropping by at dinner time will be invited to partake in a great meal!! I may not be able to afford this or that, by I will eat like a king.

Apr 1 @ 10:11PM  
I'm with 31sunshine and Pink on this...books and plants for my garden....

Lowes is great for this...I get their plants on the clearance rack and baby them back to life...

Oh, and time hubby and I are in TX for vacation, can I come for dinner?

Apr 1 @ 11:19PM  
I like buying toys. I am not sure why but I enjoy going to toy stores and just look at what is out. I always end up spending a bunch of money on the dumb things lol In December I find a charity that gives needy families toys and donate them.

Apr 1 @ 11:32PM  
On the Love of my life...

I razz hell out of her, but she is lovingly spoiled.

Apr 2 @ 12:15AM  
A Gold Membership so I can look at the nudie pics!!

Apr 2 @ 12:54AM  
Ice Cream ! !

Like Bruce, I like to hit the bargain bin at Kroger late monday morning when they finish marking down stuff that is getting near expiration. You can really stretch that budget dollar.

Apr 2 @ 1:57AM  
I am known there as Mr. Mark Down. I arrive precisely at 9:15. That is the magic on/or about time for meat. I have a competitor, another old grey haired white guy. One time about a year ago the meat came out early and we converged (no shit) and we crashed shopping carts at the bargain bin. I had the angle. I am no rookie. I grabbed every package of meat ( I learned this from my dogs) and scurried off. I then separated it into what I wanted, and what I didn't. I then put the rejects back in the bin.

It is a serious business, and a professional sport. The winner has steak, the loser, hamburger helper. I rarely lose.

Apr 2 @ 2:15AM  
One time I had this coconvergence with what I take to be a Jewish woman in her mid seventies. She had beat me out recently. I wasn't going to let it happen this time as I saw a big pile of steaks, and raced ahead and cut her off. I proceed to raid the bin and she said, "If I were you, I would have let you go first." My response was, " Cool, thank you, I did go first, so what are you complaining about!" All is fair in love, war and food, as far as I am concerned. I then turned to her and and said, "It isn't personal, honey, it's professional."

Apr 2 @ 7:34AM  

Apr 2 @ 8:58AM  
I have several "weaknesses" that I don't indulge in but would if I could. One is anything silky...nightshirts, nightgowns or blouses.

I'm addicted to thrift shopping but I only pick up things that really trip my trigger. Apparently VCR movies have become my thingy of late. I now own at least 60..but have only watched about 6 of them....I'm looking for a man to watch them with me but with no luck...

Things of high interest but things I don't indulge in....

1. Any kind of office stuff....colored or pretty printer paper, pens, ANYTHING that organizes my lil space around Zelda.

2. Purses
3. Watches...I have maybe half dozen and they ALL need new batteries...

4. And here is my most closely guarded secret so products... I don't have room to store it nor can I buy it frivolously but if I had my way about it I would have a ton of it....this for this and that for that...tempted to try it all. Yeah....I'm one of those strange women that loves to clean house....

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What's the one thing you love to spend money on?