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Bitch Bitch Bitch

posted 12/6/2006 11:08:37 PM |
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I've noticed something today...
people constantly bitch and piss and moan about how this site isn't good enough. There are too many stupid people, too many one liner blogs, they're not getting laid enough blah blah blah... ... ...

Lets start here... Blog rants, interesting, and sometimes funny, however ultimately pointless. Hey I have a great idea! Lets post a blog bitching about people posting one liners and how it bumps the "real' blogs down. Aren't you doing the same damn thing by posting your dislike for this over, and over, and OVER???
People who post one liners, either don't care or don't read. Your rant is not going to make any difference. period.

Next up... stupid people. Just because this is the internet, and we escape the 'real' world, does not mean that stupid people are incapable of escaping their world too. You call a number to have the internet installed, push a button, and point and click. The beauty of this new fangled thing is that you DON"T have to be 'smart' to use it. A person is smart... people are stupid. (I have no idea what movie that's from... if you know, please remind me) You ignore stupidity in the 'real' world, why do you have higher standards for the internet? If anything, lower your expectations.

Third... "I'm not getting laid/this site sucks/its all bullshit". Whatever, shut up. No one cares. Nevermind, I changed my mind. I'm so completely turned on by your pussy ass bullshit that I can't help but drop my soaking wet panties. Any takers? And for all of the regulars who continously give out helpful hints (you know, that obvious stuff like pictures, filling out essays, saying more than "I want to grab your boobs in an email) stop wasting your time. These people don't WANT to make the effort. This is online, therefor it's not really dating. Who cares if you offend 239345o098 annonomous people before you get one hooked? There's another 230498340598 waiting to turn you down. This isn't a dating site you know, its not supposed to matter if you're attracted to the other person, if you have anything in common, or if you know their full name. All that matters is if their sexual organs work, and how good someone is with their mouth.

Lastly, this is a free site guys. The Bear does all he can to keep up on shit and improve the site. I see all these "gimme gimme gimme" posts about how to improve the site, what would be the 'perfect' site, and expectations that are just too high for one tied up stuffed animal to handle. This is my favorite site I belong to. You get to interact with everyone FOR FREE, just about everything is free. Why must everyone always want more and not just be happy with what they are given? The improvements, although they aren't always viewed as improvements (are you kidding me??? You're bitching about name text color?!?!) are work for him, smile... say thanks... and continue about the site. Thanks Bear, for all the fantastic fun I'm allowed to partake in for FREE

You have natural stupidity blinders on for the real world. Why not just ignore the shit you don't want to see?

This isn't a rant... well not entirely... the first three things are just my view on alot of the shit goin down around here. The last part... mild rant. I know, I'm a hypocrit... but then again, I don't bitch about oneliners

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Dec 6 @ 11:20PM  
This isn't a dating site you know, its not supposed to matter if you're attracted to the other person, if you have anything in common, or if you know their full name. All that matters is if their sexual organs work, and how good someone is with their mouth.
This I have to completely disagree with, why would you want to have sex with someone you're not attracted too? How well will a sexual organ work if there is no attraction?

A person is smart... people are stupid

And the movie you are thinking of is Men In Black.

Dec 6 @ 11:34PM  
Can we just all be friends..... with benefits. Everybody???

Dec 6 @ 11:39PM  
lol LadieDarkStarr I definitely enjoyed reading your non-rant. It's like the nuke to end all nukes. lol. I guess I mostly agree with the spirit of what you're saying. Sometimes we spend too much time whining and too little time making do with what's available. However, I do think it is ok to make suggestions for site improvements. I believe the Bear appreciates us giving him suggestions for improving the site (he himself said so in the forums). Remember that even though this a free site, our coming here actually supports the ad business for them. So it is also in AMD's interest to make this site as attractive as possible and our suggestions form a valuable basis for the admin to decide their next business moves. I do however think the attitude with which one asks for improvements is important. I always believe in asking politely and with due consideration for the people who work hard to maintain this site. It should never be a case of impatiently demanding things be done our way or making unflattering remarks about the developers. To me that is just plain discourteous. If I had a day job developing software for this site, I would like my clients to give due credit and show appreciation for my work once in a while than to always keep carping about this or that all the time.

Dec 6 @ 11:52PM  
Now this is what I'm talking about! A real blog well written by a real blogger! Thank you LadieDarkStarr for giving us something interesting to read!

Dec 7 @ 12:24AM  
When people were bitching that free members could no longer initiate chat or see their view history, I was saying "hey, we still get so much for free!" - and I still feel that way. Yes, I do think some kind of system that separates out the one-liner blogs from the ones with substance, but I never said it should be a free feature. That's the kind of thing that, if a pay feature, would simply encourage more people to join. I, personally, read the few lines that are included with the blog lists to "filter" out the blogs I don't want to read. Sure, I look at that list on the home page, but I still go to the blog list to see the short intros before decided what to read - which is what I would suggest to anyone who complains.

Now, as far as offering suggestions to those who've not had much success here and complain about it in a blog...I actually get people emailing me for suggestions and ideas, often after posting a comment to someone who's complained - they actually seek me out for this, and I know Sunny-D has gotten some of those, too. I take it as a compliment, and I always take the time to read their profiles and reply with honest and cordial answers. So, even if it may seem to be unsolicited advice, it seems to be welcomed and appreciated if stated nicely.

This blog - even if it seemed to be the exact kind of blog you were taking about (a bitching blog - was well-written and worth my time. Like I said, if someone wants to complain, at least make a story or article about it - which you have done so nicely.

Dec 7 @ 2:06AM  
You have a lot of valid opinions. They make alot of sense. People bitch to much.

Dec 7 @ 2:13AM  
Very well said and written, LadieDarkStarr. Thought ptovoking as well (can we do that on an 'adult-site'?!?!?! ) Two thumbs up.

Dec 7 @ 4:08PM  
Hey Ladie, sorry I did not realize you were being sarcastic. It is sometimes hard to put a tone of voice in what you write.

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