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Sexcapade Files #19: Sensual Touch - Part I

posted 3/29/2009 3:50:20 AM |
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tagged: oral sex, foreplay

Last night, I’ve begun venturing into the realm of tantric sex by being with Sex Partner # 7. What was a friendly and harmless date turned out to be an almost night-long session of sensual touch and foreplay.

I had met Chris from an online dating site, and this was my second date with him, which was more an invitation to hang out and play Rockband with some friends. After a few hours, and the friends had left, he and I were left alone in the living room, sitting very close to each other on the couch, side by side. He softly leaned over and kissed my arm, and asked if I wanted to stay over (which of course, knowing me, I was tempted to see what this new guy had in store for me). I agree, and followed him upstairs. He quickly changed into his sleeping clothes, and I begun to undress, mainly to tease him.

“You don’t mind if I sleep in the nude, do you?” I said (Of course he’s not going to mind, what guy in their right mind wouldn’t want a chick sleeping naked in their bed? I thought.) His eyes wandered to my bare breasts, hanging free after removing my bra, as he stared at them, his mouth slightly agape.

“Wow,” he said. I removed everything except my underwear (unfortunately, I was on my period, and there was no way in hell I was taking it off and having his bed look like a murder scene) and lay on his bed, with a blanket wrapped under my breasts. He lay right beside me, smiled, leaned into kiss my lips and said, “I wonder how good you’d be sucking my cock.”

Our kisses became fervent, and our tongues touched, flicking each other. “Do you really want to know?” I asked.

I wrapped my arms around him, as we kissed, and felt his manly hands brush my back lightly, sending shocks of sensation in circles on my back. I reached down, and rubbed my hand on his cock from the outside of his shorts.

“Oh baby, yes, rub my cock, rub my cock,” he said, in a musky Jeff Stryker-esque voice.

I pushed down his shorts, and stretched my arm to squeeze and jerk his cock, and as he continued his Jeff Stryker-esque sex chant, I pushed my face forward toward his cock, and placed it in my mouth. It felt soooo good to suck another cock, and as I twisted my way around, wrapping my fist around his cock, and my teeth and tongue teasing the underside of his head, he lunged forward, and in a louder, more frantic voice, he emphatically phrased an “OH MY GOD, FUCK, THAT FEELS SO GOOD!” at the top of his hoarse, whispering voice. I guess I had definitely found his spot, as I do with every guy I sleep with.

But while I played with his head, he begun to go soft on me, and then I started to freak out (in my head, of course). Was I doing something wrong? Why is he going soft? And then I would frantically jerk him back into a hard submission, my mouth sucking inward and pulsing roughly, shove him down my throat as gently thrust his penis toward the back of my throat, I felt slightly more confident about my skills yet again.

After a while, I had begun to venture southward with my mouth. I spread his legs open slightly, and begun to lick the inside of his thighs, the creases between his thighs and pelvis, and then licking southward toward his feet, flicking his skin underneath a spread of hair, moving up and down his legs, sucking his dick again in my mouth, then moving toward his stomach, brushing my fingertips on his skin, my hands swirling slowly on his stomach, venturing towards his love hands, and he softly giggled. Sensing that I found one of his erogenous spots, I ventured toward the other side and he giggled again. With my head bent, my lithe tongue frantically darted on his skin, I glided my wide tongue on his ticklish spot and he moaned with, “Oh my god,” over and over again.

“I think I found an erogenous zone,” I said. “Basically, if you find your partner’s ticklish spots, and then lick them, they get turned on.”

“Wow, that feels so fucking good,” he said. I lowered my back onto the pillow, and he leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips, slightly pecking my lips, our tongues wrestling as we wrapped our arms around each other, and softly his fingertips were slowly running down my shoulders and arms and venturing toward my back, erotically charging me as he brushed against ultra-sensitive spots on my back, and I gasped and heaved, feeling weightless from his touch, my arms wrapped around his waist, as my body arched with his touch, his tongue flicking my skin. I lay nestled on his chest, holding on to him for leverage, as I gasped and moaned and heaved sexually-charged sighs, breathless of the electric pleasure of his fingertips brushing onto my skin. The feeling felt magnetic. He stopped and kissed me on the lips, each kiss with a gradual sexual urgency, and turned me onto my back. With his fingertips, I felt his fingertips roll my left nipple with his hand, teasing the ends of the nipple, then squeezing it slowly. His head moved to my right breast, and while I watched him engulf my nipple with his mouth, I felt his tongue flicking the nipple, and then swirling it around the nipple, and I gasped. His hand traveled south and felt his hand reach under my underwear.

“Oh my god, you’re so wet,” he said. I cringed at hearing it, wondering if he forgot that I had told him that I was on my period, and that he was rubbing my clit with a layer of blood. Although part of me cringed, another part of me was highly enjoying his fingers rub my clit, charging my erotic juices flowing. I moaned and heaved, my back arching as his mouth sucked my nipple and his fingers rubbed my clit.

I heard the bed creak, and felt the bed moved as I felt his cock rubbed my thigh, leaving a sticky trail of precum seeping from his head. He rubbed faster and faster, poking my thigh, and a trail of clear cum dripped from his cock in spurts. He rose, and a trail of sticky cum stretched from the bed sheet to his dick, and lay down beside me, our arms and legs surrounding each other, as our lips met with soft kisses.

“Oh my god, that felt so good,” he whispered. With my head nestled on his chest, and our arms and legs wrapped around each other, we drifted into sleep…but the night wasn’t over yet…

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Sexcapade Files #19: Sensual Touch - Part I