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Horny and Pissed...not a good combination!!

posted 12/6/2006 9:44:14 PM |
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Ohmyfuckinggods!!! What the fuck is up with all the stupid one liner blogs tonight???? You know...that is not what the blogs are for!! One guy wrote one word! What the fuck!
Yes, this is a RANT!!! in my fellow REAL bloggers...have been ranting about this stupid shit for weeks. Don't you people realize that no one cares about these one liners?? I can't believe there are this many stupid people on this site!! The one liner blogs DONT WORK!! I know they don't because I person responded and SHE'S GONE!!

Come on people...leave the one liners to email. Or even post in a forum what you want...go introduce yourself and tell the people your looking for what you want. Please...we really do have people here who are serious about blogging...alot of whom have stopped writing because of the new format and the fact that thier blogs keep getting pushed off the page by the stupid one-liners!
I're gonna say that emails don't work. You've sent emails to all these people and they don't respond, or they respond with a 'no-thanks'. What are you sending?? Is it something that would get you slapped or kicked if you used it in a bar? Think about it. Is it something you'd want a guy to say to your baby sister?
Even if your being nice...alot of people really do look at profiles here. Do you have a picture? Is it really you? Do you have more than a dicpic or crotchshot? This makes a difference. Trust me. And fill out those profile questions...with real words and sentences!
Yes...I'm horny too...that's making me crabby. And no...I don't want anyone to come over and help me out with this...I can actually take care of it all by myself. You all know there is only one man in this world who can scratch this itch...and that ain't happenin tonight!

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Dec 6 @ 9:57PM  
Well then...It seems to me that there are many people on here that just log on and done nothing at all. Perhaps they are just browsing the pics or maybe they really don't know what they want. This is a unfortunate as well as annoying, but what can you do.

Dec 6 @ 10:03PM  
Yeah, I just counted 4 or 5 of the one liners right now from the home page. Again people, be a little more respectful on how many of them you post, or any other blog in a short period of time where they all (your blogs) show up on the home game at the same time.

Dec 6 @ 10:06PM  
I hear ya. Between the useless one-line blogs and the whining blogs, I'm starting to feel like what's the point of going through them each day. I hope the AMD gods will find a way to allow us to filter out the BS blogs so we can read the real stuff. I've said it before - if you want to complain about not getting responses or how you're not getting laid, at least write a story or article about it. Cheese-n-rice, folks!

Hey, you know what we need? A "Dear Sunny" or "Ask Dom" column!

Dear Sunny,

I've been emailing women for a week now and haven't gotten a single response! What am I doing wrong? I ask if they're up for some hot chat or cam action, I've offered to fuck them (and I eat some really good pussy, too!), plus I have a profile pic up (a really nice cock shot, too!)...what's wrong?!? I'm beginning to thing this site is complete bullshit! Help - I need to get some pussy soon or I'm afraid my dick will stop working!

Desperate to Get Laid


Dec 6 @ 10:07PM  
Who made you the blog police. As I understand it it's a free forum for all to use not just your select few and it doesn't matter how long or how short it is.

Dec 6 @ 10:14PM one made me the Blog police...that would be the "Bear". And the Bear is working to get these one liners off the home we know where he stands!
However, I did read the Terms of Service when I joined up...obviously you didn't or you wouldn't have responded this way.
And anyway...why the fuck are YOU worried about it...when did YOU post a blog, one liner or not??

Dec 6 @ 10:18PM  
Gamesman, this really is a problem. I'm pretty sure I speak for most who enjoy reading blogs that we get tired of seeing desperate people looking for sex with one liners all the time on here, it gets old real fast and it pushes better material down to the blottom and off the page. I'm surprised that someone like you would actually enjoy the one liner sex blogs from desperate people....

Dec 6 @ 10:23PM  
Ok people.......Let's clear the water, blogs are for enjoyment, for people to read .If you're not following them in order, things may become confused, and there is an order to them if you don't know it or not yet. This is not a soap opera nor a people bashing thing, if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything ....and furthermore, nobody is putting a knife to your head and asking you to read them or comment on them. Lets leave 3rd grade in elementary school

Dec 6 @ 10:24PM  
I hear ya on this, Ive just started posting in the forums and the blogs, so Im sure its about to drive all of you that have been around awhile crazy. oh, and sxze, my winkie quit working, will you help me? hahahahaha

Dec 6 @ 10:30PM  
lol...Cure, we're having a healthy discussion on this topic. Besides, that's easy for you to say that because your last blog did exactly that "one liner" thing.

Dec 6 @ 10:31PM are allowed to post comments to your own blog. No need to write a new blog every time you pick your nose or smack your dick! And what are you talking about any way?? What order?
Furthermore...I absolutely do NOT have to wait til I have something nice to say before I say it! You are not my mother and you are not my priest. I will speak my mind...and in case you didn't notice...most of the people here agree with me.

Dec 6 @ 10:33PM  
I can't wait to see the new mechanism they're implementing. I hope it involves killfiles. One click and a whole live and wriggling dumbass instantly vanishes from my screen. Poof.

Dec 6 @ 10:33PM  
Right,,, and back to what I was saying about following the blogs in order.......If anyone has bothered to read my blogs in the past.......they can see that are well written, informative, and give someone something to think about.

Dec 6 @ 10:42PM  
I'm thinking that the pissed part has taken over the horny part...LOL Keep in mind though opinions are like assholes everyone got on.

Dec 6 @ 10:46PM  
Thank you for your input. I must say....I am speechless on the amount of ignorance that comes from some on this site. Don't get me wrong....there are alot of great people on this site and freedom of speech is the 1st amendment. I suppose that blogs are somewhat of a subculture for some bloggers on this site, which is fine. I really can't get that involved in them to ruin my night or raise my blood pressure, so....on that note...I guess I wasted enough time on this issue and go back to chatting.......

Dec 6 @ 11:01PM  
Ok...if you have well-written and informative blogs, this obviously doesn't apply to those blogs!
Would you want those blogs pushed down off the home page by the one-liner "I'm horny, wanna fuck" blogs?
Do you appreciate it when you see a well-written blog, only to find 20 minutes later that you have to scroll thru two pages to find it?

I know I don't!

Dec 6 @ 11:16PM  
Yes, it's true that one can post what one wants in a blog. And it is also true that one can choose to read or not read any blog. But there really does need to be some kind of system in place to help those who enjoy reading what I will call a real blog without having to scroll through 10 one-liners about not getting laid. It gets really old, really fast. What I don't get is why anyone would want to announce their sex life sucks and they're not "getting lucky" on this site...all that says to me is L-O-S-E-R.

Dec 6 @ 11:26PM  
Aren't the forums meant more for the one liners? I figure these one liners pretty much mimic the emails they are sending and, gee we ladies know how well those work. So maybe they think it will work in the blogs.

Dec 7 @ 12:00AM  
You know what?

I'll be the god damn ed blog police.I enjoy the well written word "anyways" that was so informative and entertaining! Well to someone maybe, the author at least.

I started the railing against the one sentance blogs, so anything you jack asses want to say to the lady, say to me!

Dec 7 @ 12:01AM  
Aren't the forums meant more for the one liners? I figure these one liners pretty much mimic the emails they are sending and, gee we ladies know how well those work. So maybe they think it will work in the blogs.

One thing you can't fault them for: consistency. lol

Dec 7 @ 12:02AM  
Come hell or high water ... it's gotta be one line ... I'm sticking to my minimalist philosophy no matter what. lol

Dec 7 @ 4:39AM  
honestly i do get a bit tired of having to scroll through the "i need Sex" posts to find those of actual interest, but i figure if they feel they need some lovin so badly that they think a blog is gonna help 'em, then i wish 'em luck, the sooner they get some, the sooner they quit wasting blog space

Dec 7 @ 12:01PM  
might as well not that what I'LL say will shock anyone....the one line 'come fuck me '' drive me nuts as a simple waste of time n space and almost proof postive that too many have no brains and or no class....hey IF it worked..I MIGHT TRY IT TOO !!! but ...umm lets see...27997098 one line fuck me post later n nobody got laid...mmm whats THAT tell me?? IT DONT WORK!
oh and for those other bitches that ontop of it when you DO give them a CONSTRUCTIVE comment to their one line blog n how to make the site work for you ..a FREE site i might add, n then don't even POST or probably READ the comment...shit...i'm done...

Dec 7 @ 2:04PM  
Heh ... I guess it's tough to hammer out more than one line while picking one's nose, balancing a beach ball on the head and holding a popsicle on the typing hand. A+ for effort.

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Horny and Pissed...not a good combination!!