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Blocking Winks

posted 3/26/2009 12:12:06 PM |
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tagged: fuck, funny, rant, sunshine

I swear, if there were an option to block winks, I would. I get winks from the most skeevy, bummy guys ever. I'd say 1 out of every 15 is a decent lookin' guy. The rest are grey boxes or men who look like they have slept outside in a cardboard box all their lives.

There is an easy fix to this.....called a haircut, shower and comb!!

Ok, there is my rant for the day........I'm all better now!

Anyone wanna fuck??

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Mar 26 @ 12:17PM  
You would think AMD would drop that option!

And yeah, I wanna fuck along with oral too!


Mar 26 @ 12:22PM  
Oh, they must be winking at me too. I crack up over the ones that wink over and over again and yet say nothing. LOL Then, there are the idiots that keep sending friend request....oy vey!

Mar 26 @ 12:32PM  
the winks are okay, chill out remember when they took them away everyone was bitchin. So you don't have to acknowlege them but I like to know who thinks I'm good enough for a wink Even if they don't write me or they do and its stupid

Mar 26 @ 12:33PM  
I suppose I should quit winking at you Sunshine. That is the first time in my life I've been called "skeevy"



Mar 26 @ 12:42PM  
Hey, I may be a skeevy bum but I don't need a

haircut, I have a great comb-over already!!


Mar 26 @ 1:01PM  
Must be spring....I'm getting a lot more winks than usual. Most of mine either doesn't have a pix or they're laughably young. I just delete them. I get friends request from guys I've never heard of or talked to...WTF? It's FRIENDS list, not strangers list....

Mar 26 @ 1:26PM  
I wish there were a block for that too Sunshine...mostly to stop repeat winks. I especially like the ones who wink, and then the same day, cancel their account.

I will point out though...they aren't as annoying as the ones who write about how the read your profile AND essays, and then proceed to say something that shows they in fact did NOT read either one.

But, that's life in Pervia, ya got the good ones, then ya got the ones ya have to wonder about.

Mar 26 @ 1:29PM  
Poke em in their other eye. Then it wont be a wink anymore.

Mar 26 @ 2:18PM  
LMFAO Yeah what he said ^ but I still wanna fuck you and you.

Mar 26 @ 2:25PM  
Ok. I am going to be in trouble now. 1st. Most of you ladies know the effect your having on guys. 2nd. you love it or you wouldn't be here. From what is said these guys are not to good looking & don't have social skills, so; along with your power to drive them nuts show compasion. Did I make any new friends!

Mar 26 @ 3:05PM  
Simple: Confident guys- are hygienic,well-mannered, send an email after winks and before friend's requests. And if she turns him down,they still wish her a good day anyway.

Insecure/unconfident guys- slovenly,rude,don't care about sending emails before winks and they send friend's request anyway. And if she turns him down, they get pissy as if that woman was "the one" instead of millions of others that are available.

Sometimes guys got this thing going: If she likes me for me, she shouldn't care if my nutsack smells like sweat and Frito-lays huurrrrr!

[buzzer] Wrong. Not saying all men are like this,but in the dating world I see men coming off as having more low-self esteem and are a little bit more sensitive despite the typical masculine "I'm the man,bow down" game they keep throwing. I guess centuries of acting tough don't mean jack if you get upset after a rejection and feel the need to keep harassing her.

There are plenty of fish in the sea...150 mil give or take in the US. To make one your focal point is dumb.

Mar 26 @ 3:14PM  
I always wink around Sunshine. Besides you wont let me play.

Mar 26 @ 4:10PM  

Okay I'll stop winking.

Mar 26 @ 5:05PM  
Okay no more winks for sunshine. Got it! actually sunshine i couldn't agree with you more. Dontcha love the ones that wink & email & they don't even speak english translating is so much more fun with a wink.

Mar 26 @ 5:07PM  
I am a grey box now with a perky ponytail and men are sending me messages telling me how beautiful I am. Many are those that messaged me when I had a pic up and think I am new or a different person. I am not sure where I fit in, but not having a pic up gets the same crap as having one up...

Mar 26 @ 6:11PM  
I keep winking at myself, but I have to stop cause I heard you could go blind!

Mar 26 @ 6:46PM  
If you're getting winks from the same guys you can stop their winks by not deleting their winks I think. I think they can't send you another one until you have deleted their wink. Not really sure on this, but some time ago I discovered that little trick.

But it seems that women hate this wink feature than guys do. I think most of us guys enjoy the winks from the ladies.

Mar 26 @ 7:54PM  
Poke em in their other eye. Then it wont be a wink anymore.


Mar 26 @ 8:20PM  
Once, about a year and a half ago, the site got rid of them. But then brought them back. I wish they would get rid of them. Winks stink, to me anyways.

Mar 26 @ 8:38PM  
I don't hardly ever get winks

Mar 26 @ 8:40PM  
Oh yeah.... the answer is always yes

Mar 26 @ 10:16PM  
i dont mind getting winks, i just dont understand if i am supposed to do anything????

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Blocking Winks