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The State of the Union.

posted 3/26/2009 10:21:38 AM |
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tagged: politics, america

I can't say that I'm the most intelligent person on this earth. Nor do I feel that I am the dumbest. I prefer to think of myself as a mind in progress. Building and repairing the thoughts of my mind with each new day. I have as many have, been paying attention to the politics of the days and the real life that I must live. I too have my fears and doubts as too where we are going and how we will get there. One thing that I have come to understand is there is a constant truth in all of these things.

Before I divulge this truth, lets review the more popular cultural ideas today. Recently, many folks have expressed their ideas of what is right for this country. Ideas about who is best served to lead us to utopia. Ideas of who shouldn't lead us to salvation. Pointing fingers and rebutting statements. I think we can all agree that opinions vary as greatly as the distance from Sea to shining Sea. I hear and read talk about how great the current POTUS is and will be. I hear and read about how demonic he is. Also, how great or demonic that last POTUS was/is. And the one before him and the one before him and so on.

Where are we going? I don't know the answer to that. Nor do I know how we will get there. All I can say is this. I don't like where we are going. That’s my personal opinion. I have read and heard talk about a civilian corps. that will police the cities and towns as a forced service. I read and heard talk about a civil unrest. I've also read and heard of people who just don't care either way.

So what am I driving at? If you could step back and take a good hard look at the world today. You could easily see this....
No one will ever be able to agree on a path or course to take. What does that mean? It means that at some point people will get fed up with the other persons point of view.

I have noticed that over the last 30 some years of my life, that people however intelligent they may be, get blinded by their focused attention to one thing or person. In the case of the POTUS, everyone has taken the easy road and blamed or upheld the POTUS. All the while forgetting, perhaps failing to see the truth. He is just one person and not in total control of anything. Bush was guided by several people. Cheney, Rove, Rice ect. People who altered his thoughts, whether it was for the good or bad. Bush was not alone in his actions, good or bad. The same is true for this POTUS. He is not the one calling all the shots, he is being guided and taught by many other people. But, everyone seems to take the easy road and blame him or hail him for all that happens. Why?

Because the truth so insurmountable than anyone can comprehend. There are thousand of people calling the shots and making the moves that create the world we live in. Like the insurgents in Baghdad you don't know where they are coming from and with what WMD.

What will become of us? All I can say is this. No matter what happens or doesn't happen, we will be a Nation/World divided by our ideas. The people of this country have taken a two party system and turned it into a 40 party system. There are at least 6 divisions of just one party. Liberal Dem, conservative dem, moderate dem, leftist dem, right wing dem, and replace Dem with Rep, and the same is true. The only truth that will always remain the same is that people will do whatever it takes to be separate and different. Nationalities are now races and races are now caucus's. No one ever wants to be just one thing anymore.

Patiently waiting for an American....

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Mar 26 @ 10:28AM  
This is the best political blog I have read on here ( or should I say American Blog)!.

Mar 26 @ 10:32AM  
Very good Blog and well thought out!

1 Kudo for you

Patiently waiting for an American....

Just waiting for an American that will defend and abide by our Constitution...

Mar 26 @ 11:27AM  
I agree with Kitten, this is the best political blog I've seen

btw...I'm also waiting for an American.

Mar 26 @ 11:32AM  
Very, very well said my friend. See, I told everyone you were a bright guy!!!
If I could give you all my kudos today, I would. You made a great & valid point!

I think we can all agree that opinions vary as greatly as the distance from Sea to shining Sea.

Amen to that! And opinions are just ONE individuals way of seeing things. No one said you have to agree with anyone elses OPINION.


Ok, I'm not gonna lie.....that took me about 2 minutes to figure out what POTUS was.... Hey, it's still morning here.....shut up!

Mar 26 @ 2:05PM  
I understand what you are saying, and yes there are many different views, but all that has very little to do with it we have a constutusion and bill of rights people views and ideas have nothing to do with it. I have taken the oath many times just like the presdient to suppot and defene it. not to change it to get my way as he is doing. i am not a blogger or a writter but i know the truth when i see it

Mar 26 @ 2:18PM  
Ron Paul Essay: Bankruptcy is Economic Stimulus

The distraction on Capitol Hill this week has to do with the jackpot bonuses that executives at AIG recently received. The argument is over a relative drop in the bucket. The total amount of bonuses given out was $165 million. The government has put $170 billion into AIG so far. Many now are demanding we get this money back. We ought to be spending our time and effort doing something more worthwhile, like figuring out how the Federal Reserve is handling the trillions of dollars they are creating and pumping into the economy, and how that is affecting the purchasing power of dollars in your pocket.

The big mistake was appropriating the TARP funds in the first place. A Johnny-come-lately bill of attainder won’t stop the spending epidemic. This whole situation is a perfect demonstration of why “doing nothing” and letting failing companies fail would have been much better than sinking valuable money and resources into them.

When a company makes a profit, it is a signal that it is taking resources and increasing their value while controlling costs. When a company operates at a loss, it is a signal that it is decreasing the value of its resources or letting out-of-control costs outstrip any value it has created. A company operating at a loss is therefore an engine of wealth destruction. Bankruptcies are a net positive for the economy because more productive competitors are rewarded by opportunities to buy up remaining assets at bargain prices to strengthen their operations. In an economy that allows this kind of growth and change, any jobs lost by bankruptcy are soon replaced by new ones as the most efficiently managed businesses gain access to more assets and expand.

Bankruptcy was the stimulus that we needed in the case of AIG. More bankruptcies would clean out malinvested resources and enable economic growth again.

AIG, by losing money and maneuvering their operations to the brink of bankruptcy, was telling us that they were inefficient. So what did we do? We forced the taxpayer to assume the losses, and now we are supposed to be shocked that it is not working out. Had AIG gone bankrupt, it would have been impossible to hand out these bonuses. The taxpayer would have been fleeced for $170 billion less last year. Had they gone bankrupt, the world would not have come to an end, it would just continue on with one less engine of wealth destruction.

We should have learned from Japan. The 1990’s is referred to as Japan’s “lost decade” because of the zombie banks kept on life support by the Japanese government. Any productivity was redirected through these engines of wealth destruction, resulting in long term stagnation. We should and can avoid this outcome if we come to our senses.

A recession should be a time of strengthening and regrouping for an economy. But as long as the government insists on maintaining the status quo by propping up failed institutions, we will continue to dig a bigger hole for ourselves.


Mar 26 @ 7:18PM  
Interesting, well written. treatise. There is much more intertwining now than ever on an international level with shared risks/rewards particularly in economic matters. Politics makes strange bedfellows somebody once said, it is now one humungous bed.

Mar 26 @ 7:19PM  
A green acknowledgment. Intelligent though merits recognition. Thanks for posting, it is quite refreshing.

Mar 26 @ 11:08PM  
Most excellent blog!

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The State of the Union.