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Gun ownership!

posted 3/25/2009 7:36:18 PM |
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tagged: humor, guns, straddle

********************My neighbors seem offended by my ownership of guns.

In order to let them know I am tolerant of their position, I put a sign in my yard. *********************

My next door neighbor wants to ban all guns!
Their house is not armed. To respect their opinion
I promise not to use my guns to help protect them!

I thought that I would clear this up. I got this as an email forward. I really did not do this with a sign. I have great neighbors on both sides of me that are more than likely gun rights owners too. We're all good neighbors enough to watch over each others properties 24/7. And yes, we all have security alarm systems as well. This blog is also meant to be humor with the sign part for a good laugh.

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Mar 25 @ 7:45PM  
I've owned guns since I was 14. I took my shot gun on the bus to refinish the stock in wood shop. There was guns all over town & no murders. God created all men equal & Smith & Wesson kept it that way.

Mar 25 @ 7:53PM  
Considering what you said in the past about the neighborhood you live in, don't be surprised to come home after working one night and find that somebody broke in looking to steal them. After reading that sign, it could be your neighbors (times are tough and money is tight).

BTW, some of the posts by the Wizard of Odd are weird and humorous, this one is only the former.

Mar 25 @ 7:56PM  
Considering what you said in the past about the neighborhood you live in, don't be surprised to come home after working one night and find that somebody broke in looking to steal them. After reading that sign, it could be your neighbors (times are tough and money is tight).
My neighbors know better than to fuck with me. I really don't see that happening, Bruce.

Mar 25 @ 8:02PM  
Hell yeah!!!!

Mar 25 @ 8:17PM you have a gun?

Mar 25 @ 8:19PM you have a gun?
And she's not asking about your shotgun shits either!

Mar 25 @ 8:33PM you have a gun?

No, I have rotties. Somebody did try to scale the fence while I was at work about ten years ago to go after the neighbor's wanna be loser gangster kid. He was trying to scale the fence and got intercepted met by my 120 pound akita. He fired one shot and got my dog through his lip. After that it was all bow wow WOW. He got hung in the fence and that dog tore him up.

When I got home I saw the dog was fine but had a bloody muzzle. It looked weird. My first thought was a dog fight as I had three. I went out back and saw all of this blood on the fence and knew it wasn't his. I peeked over the fence and and saw a trail of blood leading to and down the sidewalk. I called the cops. They came out and explained that he got about 200 feet before passing out and he was arrested for outstanding warrants and possessing a 380 as a convicted felon. Never heard any more about it and the neighbors moved a few months later.

When Straddle is at work, there is nothing to protect his home. When I am gone, don't even consider coming in the backyard, much less the home.

Mar 25 @ 8:35PM  
Now if I was in the country I would probably have at least a .410 due to critters, mostly snakes, and I did when I lived in a rural area.

Mar 25 @ 8:38PM  
When Straddle is at work, there is nothing to protect his home. When I am gone, don't even consider coming in the backyard, much less the home.
I don't think I ever told you what protected my home, and I certainly didn't tell you that I didn't have any protection here while I'm gone. I have a very good alarm system here at my house. One has to have to live in this area anymore.

Mar 25 @ 8:41PM  
BTW, the hero of this story was very laid back and a gorgeous loving dog. If you go to my photos, he is in the fourth picture with a one eyed chow and a dorky dude. The chow probably got his ass also as my dogs operate as a pack. In this case, the homie, probably got the buy one/get one free special. She was only 40 pounds but was one nasty bit of business in defending the home.

Mar 25 @ 8:43PM  
My home was broken into in the late '80s in Alabama, while visiting some friends about 10 miles away!

They got a PC I peaced together with a monitor I used out of my company's parts inventory I had at home because I worked out of my home and an Apple II mother board (computer board). I knew who did it but proving it was another matter! I had a dog watching over the house when I went on a call or was away for what ever reason after that. I plan on getting two more dogs because I have some quite valuable parts here for my business.

When I moved back to MI, I bought several fire arms, two hand guns, two rifles and a pump shot gun. I'm very responsible and they all go into hiding when my grand kids are here with my daughter.

I was a sharp shooter with a rifle without a scope in the Army and I'm still very good!

If someone tries to break in here, they'll have to deal with my dogs- past that, they'll have to deal with me if I'm home.

These do-gooders are always trying to take guns away from responsible people, because they think, in their warped minds, it'll reduce crime or even (LOL) stop it. The people that commit crimes with fire arms, obtain them illegally- so I ask you... how is taking guns away from responsible people, going to stop crime???

Leave us gun owners alone and have the authorities do their job and go after the criminals, like they're supposed to do in the first place!!

Here's something to think about- unky sam won't confiscate our guns! What he will do is put a tax on them so high when trying to buy and/or add an annual sur tax on them, that people will not buy them or just turn them in! JMO


Mar 25 @ 8:50PM  
well I gotta put my 2 cents in this one! I have lived in houses protected by both guns and rotties (not to mention german shepards too). The gun is nowhere near as faithful as the dog, a gun can be used against you, its hard to use a rottie against those it owns. Yes the dogs own the owners not the other way around.

Mar 25 @ 9:08PM  
So true about dogs. They are like family. As for guns. I have some and they can do quite a bit of damage. If you get the chance to load them and aim them and get the crook to hold still long enough to shoot. Im not real good with guns. But my dogs, try to hurt the kids and watch out. Im glad you like your guns, we all have the right for them. To heck with your neighbors complaints.

Mar 25 @ 9:22PM  
I'm against guns because it makes it easier on criminals to complete their tasks. Shawn, to mark your neighbors house as a safe target for would be criminals is wrong.

On the other hand we must be able to protect ourselves against criminals. I have a sword, knife, battle axe, throwing stars and crossbow collection. Both boys are experts with the katanas and my 9 year old daughter is accurate with the throwing axe.

Is that any different than guns...Hmmm.

Mar 25 @ 9:24PM  
When they see me coming at them with a broadsword they are more likely to shit their pants.

On a more serious note:

Keep practicing your basic Rights Strad. Never let anybody try to convince you that its wrong.

Even if you don't like guns, NEVER! mess with the bill of rights to get rid of them. It will only make it easier to get rid of any of the other rights. Hell, we have lost to may liberties as is.

Mar 25 @ 9:27PM  
Hey Purple, Those are protected under the same rights.

Mar 25 @ 9:27PM  
Shawn, to mark your neighbors house as a safe target for would be criminals is wrong
Purple, I didn't actually do this, and I wouldn't want anyone else to do that to their neighbors. Even though I believe in a right to bear arms, this blog was meant as humor with the sign part.

Mar 25 @ 9:31PM  
Is that any different than guns...Hmmm.

Well... I would be considered a responsible gun owner!

You're family would most likely be considered a ninja family!


Mar 26 @ 12:37AM  
A few guns, quite a few knives, a bat, mace, and an innumerable variety of objects sitting around that have other uses but could be used to kill an intruder with a bit of force and creativity.

Problem is, we can't have dogs, and can't afford one of the nice alarms that actually does shit. But we do have a very comprehensive renters' insurance policy.

I've got mixed feelings about weapons. Yes, it's good to have one, but they can't solve everything for you. In my old apartment when I was sleeping in the bedroom, I couldn't hear anything in the living room or at the front of the apartment. I had two bikes stolen while I was living there and I didn't know it until morning. Insurance covered them, but one was a very rare bike and I'm still looking for a good replacement.

Now that I live in a nicer place, it's much safer and harder to break in, but my car is waay on the other side of the building from where I live, and while I can hear the alarm from up here, I doubt I could hear if someone somehow broke in without setting it off.

Mar 26 @ 1:25PM  
I know this was a joke, I READ it all, including the tags, Straddle.
But since it turned more serious...

Apartment complex, usual nosy type neighbors, we dont have much trouble here.

I wont post the number of guns and/or weapons we have on open internet.

Just for the topic at hand, I'll just say we are both issued CCW (carry concealed weapon ) permits from the state of Louisiana. I qualified expert with both rifle and handgun in the Marines, so well that I was offered sniper school. I was also an M.P. I have made sure she can more than hold her own with a firearm. They are also fully loaded with Police recommended home protection ammunition that will blow a hole big enough to walk through. And we carry everywhere that is allowable by law, not just at home.

Add in assorted swords, daggers and knives.

Add in that I have studied varying forms of martial arts for many years, even taught a school as an assistant, and also assisted in combat military training, not to mention I have competed professionally many times in various open freestyle competitions.

Home is equipped with alarms. LOUD bastards that will wake up everyone in the place. Only thing I do not have is a dog, because only "small" dogs are allowed here. Fuck that, I prefer a female german shepherd, because they bond with a family and become their mother. Try stopping one then...

My home is my castle. And in general I am a nice guy who gets along with most people. However...invade my turf with intent to steal or do harm to me and mine...
I will bury you. And make coffee before I call 911.

And as for helping the neighbors, I would try to help anyone who asked (or yelled ) for help. Have done it once here already. And if I saw someone walking out of an apartment late in the night with high dollar equipment or messin round in a car...well they would get to meet me when I asked for ID...with a Glock .40 on my hip in full view.

Mar 26 @ 5:00PM  
I feel a individual has the right to own a gun for protection & for hunting purposes. The dog thing is an excellent idea. I put a sign like that in my yard I guarantee you I would have my nosy neighbor calling the cops on me

Mar 28 @ 12:11PM  
Consider this, all government is bad, even good government because it neccesarily infringes upon individual rights and freedoms. All power to govern is derived from the governed with their
It's a fine balance to respect individual rights while doing what is right for society as a whole... If you have a benevolent government, no problem at all for a tyranny.

With time government tends to take more and more...of everything. More land, more money more freedom more power. The founding fathers recognized this and gave us many safeguards to pushback oppressive government, our 2nd amendment rights among them.

Hunting and self defense are some of the legitimate use for firearms but not the only ones. Nowhere does it say in the Constitution the 2nd amendment is for sporting purposes only anymore than the first amendment is for sporting purposes only.

Whether you own guns or not, whether you want one in your house or not, if you support eliminating this freedom you are helping to eliminate all of them and no you can't write a letter to the has no sporting purpose.

Ask yourself this question: Do you think the government has your best interests in mind right now? Would they stand up for YOU and defend your individual rights if you did nothing wrong and public sentiment was against you?

Mar 28 @ 12:13PM  
Oops lost a word.

All power to govern is derived from the governed with their consent.

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Gun ownership!