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Can You Go The Distance??

posted 3/25/2009 1:52:21 PM |
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tagged: sex, fun, cum, sunshine

I have to admit, it is a big turn-on for me to see a man shoot his load and shoot it really far! The 1st time it happened I was with this guy and I had snuck him into my parents, into my bedroom. We messed around for a little bit and then got down to business. I was on my back, legs spread and him just ramming me. We were really into it when he had to cum and he pulled out and came. I laid there and just watched it shoot right over my face and head and onto the headboard and wall!!

A few days later I hadn't talked to him. I gave him a call and got his answering machine. I told him I just had to call and say how impressed I was with his skills of shooting his load so far. It seemed to make him happy knowing that. I made his day!

How many of you guys can shoot your load really far?

How many of you ladies happen to enjoy watching a man shoot his load really far?

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Mar 25 @ 1:58PM  
well i did pull out of this girl once and shot it up on her lips and chin but she didn't like that very much so i had to reduce my pressure from that day forward

Mar 25 @ 2:11PM  
I laid there and just watched it shoot right over my face and head and onto the headboard and wall!!
I don't think I have ever shot it that far but her tits are pretty normal and occasionally to her face. It all depends on the situation. I am sure with you I would beat my personal best.

Mar 25 @ 2:27PM  
Would have to depend on the circumstances like surv indicates.

I've never really had a lady watch me cum, unfortunately, (must be the ones I've met I guess)- it was always in her vagina or in her back door or she gave me a BJ. However, the idea of her watching me cum, has always intrigued me- same as it would intrigue to get lucky enough to meet up with a squirter!

Care to get the tape measure out and see how far I can shoot??


Mar 25 @ 2:55PM  
True story -- I was having sex with a woman in her bedroom. We were laying at the top of her bed by the wall opposite of how you would lay in bed. I had been pounding her pretty hard for awhile and she was moaning like crazy . Suddenly , she wanted to change position and as I rolled over, I started to cum.............. shot it to the next wall (10ft.).

She was impressed !!

She was more impressed with the fucking, but I already bragged about the cum so I'll quit !!

Mar 25 @ 3:15PM  
I've been doing my man-keigels every day for about six years now, and it still doesn't shoot more than a couple inches... sometimes no more than just ooozing out. Don't know what's wrong with me.

Mar 25 @ 3:43PM  
Well, if your cock's 3 feet long, all you'll get is dribbles....kind of an optical illusion...

Mar 25 @ 3:56PM  
It depends on many things..for me!!
1. How long has it been since I had shot my wad!
2. Am I really turned on with my Partner..?
3. Was there much fore-play? To short.. isnt good...and to long isnt good either.. for me..its gotta be just right!!

Mar 25 @ 5:02PM  
A big up for this one.... He was packing some heavy artillery 4 Ya

Mar 25 @ 5:03PM  
Well I can still shoot a load of cum as far as I ever could. I guess I would have to say about 10 feet or so. I have never measured how far I have shot but it amazes me to be able to shoot like that and I would love for you to watch.

Mar 25 @ 5:11PM  
damn the last time i did that i filled the room with dust

Mar 25 @ 5:37PM  
I Hit The Ceiling once

Mar 25 @ 5:42PM  
I rather like to give a lady her first pearl necklace..

Mar 25 @ 6:20PM  
never messured how far but im good at aimn at the breast

Mar 25 @ 7:00PM  
There was this one time I was riding a guy, and he got so worked up and came like a geyser! He shot me up straight into the ceiling knocking the wind out of me, and when I fell down, I broke my arm from the landing. Best sex I ever had.

Mar 25 @ 7:47PM  
When I was with Kim I shot a number of them pretty far. Some in her face and hair.

Mar 25 @ 7:56PM  
If I really like you, you are hot, and good, I can do six inches. Half a lifetime ago, six feet. Hey, better a has been than a never was!!

Mar 25 @ 8:16PM  
True topical story. In the late sixties, a friend of mine who was 18 was dating a fine looking girl who was not real wild. He was enraptured. He was going to take her to her senior prom (she was 17), His parents were conservative church going people. His dad suggested that perhaps a special girl needed to ride in style and offered his mother's new 1970 Chevy Caprice for the Saturday night prom.

Well,, they went and afterwards they went to the local lovers lane and heavy petting ensued going farther than it ever had before. For the first time, she touched his manhood and proceed to apply manual stimulation. He exploded. They didn't know then what we know now: when a guy gets off good it is not a single shot, more like a six shot semi-automatic. Well they cleaned up the goopy globs, but missed the first round.

Late the next morning his mom and dad went out to go to church on this hot June Cali morning in the Chevy and opened the doors to the strong sent of man jam. The amorous couple had missed cleaning up his shot gun blast into the headliner. His mom freaked. He was asleep and was awakened to his father cursing and fists (rare) to his and his mom. while crying, throwing his belongings out the bedroom window. He was out of the house and never returned. The girl dumped him later.

Mar 25 @ 10:00PM  
Ok, not your fault but now you have me sad. Days of old I hit the head board.

Mar 26 @ 9:34AM  
Sometimes not far at all. Sometimes it really shoots far, never measured...possibly six feet or more. It's totally unpredictable, probably depends on how watery the cum is.

Mar 26 @ 9:59AM  
If I spank my monkey while looking at your nudie pics,

I can shoot it really far!!

Apr 1 @ 8:42PM  
i dont realy shoot that far i just have a huge glob. i can fill a shot glass sometimes if its been awhile lol im birth controls enemy

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Can You Go The Distance??