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Sexcapade Files #15: Dirty Feet, Duct Tape and Handcuffs

posted 3/25/2009 11:49:42 AM |
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tagged: bdsm, feet, hand job, face sitting, whipping

Before Jesse, I knew very little about the outside realms of vanilla sex. To me, being able to achieve a more potential knowledge in sex was to tackle a new position, role play, or foreplay, but rarely did I go through anything like I went through with Jesse – I was a little horny thing, always wanting to be the submissive one, always wanting to be the receiver, always being the feminine one, by being cute and sexy.

Things changed once I started fucking Jesse. I completely did not expect the things he had wanted me to do. I had opened up a new door of BDSM.

Back then, I did not know what it was about. I knew a little about it – there was always a master and a slave, and it had to do with a lot of hitting, and a lot of punishment. The master would hit the slave so much that the slave would have to give the signal as to how much they can take, and their sexual pleasure is derived from the pain, or the pain threshold. The only thing I was able to do in BDSM before Jesse was when Eric tied me up on the few occasions we would play around with bondage. I guess I only a very small pinprick of the iceberg in regard to that issue.

Jesse was definitely in the BDSM realm. First of all, he was a sub, and he wouldn’t get off with vanilla sex (and believe me, we tried)…mounting me from top like your average horny guy would not work with him. Second, he enjoyed being whipped and hit with a rubber pom-pom whip, being shackled by his wrists and ankles with Velcro cuffs. Third, he had a MAJOR foot fetish – he loved having women’s feet dragging over his face, smelling them after being in shoes all day. Fourth, he could not get off unless he was choked by sexual asphyxiation.

The first time I had a session with Jesse, I really needed to be taught what to do. It was hard learning something completely foreign, and while I was young and not completely understanding the art, the more I did it with him, the more I began to appreciate the art of BDSM. Although I may not know much, but as the years go by, I began to understand and appreciate the art a lot more, and hope to do some more in the future with a dom that could teach me more about the art, but I digress…

In this post, I’ll describe to you my most memorable session with Jesse (this is right before the Sex Club Expedition), and it’s the most memorable mainly because I still have the pictures of that last session in my hard drive to remember how hot it was (although very amateurish, compared to “expert” BDSM).

When Jesse entered the room, I was already wearing a black corset with matching g-string thong. He walked in, and pulled him to his knees.

“Tonight, you will call me Mistress. Whatever I say you will have to obey,” I said to him.

“Yes, Mistress,” he said.

“Stand up, and take off your clothes,” I said.

“No, Mistress! I will not!” he said.

“Bitch! Do you want to get smacked?” I yelled.

“Yes, Mistress!” he said. I hit him with the rubber whip on his upper back.

“Take off your clothes, now!” I commanded. He stood up, removed his clothes quickly.

“Hug the pillow with your arms and legs!” I commanded. He obeyed, and I moved towards him, shackled his ankles around the pillow, and tied his wrists around the pillow with rope.

“Bitch, is this what you want, little slave? Do you want to get punished?” I yelled. He remained silent.

“Slave, I’m commanding you to speak! Do you want this whip to color your ass red?” I cried.

”Yes, Mistress!” he responded. The whip hit him smartly on the ass, stroke after stroke, in hard smacks. They came one after another, until his thigh area was colored red, with a few darker red streaks from the whip.

“Turn over, Slave! I’m not done with you yet until I haven’t covered the other side of your ass!!” I yelled. The whip landed onto his thigh, and hearing him cry out, louder after every hit of the whip, made me feel greedily powerful. Soon, this thigh was red, and the redness covered the majority of his outer thigh, red streaks near his ass cheek. I was working it really well with him tonight.

“Slave, I will release you from your bondages, but only from your wrists. There are more punishments your way,” I said. I untied the rope and removed the pillow from between his legs.

“You may crawl to the bed and lie there, with your back on the bed,” I commanded. He got on his hands and knees, but since it took him a while to craw, I became agitated.

“You need to be faster, Slave!” I hit him on the buttocks, this time with an English riding crop. He finally collapsed on the bed.

“Slave, since this is our last session together, and you’ve been such a good slave, I will reward you tonight. Open your mouth,” I commanded.

I reached toward the foot of my bed and took out a used, dirty sock. I rolled it up into a ball, placed it in his mouth, took a piece of duct tape, and placed it over his mouth. His face lit up like a Christmas tree.

[Sidenote: To most of you, this seems pretty strange. Why did you place a dirty sock in his mouth, you ask. Honestly, this is one of Jesse’s fantasies. Because of his extreme foot fetish, one of his biggest fantasies was to have a dirty sock in his mouth and have his mouth duct taped shut, while having foot play on his face. Strange, but it’s true.]

“Do you like my reward, Slave?” I purred. I stood over his face, and with one foot, I massaged his face with my foot, squeezing his face muscles, placing it over his nose, and pinching his nose with my toes for a few seconds at a time so he could achieve a hard-on. My toes prodded his cheeks, the arch of my foot hovered his face, as I pressed his mouth and nose for him to choke for a few moments as he achieved a hard-on.

A few moments later, I crouched and positioned my pussy over his face, with my hands facing his dick. His legs were still very read from the beating I gave him, but it looked lovely. It was a proud moment in my short-lived BDSM experience, to see Jesse covered in red marks that were created by my hand.

My pussy lowered, as I sat on his face as he choked himself to an orgasm, my hands working on his dick to achieve his hard-on. After around twenty-seconds, my hands still jerking his dick back and forth, caressing his head and jerking his shaft, I felt his hand tap my ass to lift up as he gasped for air for a few seconds. Soon, my pussy once again choked him to reach an orgasm, staying on his face for much longer, as my hands work his dick, up and down, as he got harder with every pussy choke I made. I felt his hand tap my ass again – this time, his dick was getting harder, and with the third time, pussy choking him, my hands squeezing and jerking his dick nonstop, he finally came on his stomach, achieving orgasm. I released him from his binds, as he wiped away the milky cum.

Although this expe

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Sexcapade Files #15: Dirty Feet, Duct Tape and Handcuffs