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Sexcapade Files #14: The Anniversary - Part III

posted 3/24/2009 11:38:57 PM |
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tagged: sex, bondage, fingering

He took me in his arms, and kissed me on the lips. I wrapped my arms around him, and he kissed me hungrily, our tongue touching and wrestling, as our lips moved in synchronization, moving our heads from one side to the other. As he kissed my neck, I felt his hand rolling my nipple around between his fingers, and I moaned louder and louder, as his hand began to squeeze my breast. His lips found my nipple, and as one hand squeezed one breast, he began to suck and flick the top of my nipple with his tongue, and I felt myself moan again. It felt sooooo good to have him suck my nipple, biting it gently, teasing it with his teeth, and then biting the surface of my breast a few times before sucking my nipple again. His lips found the other nipple, and he sucked and licked it again that I heard myself whimper and moan, louder as he teased my nipples into hard and erect nubs.

His lips went further south, and as he kissed my stomach and found the erogenous zones around my waist, he dipped two of his fingers into my wet and stick pussy and wiggled them around, trying to find my g-spot. My back arched, moaning even louder, and my body began to shake from the orgasm that was building from inside of me. His thumb found my clit, and as he teased my inner thighs with his tongue, my pussy was getting wetter and stickier, feeling his fingers rotate inside of me, and his thumb rubbing back and forth on my pulsating clit.

His mouth found its way towards the arch of my feet, and up to the big toe. One by one, my toes were being sucked by his mouth, the crevices of my toes were licked by the tip of his tongue, and I felt my body shake and writhe around the bed, unable to contain myself with another mounting climax. His mouth explored my feet, one foot then the other, as his other hand continued to work my pussy, adding more and more fingers, until four of his fingers were in my pussy, teasing my g-spot, and I couldn’t help but scream as my pussy pulsed from the climax.

After the pulsing had gone away, he took his cock, and rubbed it from the outside, feeling the stickiness, then rubbing his head on my clit, and he lubricated himself with my wetness. Seconds later, I felt him inside of me, and as I felt his chest rub against my breasts, my legs fastened against his thighs, he thrusted into me as I felt another climax build its way up, faster and tigher, until I screamed at the top of my lungs, cumming so much that he pulled out, and shot his milky white cum all over my stomach and breasts.

He collapsed besides me, both of us panting and out of breath. After wiping cum off my stomach, we lay still for a while, looking into each other’s eyes, smiling after our second time that evening.

After a while, I leaned toward him, kissed him softly on the lips, and said, “I have one more surprise for you.”

“Really? What’s that?” he asked.

“Look under the bed, and tell me what you see.” I slyly said to him.

He rose, crouched to look underneath the bed, and found two bandanas tied against the feet of my bed.

“What are the bandanas for?” he asked.

“Well, do you want to tie me up and figure it out?” I purred.

He smiled, pulled me down, and laid me down of the floor. After tying my wrists with the bandanas, he whispered, “What do you want me to do with you?”

“You can do anything you want, you’re in control,” I said.

He kneeled between my legs and smartly spanked me on the thigh a few times. Then, holding on to my wrists, pinning me down, he began to suck my breasts again, biting harder this time. I screamed in pain, enjoying the sharp shooting feeling, as his teeth bit hard, leaving teeth marks on my breasts, my arms, my neck, moving south as he spanked my legs again, enjoying the feeling of this light slap fest.

“You’ve been such a bad girl tonight, you deserve to be punished,” he said.

“Please, don’t hurt me, I’m not a bad girl!” I feigned innocence.

He continued to slap my legs and breasts again. “How should I punish you?” he asked.

“Do whatever you feel you think you need to do to punish me,” I said.

He stood over me with his hard cock hanging in front of my face. I understood, and sucked his cock as he lightly thrusted into my mouth, sucking it hard as I tasted salty pre-cum oozing from the head, then he pulled out, hitting my face with his cock, and flicking his shaft with my tongue as his cock hit my cheeks and nose.

He moved back in between my thighs and shoved his already hard cock into my dripping pussy. As his arms pinned me down, he thrusted hard and roughly, biting my neck as he drove himself into me, harder and harder, feeling his rhythm, feeling his dick taking control of me, as I convulsed with orgasm, screaming louder and louder, until he pulled out again and soaked my face with his milky white cum, some into my mouth, and slid his cock into my mouth for me to suck the last remaining bits of cum from his cock. He collapsed on top of me, and after a few minutes, untied me from my binds and climbed back into bed together.

We were completely exhausted. We had made love three times that night, in 5 hours, and it was already past 3 am. It was like a marathon of sex, all different kinds of sex, and the sex was completely wonderful. I had never climaxed like that in my whole life. Our love for each other made the sex completely and utterly wonderful.

We both fell asleep in each other’s arms, the after sex glow still on our faces. It was a dream come true, enjoying such a romantic anniversary together, and definitely an anniversary that I will never forget.

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Mar 27 @ 12:10AM  
thanks for the story ! i just think i have read your style befor - and enjoyed
your style and enjoyment with what your thoughts are as you compose !

hope you keep writeing and maybe a twist of some kind -

Mar 27 @ 2:49AM  
Thanks for reading! We'll see what other sexcapades I can remember to write down...the stories on AMD that I post are all real, they happened to me one time or another...

Enjoy the read!

Apr 8 @ 4:59PM  
nice. great illustration

May 20 @ 9:12PM  
that was hot!!!!got me hard

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Sexcapade Files #14: The Anniversary - Part III